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All sorts of fantasies, short novels.

Imagination-centered with sci-fi elements.

Light novels, short novels, prose.

A long journey along the endless tracks of life.

Only thought shall free you from loneliness.

166 • 2019-09-01 11:29:26


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 208: Mountain, Sea XIV – Final III2019-09-01
Chapter 207: Mountain, Sea XIII: Final II2019-09-01
Chapter 206: Mountain, Sea XII: Final I2019-09-01
Chapter 205: Mountain, Sea XI: Refinement2019-09-01
Chapter 204: Mountain, Sea: Gong Fu2019-09-01
Chapter 203: Mountain, Sea IX: Malong2019-09-01
Chapter 202: Seven Friends: Let It Be2019-09-01
Chapter 201: Ghost Market (Part 5) III2019-09-01
Chapter 200: Ghost Market (Part 5) II2019-09-01
Chapter 199: Ghost Market (Part 5) I2019-09-01
Chapter 198: Ghost Market (Part 4) III2019-09-01
Chapter 197: Ghost Market (Part 4) II2019-09-01
Chapter 196: Ghost Market (Part 4) I2019-09-01
Chapter 195: Ghost Market (Part 3) III2019-09-01
Chapter 194: Ghost Market (Part 3) II2019-09-01
Chapter 193: Ghost Market (Part 3) I2019-09-01
Chapter 192: Ghost Market (Part 2) III2019-09-01
Chapter 191: Ghost Market (Part 2) II2019-09-01
Chapter 190: Ghost Market (Part 2) I2019-09-01
Chapter 189: Ghost Market III2019-09-01
Chapter 188: Ghost Market II2019-09-01
Chapter 187: Ghost Market I2019-09-01
Chapter 186: Dig On, Dig On (Part 2) III2019-09-01
Chapter 185: Dig On, Dig On (Part 2) II2019-09-01
Chapter 184: Dig On, Dig On (Part 2) I2019-09-01
Chapter 183: Dig On, Dig On III2019-09-01
Chapter 182: Dig On, Dig On II2019-09-01
Chapter 181: Dig On, Dig On I2019-09-01
Chapter 180: Heaven on Earth III2019-09-01
Chapter 179: Heaven on Earth II2019-09-01
Chapter 178: Heaven on Earth I2019-09-01
Chapter 177: People and Money (Part 2) III2019-09-01
Chapter 176: People and Money (Part 2) II2019-09-01
Chapter 175: People and Money (Part 2) I2019-09-01
Chapter 174: People and Money III2019-09-01
Chapter 173: People and Money II2019-09-01
Chapter 172: People and Money I2019-09-01
Chapter 171: Book of Revelation (Part 3) III2019-09-01
Chapter 170: Book of Revelation (Part 3) II2019-09-01
Chapter 169: Book of Revelation (Part 3) I2019-09-01
Chapter 168: Book of Revelation (Part 2) III2019-09-01
Chapter 167: The Book of Revelation (Part 2) II2019-09-01
Chapter 166: The Book of Revelation (Part 2) I2019-09-01
Chapter 165: The Book of Revelation III2019-09-01
Chapter 164: The Book of Revelation2019-09-01
Chapter 163: The Book of Revelation I2019-09-01
Chapter 162: Door of Truth (Part 2) III2019-09-01
Chapter 161: Door of Truth (Part 2) II2019-09-01
Chapter 160: Door of Truth (Part 2) I2019-09-01
Chapter 159: Door of Truth III2019-09-01
Chapter 158: Door of Truth II2019-09-01
Chapter 157: Door of Truth I2019-09-01
Chapter 156: Smart Friend (Part 2) III2019-09-01
Chapter 155: Smart Friend (Part 2) II2019-09-01
Chapter 154: Smart Friend (Part 2) I2019-09-01
Chapter 153: Smart Friend III2019-09-01
Chapter 152: Smart Friend II2019-09-01
Chapter 151: Smart Friend I2019-09-01
Chapter 150: Blemish of Time (Part 2) III2019-09-01
Chapter 149: Blemish of Time (Part 2) II2019-09-01
Chapter 148: Blemish of Time (Part 2) I2019-09-01
Chapter 147: Mountain, Sea: Ten Sons2019-09-01
Chapter 146: Mountain, Sea VIII: Chaos2019-09-01
Chapter 145: Mountain, Sea VII – Jiao Tu2019-09-01
Chapter 144: Seven Friends: Brother Si2019-09-01
Chapter 143: Your Family Name, My Name (Part 3) III2019-09-01
Chapter 142: Your Family Name, My Name (Part 3) II2019-09-01
Chapter 141: Your Family Name, My Name (Part 3) I2019-09-01
Chapter 140: Your Family Name, My Name (Part 2) III2019-09-01
Chapter 139: Your Family Name, My Name (Part 2) II2019-09-01
Chapter 138: Your Family Name, My Name (Part 2) I2019-09-01
Chapter 137: Your Family Name, My Name III2019-09-01
Chapter 136: Your Family Name, My Name II2019-09-01
Chapter 135: Your Family Name, My Name I2019-09-01
Chapter 134: Rain Man (Part 3) III2019-09-01
Chapter 133: Rain Main (Part 3) II2019-09-01
Chapter 132: Rain Man (Part 3) I2019-09-01
Chapter 131: Rain Man (Part 2) III2019-09-01
Chapter 130: Rain Man (Part 2) II2019-09-01
Chapter 129: Rain Man (Part 2) I2019-09-01
Chapter 128: Rain Man III2019-09-01
Chapter 127: Rain Man II2019-09-01
Chapter 126: Rain Man I2019-09-01
Chapter 125: Daytime Lady Ghost (Part 2) III2019-09-01
Chapter 124: Daytime Lady Ghost (Part 2) II2019-09-01
Chapter 123: Daytime Lady Ghost (Part 2) I2019-09-01
Chapter 122: Daytime Lady Ghost III2019-09-01
Chapter 121: Daytime Lady Ghost II2019-09-01
Chapter 120: Daytime Lady Ghost I2019-09-01
Chapter 119: Seeking Individuals, Dead or Alive (Part 2) III2019-09-01
Chapter 118: Seeking Individuals, Dead or Alive (Part 2) I2019-09-01
Chapter 117: Seeking Individuals, Dead or Alive (Part 2) I2019-09-01
Chapter 116: Seeking Individuals, Dead or Alive III2019-09-01
Chapter 115: Seeking Individuals, Dead or Alive II2019-09-01
Chapter 114: Seeking Individuals, Dead or Alive I2019-09-01
Chapter 113: Wormhole Time Machine III2019-09-01
Chapter 112: Wormhole Time Machine II2019-09-01
Chapter 111: Wormhole Time Machine I2019-09-01
Chapter 110: Karma III2019-09-01
Chapter 109: Karma II2019-09-01
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