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Shoujo Grand Summoning (Web Novel)


A novel revolving around being transported to another world with an op system. The mc spends his day chasing skirts and doing missions to level up. A standard journey to the top with lots of girls from various animes and games with a twist of that gaming feel (hunting mobs, doing missions).

586 • 2019-09-04 16:53:40


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 580: The System comes into the spotlight once more!2020-07-13
Chapter 579: Guards and the skeleton fortress2020-07-13
Chapter 578: Arriving at the center of the Giant Beasts Forest…2020-07-12
Chapter 577: A little technique put to great use2020-07-10
Chapter 576: A private talk with each other?2020-07-10
Chapter 575: A peaceful resolution to his rear court issue?2020-07-05
Chapter 574: Unscientific mind-reading power2020-07-05
Chapter 573: An abnormality, discussion…2020-07-05
Chapter 572: A massive power-up for everyone2020-07-05
Chapter 571: we will always be together!2020-07-05
Chapter 570: Flan’s game of tag2020-07-05
Chapter 569: Hey, play with Flan…2020-07-05
Chapter 568: Seal undone, Flandre-chan attacks2020-07-05
Chapter 5672020-07-05
Chapter 566: Cooperation, first phase,2020-07-05
Chapter 565: Descent of the invincible enemy2020-06-22
Chapter 564: The roar from a terrifying existence2020-06-22
Chapter 563: Total Victory2020-06-22
Chapter 562: Fighting with the Red Jewel mode on2020-06-22
Chapter 561: A cooperative battle against the enemy2020-06-22
Chapter 560: Uranus appears2020-06-22
Chapter 559: The battle where the sword shoots for the heaven2020-06-22
Chapter 558: State of battle, the power of lightning2020-06-22
Chapter 557: Battle, the start of the brawl2020-06-22
Chapter 556: Each other’s opponent, their own fights2020-06-22
Chapter 555: All-out battle against the apes2020-06-22
Chapter 554: Territory, group, and a bunch of monkeys2020-06-22
Chapter 553: A truly troubling situation?2020-06-22
Chapter 552: 2 questions, 2 feelings2020-06-22
Chapter 551: Incinerated2020-06-22
Chapter 550: Giant black octopus, blackwater octopus2020-06-22
Chapter 549: Enraged, Wu Yan unleashed2020-06-22
Chapter 548: The monster in the fog2020-06-22
Chapter 547: The inner regions of the Giant Beasts Forest shrouded in mist2020-06-22
Chapter 546: Next time, I will sleep with you ladies2020-06-22
Chapter 545: The night continues2020-06-22
Chapter 544: She never stood a chance in resisting…2020-06-22
Chapter 543: Is this a prelude to something good?2020-06-22
Chapter 542: Ring? Sylph’s abnormality2020-06-22
Chapter 541: The queen, the princess and the nouveau riche2020-06-22
Chapter 540: Joou-sama’s turn to shine2020-06-22
Chapter 539: Thorny Green Cat used call for help.2020-06-22
Chapter 538: Night Moon Slash used once more2020-06-22
Chapter 537: Fei Fei, Bing Ling, and Bishi2020-06-22
Chapter 536: After the wolves, now we’ve got pussies to deal with? Thorny green cats2020-06-22
Chapter 535: That’s the attitude2020-06-22
Chapter 534: ITEM’s 3 persons show2020-06-22
Chapter 533: The ambush outside the barrier2020-06-22
Chapter 532: The expedition into the Giant Beasts Forest2020-06-22
Chapter 531: The elite teams enter Giant Beasts Forest2020-06-22
Chapter 530: A late night visit, Lei Wang’s request…2020-06-22
Chapter 529: The beast king’s threat?…2020-06-22
Chapter 528: Speculation and the possible cause of the demonic beast disturbance2020-06-22
Chapter 527: A large team, Lei Wang?!2020-06-22
Chapter 526: The ladies’ increase in power2020-06-22
Chapter 525: Bounty and the start of this outbreak2020-06-22
Chapter 524: I think you girls will hit it off…2020-06-22
Chapter 523: A true machine of war2020-06-22
Chapter 522: Trouble & arrival2020-06-22
Chapter 521: A sea of monsters, the second emergence of the demonic beast army2020-06-22
Chapter 520: The great battle outside Giant Beasts Forest.2020-06-22
Chapter 519: The demonic beast army who rushed out of their habitats2020-06-22
Chapter 518: Obtaining Flandre-chan’s Red Jewel2020-06-22
Chapter 517: Heading towards Giant Beast Forest2020-06-22
Chapter 516: Saying goodbye to Kotori, that instant when they locked eyes…2020-06-22
Chapter 515: When things get serious…2020-06-22
Chapter 514: Ascension, bloodline awakened2020-06-22
Chapter 513: Quest 3 completed, getting the reward…2020-06-22
Chapter 512: Turning Fraxinus into a Noble Phantasm2020-06-22
Chapter 511: Fraxinus is yours2020-06-22
Chapter 510: Shiori wants to fight the fire?2020-06-22
Chapter 509: I will gladly crush this date2020-06-22
Chapter 508: is it a date? A date? Or, a date?2020-06-22
Chapter 507: Paparazzi2020-03-19
Chapter 506: Tobiichi Origami wants a date.2020-03-19
Chapter 505: Shido’s my boyfriend, you’re just his fiancee2020-03-18
Chapter 504: Rowdy forest2020-03-17
Chapter 503: Shokuhou Misaki’s plan, heading towards the Giant Beast Forest2020-03-16
Chapter 502: Disturbance in the Giant Beast Forest2020-03-16
Chapter 501: The Sisters are here2020-06-23
Chapter 500: Stories in the other world…2020-06-23
Chapter 499: The troubles come after the bonus?2020-03-10
Chapter 498: Not knocking is a good habit2020-03-08
Chapter 497: An unexpected answer2020-03-08
Chapter 496: Night and spilling the beans2020-03-08
Chapter 495: I want to become a fiancee too?2020-03-06
Chapter 494: A prelude to a catfight?2020-03-05
Chapter 493: Act first, report later2020-03-02
Chapter 492: Integrating the sealing bracelets2020-02-29
Chapter 491: Equipment upgrading2020-02-28
Chapter 490: A mission that is easy and hard at the same time.2020-02-26
Chapter 489: We haven’t even seen other more than 10 times2020-02-26
Chapter 488: Kurumi on the offensive?2020-02-25
Chapter 487: A change of heart2020-02-19
Chapter 486: Post-battle happy time?2020-02-18
Chapter 485: You’re mine from now on2020-02-17
Chapter 484: Let the curtains fall…2020-02-17
Chapter 483: 4v1, a tough fight2020-02-15
Chapter 482: The spirit girls unleash their power!2020-02-15
Chapter 481: At last, the seal comes off…2020-02-14