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Shoujo Grand Summoning (Web Novel)


A novel revolving around being transported to another world with an op system. The mc spends his day chasing skirts and doing missions to level up. A standard journey to the top with lots of girls from various animes and games with a twist of that gaming feel (hunting mobs, doing missions).

834 • 2019-09-04 16:53:40


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 682: Unhappy, not worth it, contradictory2020-11-25
Chapter 681: The appearance of another clown2020-11-25
Chapter 680: A rabbit that’s more interesting than the protagonist2020-11-25
Chapter 679: Wicked sick capture of S-class food material2020-11-23
Chapter 678: Getting another sword in a suprising but reasonable manner2020-11-23
Chapter 677: Meeting, spending time together, knowing more about each other2020-11-21
Chapter 676: Hey, I don’t sleep around so easily2020-11-20
Chapter 675: Work hard, play hard2020-11-20
Chapter 674: The prelude before a fortunate encounter with a fair lady?2020-11-20
Chapter 673: Quote emergency unquote, and intuition2020-11-20
Chapter 672: Emergency, get your butt over here!2020-11-20
Chapter 671: The start of the conquest of the winner in life2020-11-18
Chapter 670: Asuna wants to buy a home?2020-11-17
Chapter 669: Are you girls jealous?2020-11-17
Chapter 668: Night-time2020-11-14
Chapter 667: It’s hard to keep villains and women happy2020-11-13
Chapter 666: I will leave this glorious mission to you2020-11-12
Chapter 665: The arrangements put in place for Silica.2020-11-12
Chapter 664: Do you want to join the raid group?2020-11-11
Chapter 663: The flower garden and the baited ones2020-11-11
Chapter 662: The incredible cheesecake2020-11-10
Chapter 661: That legend? Target acquired2020-11-09
Chapter 660: A warm person, someone who isn’t easy to anger2020-11-07
Chapter 659: Silica, the damsel in distress2020-11-06
Chapter 658: A request? A bet with Kirito2020-11-05
Chapter 657: I don’t know how I got it2020-11-04
Chapter 656: Surrender? Victory2020-11-04
Chapter 655: Unique skill, dual blades2020-11-04
Chapter 654: Break the limitation? A second sword…2020-10-31
Chapter 653: At the plaza, the day of the duel…2020-10-30
Chapter 652: Dim Asuna and2020-10-30
Chapter 651: An intense battle and a warm fight2020-10-28
Chapter 650: The sensation of being alive and the cook-off2020-10-26
Chapter 649: A house like those in storybooks! Wu Yan’s home…2020-10-26
Chapter 648: A feud? Another duel?2020-10-24
Chapter 647: Different thoughts, same goals2020-10-23
Chapter 646: Fear? Meeting Heathcliff…2020-10-22
Chapter 645: Detainment? Heathcliff’s invitation!2020-10-22
Chapter 644: You want it? Come get it then!2020-10-20
Chapter 643: The meddling Divine Dragons and the Army!2020-10-20
Chapter 642: First-hand experience? The impossible show2020-10-18
Chapter 641: Deterrence by fame2020-10-16
Chapter 640: Expert Player2020-10-16
Chapter 639: The Flash, Asuna…2020-10-14
Chapter 638: Christmas event, news of a revival item…2020-10-14
Chapter 637: One year, the fae swordsman2020-10-11
Chapter 636: Kayaba Akihiko? Heathcliff!2020-10-10
Chapter 635: The Black Cats who got dragged into it…2020-10-09
Chapter 634: Familiar Crystal, healing spirit…2020-10-09
Chapter 633: The boon within the cave, the real rewards!2020-10-07
Chapter 632: A little trick, the end of the solo fight2020-10-06
Chapter 631: Solo the Lion-man boss! Run?2020-10-05
Chapter 630: The lion-man in front of the cave2020-10-02
Chapter 629: After the maze, we’ve got a forest now? Footless raccoon dog.2020-10-02
Chapter 628: Hp Bar?2020-09-30
Chapter 627: Unable to leave, a maze outside the labyrinth!2020-09-29
Chapter 626: A party teleportation crystal, going together…2020-09-29
Chapter 625: A misclick on an NPC2020-09-27
Chapter 624: Fame! A Pop star? Sachi’s change…2020-09-26
Chapter 623: Dropping the curtain on the floor boss raid…2020-09-23
Chapter 622: Seven Star, killing the floor boss2020-09-22
Chapter 621: Putting on a show, showing the floor boss who’s boss2020-09-21
Chapter 620: I am bad to the bones, you better not get too close to me…2020-09-20
Chapter 619: Dominating Asuna…’s stomach2020-09-18
Chapter 618: Remember this, I can kill you anytime I want2020-09-18
Chapter 617: 1st Floor Boss strategic briefing2020-09-13
Chapter 616: The slowly rising flags…2020-09-13
Chapter 615: Moonlit Black Cats2020-09-11
Chapter 614: The deluge of guild invitations from countless guild masters!2020-09-10
Chapter 613: Picking a fight? Trouble out of nowhere…2020-09-05
Chapter 612: Automatic job-change? Why am I a cook even after entering this game?2020-09-05
Chapter 611: Testing out the water, a strong passer-by2020-09-04
Chapter 610: Servers opened, entering SAO2020-09-03
Chapter 609: Penalty Quest, SAO2020-09-01
Chapter 608: Bye, Yukari…2020-08-31
Chapter 607: The end of the show, decision, parting, and return…2020-08-26
Chapter 606: Consequences2020-08-25
Chapter 605: The victor has long been decided2020-08-25
Chapter 604: A hidden battle with a strong foe2020-08-23
Chapter 603: Are you teasing me? Am I being teased?2020-08-23
Chapter 602: A peaceful exchange between them? Impossibru2020-08-17
Chapter 601: Summoning, the 4 person spirit group descends2020-08-17
Chapter 600: Current status, movements, thanks, and stumped2020-08-16
Chapter 599: The ring of authority? Conversations inside the tent2020-08-15
Chapter 5982020-08-15
Chapter 597: Sooner or later I will let you summon me…2020-08-09
Chapter 596: Was it a hero I summoned or is she a devil?2020-08-08
Chapter 595: Creation and destruction, godlike powers…2020-08-07
Chapter 594: One-sided battle, Yakumo Yukari2020-08-06
Chapter 593: A strong pressure, the girl with the parasol2020-08-06
Chapter 592: Emergency protocol, 10 minutes of hope!2020-08-01
Chapter 591: A perilous scenario!2020-07-31
Chapter 590: Counter attack, the beast king got harmed?2020-07-30
Chapter 589: Pandora, the self evolution program inside2020-07-29
Chapter 588: Blood in the air, Ikaros angered2020-07-28
Chapter 587: Working together, ganging up on the beast king.2020-07-24
Chapter 586: The giant fight begins! Spikes everywhere2020-07-23
Chapter 585: Fight? The choice the ladies made…2020-07-22
Chapter 584: You’re not a human! Unexpected2020-07-21
Chapter 583: Human? Beast king?2020-07-20
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