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Shoujo Grand Summoning (Web Novel)


A novel revolving around being transported to another world with an op system. The mc spends his day chasing skirts and doing missions to level up. A standard journey to the top with lots of girls from various animes and games with a twist of that gaming feel (hunting mobs, doing missions).

172 • 2019-09-04 16:53:40


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 4662020-01-19
Chapter 4652020-01-14
Chapter 4642020-01-13
Chapter 4632020-01-12
Chapter 4622020-01-11
Chapter 4612020-01-10
Chapter 4602020-01-06
Chapter 4592020-01-05
Chapter 4582020-01-04
Chapter 4572020-01-02
Chapter 4562019-12-30
Chapter 4552019-12-29
Chapter 4542019-12-28
Chapter 4532019-12-27
Chapter 4522019-12-25
Chapter 4512019-12-25
Chapter 4502019-12-25
Chapter 4492019-12-24
Chapter 4482019-12-23
Chapter 4472019-12-21
Chapter 4462019-12-17
Chapter 4452019-12-16
Chapter 4442019-12-15
Chapter 4432019-12-13
Chapter 4422019-12-09
Chapter 4412019-12-08
Chapter 4402019-12-08
Chapter 4392019-12-05
Chapter 4382019-12-01
Chapter 4372019-11-30
Chapter 436: Escape, a forced closure…2019-11-30
Chapter 4352019-11-28
Chapter 4342019-11-24
Chapter 4332019-11-22
Chapter 4322019-11-21
Chapter 4312019-11-19
Chapter 4302019-11-15
Chapter 4292019-11-14
Chapter 4282019-11-13
Chapter 4272019-11-11
Chapter 4262019-11-08
Chapter 4252019-11-07
Chapter 4242019-11-06
Chapter 4232019-11-04
Chapter 4222019-10-30
Chapter 4212019-10-29
Chapter 4202019-10-28
Chapter 4192019-10-27
Chapter 4182019-10-23
Chapter 4172019-10-22
Chapter 4162019-10-21
Chapter 4152019-10-21
Chapter 4142019-10-16
Chapter 4132019-10-15
Chapter 4122019-10-13
Chapter 4112019-10-09
Chapter 4102019-10-08
Chapter 4092019-10-06
Chapter 4082019-10-02
Chapter 4072019-10-01
Chapter 4062019-09-30
Chapter 4052019-09-28
Chapter 4042019-09-26
Chapter 4032019-09-25
Chapter 4022019-09-23
Chapter 4012019-09-23
Chapter 4002019-09-23
Chapter 3992019-09-12
Chapter 3982019-09-11
Chapter 3972019-09-10
Chapter 3962019-09-10
Chapter 395: The third stage of the Grand tournament2019-09-04
Chapter 394: A crazy morning…2019-09-04
Chapter 393: A wild night…2019-09-04
Chapter 392: The intoxicating night…2019-09-04
Chapter 391: The ladies all went down for the count, finally nabbed the angel with a bottomless pit…2019-09-04
Chapter 390: I am going to get you all drunk! Do you have the guts to pick up that cup?…2019-09-04
Chapter 389: The night at the hot spring…2019-09-04
Chapter 388: A night by the seaside…2019-09-04
Chapter 387: The end to the beach excursion2019-09-04
Chapter 386: O hand o mine why isn’t there another pair of you2019-09-04
Chapter 385: Only real men knows how to take an initiative2019-09-04
Chapter 384: When fortune comes rolling in2019-09-04
Chapter 383: The beauty pageant, each to their own?2019-09-04
Chapter 382: The trip to the beach with the girls…2019-09-04
Chapter 381: Mother in law says “Don’t be a playboy”2019-09-04
Chapter 380: A temporary visit to Hayate the Combat Butler’s world2019-09-04
Chapter 379: Shokuhou Misaki who needs a good training session or two2019-09-04
Chapter 378: Starlight Queen’s HQ? You mean her fanclub right?2019-09-04
Chapter 377: Let’s go to the beach!2019-09-04
Chapter 376: Calm heart and thoughts during the night…2019-09-04
Chapter 375: The end of the second round! The final 10 participants!2019-09-04
Chapter 374: You lose, I win..2019-09-04
Chapter 373: A fight between fire and ice2019-09-04
Chapter 372: Gate of Babylon countered, Nietono no Shana fights back.2019-09-04
Chapter 371: The battles keep on coming, another one!2019-09-04
Chapter 370: The breathtaking fight and finally, victory!2019-09-04
Chapter 369: Hinagiku vs a top 10 ranker2019-09-04
Chapter 368: Jaafar’s fight! Beast Battle Arts!2019-09-04
Chapter 367: I am going to win this round for sure!2019-09-04