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Shoujo Grand Summoning (Web Novel) - Chapter 649: A house like those in storybooks! Wu Yan’s home…

Chapter 649: A house like those in storybooks! Wu Yan’s home…

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Aincrad 22nd floor…

Towards the Southwestern corner of this floor lies a very beautiful coniferous.

The trees are very evenly spaced, there’s a quaint path here leading to four different directions. It’s a forest but the design of this place was clearly artificial in nature. It’s like somebody spent an absurd amount of time to make this place very picture-esque. The architect of this floor did a pretty good job of making a scenic floor.

There are hamlets here. Lakes and hills blended perfectly to form a floor that players can enjoy aesthetically. This floor was an art in and of itself. It’s a hidden utopia waiting to be discovered. A marvel of nature that would be very hard to find on earth today.

With the trees, hills, and the lakes as partners, the residents here must be very tranquil and at peace. This kind of place is something one can only find in a game world like SAO.

In the original work, Kirito bought a log house on this floor. He brought his fiancee over to this floor so they can live together. This place is just that gorgeous.

Anyway, Wu Yan bought the log house here.

He is a lone wolf. From the start of this game, excluding his association with the Black Cats, he never partied with other players. After he became famous, he became even more lonesome.

Famous people hate noises the most. Wu Yan was afraid that the other players would sniff him out if he stayed in towns. This is assuming that he departed early in the morning and returned late in the night. He reckons that trouble wouldn’t stop appearing if someone figured out his identity.

Thus, Wu Yan chose the most scenic and peaceful place he can remember from the original work. After clearing the 21st floor, Wu Yan spent a lot of effort to complete the quest required to buy this house.

He spent this one year alone in this log house. But, he wasn’t complaining, the scenery was worth every Cors he paid. He felt no loneliness or dissatisfaction with this place. Wu Yan loved the silence, serenity, and beauty here. Wu Yan decided that he wasn’t going to change his home until the end of SAO.

Finally, his log house welcomed the first guest since its master first bought this log house.

Wu Yan walked on the quaint path without feeling anything, he’s already used to the scenery here. Meanwhile, Asuna can’t help revealing her googly eyes at the wonderful view here.

Wu Yan also behaved like Asuna when he first arrived here. It’s just that beautiful here. He’s been to multiple worlds and sights like the ones here are rare even in other worlds.

Gensokyo is probably as beautiful as this but Wu Yan hasn’t been there so he couldn’t make an accurate comparison.

Asuna didn’t have her own place, she lived in the castle owned by the KoB. Hence, the two decided to use Wu Yan’s house as the venue for the cook-off.

Wu Yan wasn’t planning on bringing Asuna over to this place. In the original work, this was the love nest of Kirito and Asuna. It felt weird inviting Asuna here, but, this beats having a cook-off over at the KoB’s HQ so Wu Yan just accepted this situation as the better alternative.

Asuna is very intrigued by Wu Yan’s home. This is the home of the strongest and most mysterious player in SAO. Nobody found out about his home even after searching far and wide for Wu Yan. Naturally, she’s curious about what home Wu Yan chose. She wasn’t expecting this place to be this captivating. She got dominated by the pristine environment here almost immediately upon exposure.

The quaint path was made with cute planks as the small path sprawled along the forest around it. The two walked for about 15 minutes before this lovely path ended and a log house appeared in front of the two.

They are now at Wu Yan’s home.

Wu Yan laughed as he introduced Asuna to his home.

“Be proud, you’re the first guest here…”

“The first guest?”

Asuna can’t help but gasp at his introduction.

“You never had people over before?”


Wu Yan continued.

“This is the only place where I can calm down and have my own quiet time. If word ever gets out, I am going to lose a very significant portion of my peaceful time. I don’t want this tranquility to be disturbed…”

Asuna nodded as she can completely empathize with him. She also wanted a life like this. She also agreed with the notion to preserve the peace and quiet here.

The two walked up a flight of stairs at the porch and they arrived at the door of the house.

Wu Yan pushed open the door and he gestured for Asuna to enter.

“Welcome to my humble abode.”

“So-sorry for intruding…”

Asuna looked a little tense. It seems this is the first time she entered the home of another player. She kept looking around awkwardly before entering the house.

The log house didn’t have a large living room. It’s slightly bigger than an average living room and that’s it. The basic amenities are here though, things like a sofa, bonsai plants, tables, furniture, and other decorations. In short, it looked like a home. Inside the house, there’s a well-equipped kitchen. It’s evident that the master of this house spent a large portion of his attention and energy on making sure the kitchen shined.

There are windows around the same height as an average human situated at certain intervals along the wall. The warm sunlight entered the house through this window as a slight breeze made the curtain flutter. It’s a very nice and cozy house. The charm tug at one’s heartstrings.

Charmed by what she saw, Asuna fell in love with this home as she took in the sight with her hands on her chest.

She looked at the living room, and through the windows here, she could see the majestic lake, the lofty hills, and the blue sky.

Far away, the stone spire that pierced the heavens stood proudly in contrast with the natural beauty here. For the first time, the stone spire of despair looked very beautiful to Asuna.

“It’s so pretty… so exquisite…”

Asuna can’t help but leak out her honest thoughts. When she returned to her senses, she was already standing near the window, gazing at the fantastic view outside. The more Asuna looked, the more she wanted to stay…

“How about it? Pretty good right?”

Wu Yan modified this place to suit his taste, he spent a lot of Cors, gave up about three days of grinding to furnish this place. Although he wasn’t planning on bringing people over, he felt joy at sharing this beautiful sight with someone else.

Asuna didn’t bicker with Wu Yan for once. She nodded and all thoughts of fighting flew away from her mind. She also basked in the splendid view here, despite currently being in the same room as her “enemy”. Wu Yan smiled with amusement.

Girls are more attuned to beautiful sights like the one here, I see she’s already enamored with the scenery here.

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