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Show Me the Money (Web Novel) - Chapter 340 – The Demon Eagle Clan

Chapter 340 – The Demon Eagle Clan

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Translated by ALy

Edited by Canis, Cien, Dray

As the players desperately fought the Demon army at the opening in the wall, dozens of white lights soared with each passing second, but more was the number of Demon soldiers killed. To the players, Demon soldiers were also monsters that yielded experience points. Therefore, while white lights flew, there was also a lot of golden glows that lit up.

Fatty’s group quietly snuck around the heated battlefield to the rear of the Demon army. Aside from the cannons occasionally spewing accurate beams of light at the players, the rest of the artillery no longer attacked to avoid injuring the Demon soldiers charging into the city.

Each siege equipment was guarded by at least a hundred Demon soldiers who specialized in setting up, moving, adjusting and escorting the artillery during battles.

In addition to God Familia and some friends, there were also some other players following Fatty after spotting his group, trying to see if they could get some benefits out of this.

“Split up to act. Whoever gets anything owns it,” Fatty whispered, before drawing his Elemental Sword and rushed towards a cannon.

“Ah, how embarrassing, but this cannon is ours.” Before Fatty could reach the cannon, a group of players suddenly jumped in and blocked his path. Looking at the aggressive Wild Dancing Wind at the front of the group, Fatty smiled and ignored her to change to another target.

“Humph!” Seeing this, Wind Dancing Wind flashed with resentment, but she actually refrained from acting out.

“Let’s go and grab some. Useful or not, they’re all money.” Punishment Endless also led his group and followed suit. Seeing the all players ahead racing towards their targeted siege equipment, he didn’t fall behind and chose a fire-throwing catapult.

There were roughly ten thousand Demon soldiers who remained behind to protect the artillery, but they were spread out over a hundred groups and moreover they were not very high-leveled. These Demon guards were simply unable to withstand the players’ frenzied attacks.

With the help of his two pets, Fatty jumped right into a herd of Demon soldiers for wild slaughter, then tried to take the cannon into his inventory.

“No good, they can’t go in!” shouted a player. Fatty had also figured that it was impossible to pocket the artillery.

“F*ck this shit! Let’s go! Go back to the city and fight those demons.” The players decided not to waste their time and retreated back to the city. Upon seeing that some players were out for the siege equipment, many Demon soldiers at the front also ran back with the intention of flanking and killing all of these audacious humans.

“I won’t give up on you,” Fatty said to the cannon as the Elemental Skill Book flew out. A five-colored halo – the entrance to the Elemental Mystery realm – slowly emerged. Pressing his hands on the cannon mouth, Fatty shouted, “Rise!”

The cannon violently shook and slowly floated up until it was devoured by the five-colored halo. Fatty glanced inside the Elemental Mystery Realm to see the cannon well-placed on an empty field. Success!

“Fatty, quick, over here!” shouted HeadofGod. He was overjoyed to see Fatty successfully retrieving the cannon. He added, “Fatty, since we’re all bros, I’ll just dispense with the courtesy. 500,000 gold coins a piece of artillery, surely that’s not too much?”

“Not much, not much at all.” Fatty laughed heartily. He had spent way more when building the Plenilune Ballista, so 500,000 gold coins for a siege tool really wasn’t much. If these were to be for sale, the big guilds definitely would fight over them, and the price would be at least a million gold coins.

With the help of God Familia, Fatty stored the artillery at lightning speed and soon got over a dozen. The jealousy in Wild Dancing Wind’s eyes grew even deeper seeing this. She suddenly shouted an order to destroy the artillery.

“You stinking woman!” Fatty raged at her action.

“Damn fatso! I haven’t even gotten back at you for stealing my Evil God’s Treasure Codex. You best not fall into my hands, or I shall make you shiver every time you think of the game,” Wild Dancing Wind viciously spat.

“Heh, in the game, whoever gets the stuff owns it. If you have the ability to take all of these siege weapons away, they’ll be yours.” TheFugitive laughed scornfully.

“TheFugitive, don’t think you can be arrogant because you’re close with God Familia. Sooner or later, I’ll slay you back to level zero!” The way this malicious vow casually flowed out of Wild Dancing Wind’s mouth made people wonder what kind of grudge she had with TheFugitive.

Both Fatty and TheFugitive didn’t take her threat seriously. First of all, it wasn’t sure who would be afraid of who in the end and they were too busy at the moment. Each of these things was worth 500,000 gold coins!

While Fatty’s group poured effort to take the artillery in, Wild Dancing Wind’s team poured effort to destroy them. There were also some players who took this chance to claim some pieces of siege equipment, then asked Fatty for a million gold coins each. Fatty simply ignored them. Without any other choice, these players could only settle for the same price as HeadofGod.

Originally, Fatty didn’t want to buy from them, since they couldn’t take the artillery with them anyway. However, considering the possibility that these people might destroy these siege tools out of unwillingness and the trouble it would take to fix them, Fatty decided to spend this money.

When the front Demon soldiers arrived, Fatty had retrieved over fifty pieces of artillery, emptied out his gold coins, as well as gained several IOUs. There was nothing he could do about this because the construction of Sky City had drained all of his wealth.

“The wind is tight, time to go(1)!” HeadofGod announced, and the rest howled. Before the Demon troops could surround them completely, the group broke away from their pestering and dashed towards the city.

The players in the city had seen clearly what these people did outside. Some couldn’t be more jealous; some lambasted them for having skewed priorities, only thinking of making money instead of helping defend the city.

“Guys, don’t run around. The Demon’s main force will arrive soon. This time it’s not a wave after wave siege,” Bai Xiaosheng hastily said when Fatty’s group returned.

“Uncle, 53 pieces of artillery, you interested? Since it’s you, only 2 million gold coins each,” said Fatty.

Pfff! Bai Xiaosheng spewed out a mouthful of red potion. He seriously wanted to skin this fatty alive right now.

“1 million!”

“1.8 million.”

“1.2 million.”

“1.5 million.”

“Deal!” Bai Xiaosheng finally agreed and immediately transferred the gold coins to Fatty.

“Here, your share.” Fatty paid what he owed.

Receiving the money, HeadofGod and the others didn’t feel happy at all, but rather despondent. We worked hard to kill the monsters just for 500,000 gold coins each piece, yet this brat only needed to run around to get a million each! You’re simply bullying honest people!

The 53 siege weapons included 20 cannons, 38 rock catapults, and 15 flamethrowers. They were powerful weapons to attack a city, and could also be strong tools when defending a city.

Lining up these tools about a hundred meters away from the city wall, Bai Xiaosheng arranged players to control them. Over ten minutes later, the catapults rattled, and huge rocks as big as a room were flung.

These couldn’t be thrown at the Demon troops entangling the players but worked perfectly for those still outside the city without any scruples.

Half an hour later, this wave of Demon soldiers was wiped out, but at quite a huge cost. However, no one had the time to lament this because the main force of the Demon military was making a grand entrance with thunderous footsteps.

A black flag flying high fluttered in the wind, on it was a picture of an eagle spreading its wings. The eagle wore a black crown that looked like a burning black flame. Of its two talons, one gripped a skull and the other a bloody dagger.

“It’s the Demon Eagle clan. The true form of these soldiers are Demon Eagles. Their features are excellent eyesight, fast speed, and powerful attacks. Most of them are archers who often take up emergency tasks on the battlefield. Due to their speed, they are the fastest to arrive,” Zhang Feihu quickly gave a rundown on this army.


The Demon Eagle army camped down less than a kilometer away from the city. After a sharp bird screech, a team stepped out and slowly approached; they stopped when they were a hundred meters outside the wall. The leader of this team swung his arm, about to order the attack.

“Who goes there? State your name, because I don’t kill nameless puny troops!” Fatty suddenly shouted.

“Grand Commander Eagle Rise of the Demon Eagle race. And you are?” The Demon leader put down his hand and looked over at Fatty.

“Eagle Rise, he used to be at the 8th class enhancement back then like me. Unknown if he has entered the Celestial rank,” Zhang Feihu whispered.

“Eagle Rise, why do you lead your troops to invade our Hero City? Could it be that you want to start a war between the two realms again?” Fatty didn’t answer Eagle Rise’s question and instead ‘spoke up for justice.’

“Bullshit! Hero City was originally ours! It’s you humans who took it away!” a general next to Eagle Rise angrily shouted.

“Shut up!” Eagle Rise raised a hand to stop this general, a cold hint of a smile flashing through his eyes. “The winner is king, the loser eats dust. It doesn’t matter who Hero City belonged to at first, what matters is who it will go to in the end. If you insist to put that accusation on me, go ahead. I only need this city.”

“Damn, he’s not biting anything,” Fatty muttered a curse, then beckoned RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear over.

“What’s the matter?” RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear’s white outfit was soaked with the black blood of who-knows-how-many Demon soldiers, his Sky Ripper Spear also dripped black blood.

Kicking the guy off the wall, Fatty shouted, “Human Hero RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear is here! Who of you in the Demon race has the guts for a duel?!”

This caused a commotion amongst the players, but Bai Xiaosheng was beaming with praise for Fatty. “How clever! What a great move to delay time. The only problem now is whether the opponent will fall for it.”

1. Criminal talk. In Chinese, carrying out a crime = going against the wind. Wind tight = situation looks bad.↩

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