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Show Me the Money (Web Novel) - Chapter 342 – Fierce Battle

Chapter 342 – Fierce Battle

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Translated by ALy

Edited by Canis, Cien, Dray

As soon as the Fatty finished speaking, Eagle Rise’s expression became quite spectacular. His face flushed red as the blood in his body rushed straight to his head in fury, but then he suppressed it.

"Good, very good. Open your eyes wide and see how I take down this city," said Eagle Rise as he laughed icily. "And afterward, I will treat you lot, very, very well. The Altar of Death awaits your souls."

Fatty scoffed at his threat, and the other players didn’t take it seriously either. After all, humans and demons were natural nemesis, they’d had to fight sooner or later.

"Charge!" Eagle Rise waved his hand. A shrill eagle screech resounded from nowhere, and the Demon Eagle army slowly marched towards Hero City.

“Uncle, next is up to you. Nothing more I can do now,” Fatty jumped off the wall and told Bai Xiaosheng.

“Alright, isn’t it just a few hours? Watch how I defend it.” With a wave of his hand, Bai Xiaosheng signaled the assembled players to prepare for combat.

The Demonic creatures in the previous waves could not compare with the Demon Eagle soldiers, and this already showed from their line-up. No matter how they moved, the Demon Eagle soldiers stayed in relatively complete formation and their attacks and posture were consistent and neat.

In comparison, the players had the feel of amateurs. Although those of the same class would group up in one place to attack, they were still a mess, unlike the Demon Eagle soldiers who acted exactly the same on orders.

The two sides carried out bitter slaughter. The priests threw healing lights here and there at the melee players, and the melee players didn’t disappoint their effort. They tightly blocked the gap on the wall, not letting the Demon Eagles cross the line even by a little bit.

In the rear of both armies, archers, mages, and other long-range classes faced each other from a distance. Every time they moved their hands, countless arrows and magic soared through the air and landed on their enemies. This kind of confrontation looked even more sensational as terrifying murderous intent flashed under all kinds of dazzling, colorful lights.

Casualties were heavy after over an hour of struggling. Over fifty thousand players died while the Demon Eagle army lost half of their soldiers.

“Time to end this.” Eagle Rise raised his knife-like brows. He finally decided to make his move.

A huge silver Demon Eagle with a wingspan of 100 meters appeared in the sky. With a shrill cry, Eagle Rise, in his true form, opened his mouth and spat out hundreds of fist-sized silver balls.

Bang bang bang… The air shook and earth ruptured, blood and gore splattered, and plants withered everywhere the silver balls passed. All players in the wake of this attack were insta-killed.

“Screeeech…” With a cry, Eagle Rise gathered his wings and dove down.

“I’ll have to trouble you to stop him.” Bai Xiaosheng hastily turned to Zhang Feihu.

“Leave it to me.” Zhang Feihu nodded and swung his blade, smoothly sending out a crescent blade light.

Puff! The blade light struck Eagle Rise, who screeched painfully and lost a big patch of silver feathers. He fell from the sky with a deep wound on his stomach.

“Flying Tiger Execution Blade? You’re Zhang Feihu? Aren’t you already dead? Oh, I see, the Tower of Heroes took your soul in,” Eagle Rise immediately deduced Zhang Feihu’s situation after recognizing the Flying Tiger Execution Blade.

"Eagle Rise, long time no see. Let me see how much progress you’ve made." Zhang Feihu crossed his arms, and a tiger with a pair of wings on its back appeared under him. Flapping its wings, the tiger flew to the sky, taking him to confront Eagle Rise.

"Hum, you are but a ghost who’s been dead for thousands of years. Today, I will wipe you out of existence completely." Eagle Rise pounced at Zhang Feihu. The strongest weapon of the Demon Eagle clan was their talons and beaks. These two things of Eagle Rise gleamed with golden light, drawing golden streaks across the air as they reached Zhang Feihu's head in the blink of an eye.

Clank! Zhang Feihu parried the attack with his blade. The two then began an aerial battle.

“General to general, soldiers to soldiers. We should do our job.”

With Eagle Rise gone, the rest of the Demon Eagle generals, although still stronger than players, weren’t strong enough to insta-kill them. The assembled team of Fatty and a bunch of expert players crept through the battlefield into the opponent's army.

“Hey, Eagle Airstrike, wanna duel?” On his white horse with his outfit white, RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear sought Eagle Airstrike.

“Why not?!” Eagle Airstrike flashed his body and turned into a black Demon Eagle, tangling with RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear once again.

“Heh, bro, how about a friendly one-on-one?” TheFugitive waved at another general as he ran in a direction.

“Humph! You dare provoke me? Seeking death!” The general of interest spurred his mount after TheFugitive and the two gradually left the battlefield.

One-on-one, players were no match for the Demon Eagle generals with the level gap between them, but there were only so many Demon Eagle generals against hundreds of expert players. All of the higher-ups in the guilds handed control of their members to Bai Xiaosheng, while they themselves gathered to handle the enemy generals.

Han Shen, Purple Bell, HeadofGod, DukeGarrision and so on, either alone or in groups of two or three, provoked generals of the Demon Eagle clan and pulled them out of the battlefield. Gradually, the Demon Eagle soldiers lost all of their command givers and became confused.

Fatty didn’t fight. He lurked aside, quietly watching the battle in the sky. Originally, Eagle Rise’s strength couldn’t match Zhang Feihu. However, Zhang Feihu had been dead for too many years. Although he hadn’t disappeared upon death, his strength couldn’t progress either. Eagle Rise, on the other hand, never stopped cultivating. At the moment, the two looked to be neck and neck.

However, even Fatty could see that Zhang Feihu would definitely lose in the long run. And once Zhang Feihu died, Eagle Rise alone was enough to slaughter the entire city without anyone to be his match.

"What to do?" Fatty frowned. He had quite a good relationship with Bai Xiaosheng. Moreover, claiming Hero City would certainly be a great help to the future war between the human and demon race. Both personal and public-wise, he needed to think of something to help Bai Xiaosheng pass the siege successfully.

Zhang Feihu relied on his winged tiger mount to fly and Eagle Rise could fly by himself, but Fatty simply didn’t have that kind of skill. Flying up with the Zephyr Wings would be no different from serving himself on a silver platter to the enemy, but the Violent Ox King couldn’t be summoned yet after its death earlier.

Thinking left and right, the only thing he could use right now was the Plenilune Ballista.

Kah… creak… Fatty set up the Plenilune Ballista on an appropriate spot on the city wall, then aimed it at the sky. Despite the slow speed, low hit rate, and all kinds of shortcomings, this ballista was still more powerful than the catapults and cannons just now. After all, those mass production equipment couldn’t compare to something carefully built.

Zoom! A bolt shot out, shrieking as it headed for Eagle Rise, who was still in a fierce battle in the sky. Eagle Rise swept it a brief glance before ignoring it. With the slight flutter of his wings, he fanned the bolt away to god-knows-where.

“Damn?! Such a strong wind?!” Fatty cursed. The wind from that wing flutter just now nearly blew him off the wall as well.

This level of strength was basically top-tier. After all, Celestial and Divine experts weren’t someone you could see every day. Bai Xiaosheng was also helpless. The only thing that allowed him to resist this level of strength was the scroll Weapon of the Barbaric God which he had already used on Fierce Bull. Now, he could only rely on Zhang Feihu to stop the enemy.

“Uncle, don’t tell me you’re at your wit’s end?” Fatty looked at Bai Xiaosheng dubiously.

Bai Xiaosheng grimaced. "I’ll be honest with you, I do have a way to deal with that eagle, but what am I supposed to do after that? I have to reserve something for the next waves. There are still several hours, you know."

“Forget it, I’ll take one for the team this time. Name your price, Uncle.” Fatty took out the Thunderstorm Magic Formation Drawing.

“Thunderstorm Magic Formation? The one that those Lightning Beasts used?” Bai Xiaosheng’s eyes lit up. He calculated, “Advanced magic scrolls range from a million to several tens of millions in the market. Since this one has quite a high attack, how about 15 million gold coins?”

“Deal.” Fatty handed the blueprint to Bai Xiaosheng and said, “If this formation is arranged around the center of the city, it could protect the City Lord Manor within as well, but the current emergency doesn’t allow us to use it like that. Where are you gonna set it?”

“Right here around the main street.” Bai Xiaosheng used his finger to circle out an area.

Unlike normal magical formations, the more magic stones used in the layout of the Thunderstorm Magic Formation, the larger its coverage and the stronger its attack would be. Seeing Bai Xiaosheng casually take out over a hundred magic stones, Fatty’s eyes glowed green with envy as he stared intently at Bai Xiaosheng, making the latter’s hair stand on end.

“Uncle, where did you get these magic stones?” Since robbing Bai Xiaosheng was not an option, Fatty could only probe.

“These? Oh well, they cost me a lot, a lot of gold coins.” Bai Xiaosheng looked painful when he recalled how these meager hundred magic stones took away several tens of millions of his gold coins.

“They can be bought with gold coins?” Fatty was startled.

“As long as you have enough money, what’s there that can’t be bought?” Bai Xiaosheng swept him a ‘why would you even ask such thing’ glance. “However, they are indeed very rare in the market. If weren’t for Hero City, no way I would have spent so much money and effort on these little things.”

Magical formations were quite easy to arrange. One only needed to throw the scroll out, then depict some pictures according to the places specified on the scroll, and lastly install the magic stones. The Thunderstorm Magic Formation was completed while Fatty and Bai Xiaosheng chatted.

“Luckily my guild has a thunder magus, otherwise this formation wouldn’t be usable," Bai Xiaosheng said. Although the Thunderstorm Magic Formation didn’t require players to provide mana, it needed a thunder mage’s command to exert its power.

A player was summoned by Bai Xiaosheng, his state looked truly miserable. There was no uninjured place on his body, even his face had marks from lightning strikes or something of sorts.

“Heheh, I was addicted to fighting and died a few times.” The thunder mage grinned when he caught the weird stares from Fatty and Bai Xiaosheng.

“If we can win over Hero City, it is all the credit of everyone. No matter how much losses we suffer, I will definitely give you satisfactory compensation," Bai Xiaosheng solemnly promised.

“Don’t mention it, Guild Master. I only play to have fun to my heart’s content, or else why would a mage like me run to the front for?” said the thunder magus.

“So you also know you’re a mage! What can a mage like you do except for dying by running to the front line?!” Bai Xiaosheng suddenly shouted, causing both Fatty and the thunder mage to jump. Finally, he even threatened, “Command the Thunderstorm Magic Formation well for me and strive to take down that bird. If something goes wrong, don’t even think of flirting with the beautiful girls in our guild.”

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