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Show Me the Money (Web Novel) - Chapter 343 – Self-Detonate

Chapter 343 – Self-Detonate

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Translated by ALy

Edited by Canis, Cien, Dray

While the fighting at the gap on the wall continued, the hundred magic stones weren’t used in vain and successfully trapped Eagle Rise.

Eagle Rise was currently in a terrible fix and his beautiful silvery feathers were all in disorder. Lightning bolts as thick as buckets kept condensing from nowhere and struck him, and with each strike, his body trembled violently and his health dropped by a sliver.

"Zhang Feihu, if nothing else, you’re still a grand general. Don’t you even have the courage to fight me one-on-one?" Eagle Rise glared at Zhang Feihu.

Standing outside the Thunderstorm Magic Formation, Zhang Feihu watched Eagle Rise being repeatedly struck by lightning with an indifferent expression.

"Zhang Feihu, aren't you afraid of tarnishing the reputation of your human race by using underhanded means to deal with me? If you are a man, fight me alone!" Eagle Rise continued to shout.

Zhang Feihu remained silent.

"Grand General Eagle Rise, maybe you should stop working your mouth and think about how to get out first?" Fatty looked at Eagle Rise cheerfully. "Fighting the enemy where they aren't, duh. Who can you blame for when you're an idiot?"

Pfff! Eagle Rise coughed a mouthful of blood and nearly died of anger. He had seen his fair share of shameless, but never anyone this shameless.

“Good, very good! Just you wait, I’ll never be done with you!” Eagle Rise ferociously glared at Fatty, so intently as if wanting to carve Fatty’s face into his memory.

“You’ll have to come out alive first.” Fatty pouted.

Boom! Another bolt exploded on Eagle Rise’s back. The eagle screamed and spat another mouthful of blood before dropping heavily on the ground.

“Heh, it feels great to bully a Celestial boss,” the thunder magus of the All-Knowing Sect joyously exclaimed as he controlled the formation to strike Eagle Rise in a frenzy.

“The trip was a success!” HeadofGod and the other experts also returned one after another. Either alone or gang beating, they had killed all of the Demon Eagle generals. At present, the Demon Eagle army could only attack by instinct, which reduced the threat by more than half compared to the beginning.

“AHHH!” Upon hearing that his generals were all killed off, Eagle Rise spat out several mouthfuls of blood.

Not only were the generals of the Demon Eagle clan killed off, but their soldiers were also slaughtered by the bombardment of various siege equipment on the players’ side. All in all, the players had gained the upper hand and taken control of the situation in this wave.

“Don’t relax just yet, the Demon Eagle clan is only the vanguard, the following battles will be more and more dangerous,” Bai Xiaosheng reminded.

It had only been over three hours. There was still more than half to go and countless demons to come during this period.

The battle at the city wall was drawing to a close as well; only this side was still dragging out. As expected of an expert who was just a bit away from the Celestial rank, Eagle Rise was still alive and animated after being lightning-struck so many times.

“This can’t go on. Anyone has any idea to finish him off fast?” Bai Xiaosheng asked.

This question was because the scouts of the All-Knowing Sect had just reported on a great number of Demon soldiers approaching the city.

“Let me go in.” Zhang Feihu dragged his blade into the Thunderstorm Magic Formation and began to fight Eagle Rise again.

Fatty’s eyes swirled around before he also went in. However, he did it in Stealth. Since he had just ridiculed Eagle Rise earlier, he couldn’t guarantee that the eagle wouldn’t disregard everything to kill him first once he was spotted. If that happened, it’d be more loss than gain.

While Eagle Rise was attacked by both Zhang Feihu and the lightning, Fatty pulled out a pill from his inventory – the Hundred Poison Pill, a poison refined with great difficulty, said to be able to poison a high-rank Yao beast. He wondered if it’d work for Eagle Rise.

Under the suppression of the magic formation, Eagle Rise could only fly near the ground, which gave Fatty the opportunity. He crushed the pill and quietly scattered it. Worried that this wasn’t enough, Fatty crushed two more.

The white powder mixed in the wind and quietly permeated the whole formation space. Although most of it was destroyed by lightning, a portion was absorbed into Eagle Rise’s body.

“Damn it!” Feeling his body go numb and his head dizzy, Eagle Rise knew something was wrong.

Seizing this chance, Zhang Feihu slashed Eagle Rise’s back, drawing a wound so deep it revealed the bone and blood sprayed out in myriads.

Crack boom! A lightning pillar landed right on Eagle Rise’s head and nearly burst it.

“Arghh, you despicable human! I’ll risk my life with you!” shouted Eagle Rise after suffering two serious blows in a row. His body suddenly inflated and almost instantly, he turned into a sky-blotting eagle.

Trapped by the Thunderstorm Magic Formation, being suppressed and beaten by Zhang Feihu, and now even poisoned, Eagle Rise knew that he had no chance to escape. If this went on, even self-detonation might be impossible, so he simply decided to do it right now.

“Damn, self-explosion. Hurry, open the formation and let us out!!” Face pale in horror, Fatty shouted at the thunder magus controlling the formation.

However, the thunder magus frantically tried to speed up the operation of the formation. If Eagle Rise really exploded, not only the entire formation would be blown away, but even the players in the vicinity would be swept in. This was nearly Celestial power they were talking about.

“Damn it! Let us out first!!” Fatty had just got to hand it to this man.

“Wait, wait, it’ll be fine in a minute!” The thunder magus was also anxious. As he accelerated the formation flow, the light barrier of the formation also thickened. At first, it was only a thin light, and now it was a thick, blinding screen.

“Still wanna run?” Eagle Rise shouted. Blood streams started to gush from his body.

“Damn it! Go!” Disregarding Zhang Feihu, Fatty escaped the formation using Woodwalk.


The sky seemed to collapse and the land shook like crazy. The self-explosion of such a powerful expert was nowhere near resistible for a lone being. Nearest to the explosion, Zhang Feihu bore the brunt of it. He couldn’t even utter a sound when he was sent flying and crashed heavily into the light barrier of the formation. The explosion spread outward and collided with the barrier as they intertwined with tooth-tingling, rattling sounds.

“F*cking hell! Ruuuun!” someone hollered. The players around quickly whooshed away, only the thunder magus was still there controlling the formation with a trembling heart.

“Ahhh, Guild Master, I can’t hold…” Halfway through speaking, another boom resounded and the formation burst open. All of the magical runes depicted on the formation crumbled, and the hundred magic stones snapped in unison.

The force of the explosion then kept spreading outward, enveloping the hundreds of buildings around and soundlessly turned them into dust. At the sight of this, the distant onlookers instantly ran far away for fear of being swept into it.

The aftershock spread for at least ten minutes before it finally weakened. After the smoke dispersed, Bai Xiaosheng worriedly ran back. “General Zhang? General Zhang?”

“Cough, cough.” Zhang Feihu coughed as he crawled up from the ground all blood-soaked.

“Ahh, General Zhang, you’re okay? That’s great!” Bai Xiaosheng was relieved.

“Cough, where’s that fatty?” Zhang Feihu couldn’t care less about courtesy right now and hurriedly asked for Fatty.

“Fatty? Fatty, come here, General Zhang is looking for you.” Bai Xiaosheng was confused to see a hint of anxiety on Zhang Feihu’s ever composed face.

"What?” Fatty had been quick to Earthwalk away, so Eagle Rise’s self-explosion couldn’t hurt him one bit.

“Anti, cough, antidote.” Zhang Feihu held out his hand.

Only now did Fatty notice Zhang Feihu’s pale complexion. He realized that he had also messed up this guy when sprinkling the poison powder just now.

“About that… there’s no antidote,” Fatty said in shame.

“Pffff!” Zhang Feihu nearly sprayed a mouthful of blood on Fatty’s face. Sweeping Fatty a glare, he told Bai Xiaosheng, “Your Lordship, I need to return to the Tower of Heroes to detoxify and recuperate. I won’t be able to come out for some time, please be careful.”

“Ahh? Oh, okay, please quickly go,” Bai Xiaosheng hurriedly said.

“Lucky the amount and toxicity aren’t enough…” Zhang Feihu mumbled as he turned into a black light that flew into the Tower of Heroes.

“Fatty! Wasting a capable general of mine with a wave of your hand, huh?” Bai Xiaosheng immediately turned to scold Fatty.

“The heck! If it hadn’t been for me, that Eagle Rise dude would still be alive and kicking alright?!” Fatty stretched his neck to retort, looking as if he was the justified one.

“That’s true…” Bai Xiaosheng was stunned for a bit and actually nodded.

“Damn! The loot!” It suddenly reminded Fatty of the most important to be done right now when he saw TheFugitive sneak past.

“That’s all mine! Keep your hands off!” Bai Xiaosheng wasn’t any slower than Fatty as he closely followed him towards the site of the explosion.

“Celestial boss loot! Celestial item! Everyone hurry grab the loot!” A shrill voice rang out. Fatty immediately recognized it to be Wild Dancing Wind.

The players around instantly swarmed over, not caring about the incoming Demon army. After all, Hero City wasn’t theirs, defending it would only earn them some gold coins and several Violet items for compensation, and that wouldn’t compare to a Celestial item.

“Don’t waste your time, the loot was blown up,” TheFugitive shouted.

Some didn’t believe him and kept pushing themselves through the crowd. Some even yelled, “The loot didn’t all go to your pocket, did it?”

“Someone’s trying to stir up trouble,” HeadofGod leaned over and whispered into Bai Xiaosheng’s ear.

“I see.” Bai Xiaosheng instantly understood that some people didn’t want him to successfully capture Hero City. Even if he failed, the others still had no chance, which made the action of this bad hat something that harmed others without benefiting oneself. Perhaps that was why they only dared to secretly use little tricks instead of going about it openly.

“I’ve recorded the whole thing. You can check if you don’t believe me.” TheFugitive was well-prepared. He played the video that he had recorded of the explosion.

Some refused to believe and carefully watched the video. Indeed, nothing had dropped. In the video, TheFugitive had been the first to arrive, but he had only quickly circled without finding anything.

“Heh..hehe… that’s right, how can someone of Guild Master Bai’s reputation do something as secretly hoarding things to himself. Not to mention that he’s the wealthiest man in the game, of course he wouldn’t care about some puny loot…” a player laughed awkwardly.

“That’s right, that’s right,” the others chimed in.

Bai Xiaosheng coldly looked on. Only until everyone all calmed down did he say indifferently, “Since the matter has been cleared up, everyone can rest for a bit and prepare for the next battle.”

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