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Side Character Transmigrations: The Final Boss is No Joke (Web Novel) - Chapter 418 : Daily Life in a Demon Sect (28)

Chapter 418 : Daily Life in a Demon Sect (28)

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The missing women case caused a lot of unrest in jianghu and the Demon Sect’s mountain base was completely surrounded.

As of now, a lot of people were gathered in the town that was closest to the Demon Sect.

Fu Yiyun and Bai-fu were present too.

“Yiyun-gege, will Xiaoluo-meimei be okay?” Liu Xu leaned against Fu Yiyun, worry written all over her face.

He patted her hand. “Don’t worry. No matter how arrogant the Demon Sect are, they’ll know who they can and can’t touch.”

“It’s all my fault. If only I’d insisted on bringing Xiaoluo-meimei away that day.”

Seeing Liu Xu blame herself so, Fu Yiyun couldn’t help but feel his heart ache for her. “You didn’t know she was being held hostage by the Demon Sect either. Don’t blame yourself; you had nothing to do with it.”

Fu Yiyun’s heart ached for Liu Xu, but so too did it ache for Bai Luo. He didn’t know why, but ever since he learned from Wu Zheng that Bai Luo liked him, his heart couldn’t calm down.

There were even times when he was with Liu Xu that he thought of the times Bai Luo followed him. Noticing his distraction, Liu Xu hurriedly shook his arm.

Though she didn’t like this man anymore, she also didn’t want him falling for anyone else.

Bai-fu sat across from Fu Yiyun, expression dark, his thoughts a mystery.

Everyone else discussed the matter of attacking the Demon Sect, but after the string of losses the orthodox sects had suffered, they didn’t have much manpower left. Yet if they didn’t attack now, it’d be almost impossible to do so after the Demon Sect had time to grow stronger.

After their discussion, the crowd dispersed.

When Fu Yiyun and Liu Xu returned to their room, Fu Yiyun was a bit absent-minded.

Liu Xu stood beside the table. She turned back to look at Fu Yiyun, who was standing by the window. After ensuring that he wasn’t paying attention to her, she took a porcelain bottle out from her sleeve and carefully poured some white powder into the tea.

At first she only poured a bit, but then she added a bit more afterwards.

Liu Xu put the bottle away. She picked the cup up and held it in front of Fu Yiyun. “Yiyun-gege, have some tea.”

Fu Yiyun smiled slightly, took the cup from her, and took a sip.

Liu Xu leaned against Fu Yiyun as she traced circles on his chest.

His body reacted. He caught Liu Xu’s hand and spoke in a low voice. “Xu’er, be good.”

Liu Xu pouted. “Does Yiyun-gege not like me anymore?”


A hint of pain appeared on Liu Xu’s face. “Is Yiyun-gege blaming me…?”

Fu Yiyun lifted Liu Xu’s head up. There were already tear streaks on her face. Seeing her cry, Fu Yiyun immediately tossed Bai Luo completely out of his mind. “Xu’er, don’t cry. I don’t blame you. Really.”

Liu Xu didn’t speak, merely crying silently.

Her pitiful expression stoked the lust in Fu Yiyun’s heart, as he lowered his head to take Liu Xu’s lips with his. The bed creaked as the two entwined with each other.

Liu Xu harassed Fu Yiyun until he was too tired to continue and fell asleep.

“Yiyun-gege.” Liu Xu nudged Fu Yiyun.

“Xu’er, be good, go to sleep.” Fu Yiyun mumbled and reached out to embrace her.

Liu Xu called out to him several more times, but didn’t get an answer. Only then did she carefully get up, put her clothes on, and take Meteor with her as she snuck out soundlessly.

Liu Xu made many twists and turns in the small town before finally entering a courtyard.

The house was brightly lit up by lanterns. One could vaguely make out the sounds of the sizhu[1] as well as the laughter of women from one of the rooms.

Liu Xu’s expression was a bit unsightly, but she still entered.

She was greeted by a very debauched scene. The man who she longed for currently had a woman in each arm, as well as one between his legs, and was currently teasing them.

The man narrowed his eyes and examined Liu Xu before pushing the woman between his legs away and beckoning Liu Xu over.

She bit her lip and walked over, offering Meteor to him with both hands. “Master, Xu’er has obtained Meteor for you.”

The man examined the sword for a bit. “Not bad. Good job.”

But the next second, the man suddenly flew into a rage. He grabbed Liu Xu by the neck. “How was the taste of your old flame, huh?! What did I say to you back then? Hm?”

Liu Xu’s face turned red from lack of oxygen. “Master… Fu Yiyun was very guarded…”

Fu Yiyun normally slept with Meteor by his side and would wake whenever anyone got close. If she didn’t use that method, she wouldn’t have been able to obtain Meteor.

The man stroked Liu Xu’s fair face, his gaze vicious. “Is that so?”

Tears rolled down Liu Xu’s face, but it didn’t rouse a hint of pity in the man. He roughly jerked her clothes off and entered her with his hand.

“In your eyes, am I good, or is he good?”

Liu Xu felt like being treated this way while others were in the room was a humiliation.

“Am I good, or is he good?” The man suddenly increased his strength.

Liu Xu’s body trembled. “Master… Master is good.”

She tightly clutched onto the remaining clothes on her person. Her lower body was completely exposed and the man had adjusted her position so that it was on full display.

The women beside him chuckled in low tones, causing Liu Xu to feel hatred.

‘He said he’ll marry me! As long as I gave him Meteor, he’ll definitely marry me! I won’t let any of these women off then!’

The man jerked his hand out, disgust in his eyes. “Guards.”

Two men suddenly entered from outside, causing Liu Xu’s expression to change as she tried to cover herself up in a fluster.

“I’m gifting this woman to you.” The man pointed at Liu Xu.

“Master?” Liu Xu’s eyes widened in disbelief.

As the warm torchlight landed on his hard features, one would find that they resembled Fu Yiyun’s.

The man scoffed coldly. “Liu Xu, did you really think I would marry a consort that’s been sullied by my little brother?”

“Master, you promised me!” He promised that no matter what method she used, as long as she could deliver him Meteor, he would marry her.

“You believed a lie? I really don’t know what that little brother of mine sees in such a dumb woman. Take her away.”

Two men immediately stepped forward to grab Liu Xu by the arms and pulled her outside.

Liu Xu sobbed as she begged for mercy, but the man didn’t pay her any heed, merely looking at her coldly.

That apathy suddenly caused Liu Xu to feel cold inside. This man had always been this cruel. Whether to himself or others, it was all the same…

Once she was dragged outside, the men in the courtyard started surrounding her, causing her to shriek in fear.

“Fu Yirui, you’ll die terribly…”

“Ah— Let go! Master, save me— Fu Yirui, you beast!”

Liu Xu’s terrified screams seemed odd, juxtaposed with the merry laughter from inside the house.

[1] A type of instrument. Its full name is Jiangnan sizhu and as the name suggests, it originates from Jiangnan. Don’t ask me where that is. I can only tell you Jiangnan translates to “river” and “south”. Here’s a pic:

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