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Silver Overlord (Web Novel) - Chapter 300: Under The Same Roof

Chapter 300: Under The Same Roof

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When Yan Liqiang finally returned to his residence, the servant who had been delivering his daily meals was already there with a basket full of food.

“Commandant Yan…” The servant saw Yan Liqiang and greeted him politely with a smile as he passed him the food basket, “Here’s your lunch…”

“Well, what do we have here?”

“A few dishes with fresh veggies, deer meatballs, and stewed ginseng turtle soup. These were all meticulously prepared by the chef himself!”

“Great. My training has been exhausting lately. Can you inform the chef to prepare a soup that can help with physical recovery for the next few days?”

“Sure, I will bear that in mind…”

“Thank you…”

“You are most welcome, Commandant Yan…”

Yan Liqiang calmly nodded with a smile as he accepted the food basket. He pushed open his front door and entered his courtyard while the servant stayed outside as usual.

Carrying the lunch, Yan Liqiang walked into the house and headed straight to the second

floor. He pushed the door of the bedroom open and walked inside.

Suddenly, a sharp shiny sword sprang from behind the door, resting directly on Yan Liqiang’s neck.

Yan Liqiang knew it was Hua Ruxue without even looking. Besides, the sword only moved based on her instinct rather than murderous intent.

Hua Ruxue still looked pale, but her condition seemed to have significantly improved compared to last night. At least she could hold the sword steadily. The moment Yan Liqiang saw her, his eyes landed on her body involuntarily.

Hua Ruxue was wearing Yan Liqiang’s black training clothes. Although Yan Liqiang was strong and fit, the set of clothes looked tight on her because she was a busty woman. She tried to button up the two buttons near the collar, but unfortunately, due to her good body shape, only one could merely be done. The tight clothes showed off her curves and the exposed fair skin at the collar area could make people get lost in their wildest fantasies.

Hua Ruxue would usually tightly bind her chest, but Yan Liqiang had burnt away her strap and clothes yesterday as they were soaked with too much blood. Since she couldn’t find anything here which she could use to bind her chest when she woke up, she simply took one of his clothes to cover herself up.

To Yan Liqiang, Hua Ruxue looked more seductive like this.

The Hua Ruxue in front of him right now was much more feminine and approachable compared the stunning and ethereal Sword Fairy he met during their first meeting.

“Where are you looking at…” Noticing that Yan Liqiang’s gaze was on that certain part of her upper body, Hua Ruxue immediately blushed and raised her sword, with the tip touching his neck.

“Hey hey hey, careful, don’t just simply move your hand…..” Yan Liqiang lifted his chin and yelled. “I was just looking at my clothes, what’s wrong with that? The clothes you’re wearing belong to me. I’ve had them for years, and we have developed a special bond. I didn’t even blame you for touching my things and yet you’re blaming me now. This is unfair…”

“Last night… were you… were you the person who… helped me… helped me clean up my wound…?” Hua Ruxue’s cheeks were flaming, and her hand that was holding the sword started trembling. It took a lot of effort and energy for her to confront Yan Liqiang.

The truth was, Hua Ruxue had just woken up for less than half an hour and found herself lying naked under the blanket. The wound on her chest had been carefully treated and bandaged in a special way. The other parts of her body were unhurt. This had caused Hua Ruxue to fall into deliriousness, mixed with feelings of anxiousness and shame.

“I’m the only person who lives here. Who else in Deer Villa would be so kind as to dress your wound other than me?” Yan Liqiang glanced at Hua Ruxue, then gently pushed the sword away from his neck with two fingers. The sword was effortlessly moved away by Yan Liqiang as Hua Ruxue’s hand was weak. “Someone would have definitely arrested you if they saw your appearance here in that black suit. It wouldn’t matter if you were a male or female, you would either be thrown into prison or have bled to death by now. You should thank me for being able to stand instead of pointing the sword at the one who saved your life…”

Yan Liqiang then walked toward the table and placed the food on it. “Stop daydreaming, come and eat something. You need to food to replenish your strength. You lost too much blood last night. I made it just in time to feed you an Essence Nurturing Pill, but that was not enough…” In the meantime, he had taken out the food from the basket. The room was soon filled with the fragrance of food.

“Why… why did you help me?” Hua Ruxue lowered her sword and walked toward Yan Liqiang. She was perplexed.

“Please, put down the sword. I feel like I’m being interrogated with that sword in your hand…”

Hua Ruxue slid the sword back into her scabbard.

“Since you still think of my place as a safe hideout after yesterday’s situation, it at least proves that I’m not a bad guy in your heart. Hence, I shall not spoil my own reputation and disappoint you, right?” Yan Liqiang smiled and gave Hua Ruxue a wink.

“I will repay your kindness for saving me, but… you better forget everything you saw yesterday and pretend nothing happened!” Hua Ruxue said as she bit her lips.

“Hahaha… don’t worry. I’m a forgetful person. I could have forgotten about it all if you didn’t mention it!” Yan Liqiang laughed and joked, trying to ease Hua Ruxue’s embarrassment. “Just relax and stay here for these two days while you are still healing. I live here and Deer Villa is considered to be quite remote. Normally, no one will come over and outsiders are prohibited. Those servants in Deer Villa do not dare to enter the courtyard without my permission either. Let’s discuss further after you have recovered enough to leave on your own!”

“Don’t you want to know what had I did yesterday? Are you not worried that I might bring you harm?”

“I heard that the Vice Minister of Works, Zuo Teng, was assassinated, but I’m not close to him. I didn’t even know what the killer looked like. It could be a man, a woman, or even a demon. Also, I’m the Yingyang Commandant of the Imperial Cavalry Unit, so this is not under my jurisdiction. The death of an officer in the capital city is none of my business! I don’t see how you will get me involved in this,” Yan Liqiang said in a carefree manner while serving a bowl of stewed ginseng turtle soup to Hua Ruxue. “Sit down and try this, we have a good chef here at Deer Villa. There’s only a pair of chopsticks here, you can use it first while I go find another pair…”

After saying that, Yan Liqiang went downstairs. In just a flash, he was back with a pair of chopsticks which he made from the tree branches in the yard.

“Please, go ahead and eat!” Yan Liqiang said while taking the lid off the pot. He flipped it over to use it as a bowl and started to enjoy his meal. “I trained the entire morning. I’m starving now…”

Seeing that Yan Liqiang had begun to eat, Hua Ruxue looked at the bowl of soup in front of her. She took a small fetch of the soup and sipped politely.

Hua Ruxue was unable to eat much. She stopped eating after drinking the small bowl of soup. Yan Liqiang devoured the rest.

The meal helped break the ice between the two. The room was much less tense now after they were both full.

“Can you… can you please buy me two sets of clothes which will fit me from the city?” Hua Ruxue requested shyly. She looked better now after the meal.

Yan Liqiang glanced at Hua Ruxue and gulped a little as he made a serious face, “Hmm… This is a tough one… I must apply for a day off from Eunuch Liu if I want to leave Deer Villa. But I just applied for a day off yesterday, and I’m afraid that I can’t do this again within the next few weeks. There are some maids in Deer Villa, but if I request maid clothes from them, it might raise some suspicions. Anyway, you’re not going out these few days, so just bear with it and rest in this room.”

Of course, Hua Ruxue wouldn’t know that Yan Liqiang was just being a perverted jackass here. She believed whatever Yan Liqiang said without a second thought.

Still, it was a little too early to celebrate. As soon as they finished their meal, he took the food basket downstairs for the servants to take it away. When he went back to the second floor, he found out that he had been locked out of his own bedroom.

Hua Ruxue’s voice came from within the room, “It’s not convenient for a male and a female to stay in the same room. I will stay in this room for the next few days. I noticed that there is a bed in the room next door. Please stay in that room. I need to heal in silence for the next few days. A meal each day will be sufficient. Please do not come in to disturb me while I’m healing. I might hurt you by accident…”

Did this once in a lifetime opportunity to feast his eyes just slip through his hands?

Yan Liqiang was taken aback. There was nothing he could do other than laugh awkwardly. He returned to the room and continued cultivating Muscle Tendon Changing and Marrow Cleansing…

And just like that, Hua Ruxue stayed in Yan Liqiang’s courtyard…

At night, when the sound of rushing water came through the wall when Hua Ruxue was taking a bath, Yan Liqiang’s fifteen-year-old virile body reacted for the first time as his heart began racing…

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