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Chapter 47

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After a short while, we reached the castle. I reached over to grab Sasha’s hand and began to slowly head towards the garden. I asked the guards if the party will take place outside because of how fine the weather was today.

“Sasha, are you feeling alright today?”

“Yes, dear. If you could, I would like if you were to walk more slowly though.”

“Mother, are you okay?”

“Yes. Thank you Laurier.”

Sasha knew that Laurier and I were walking with extra care as to not overburden her. Gazing at the two of them, the tender feeling in my heart made its way up to my face, and I unknowingly began to smile. I wonder if it’s normal for someone to become so happy over just walking side by side with their spouse and child. Yeah, it has to be.

Arriving at the courtyard, there were already four people waiting for us.

One of them was, of course, His Majesty, the King. Next to him was the second princess, Selena, who was chatting with the capture target prince whom I met the other day. Lastly there was…. I froze in place. Selena? No, Selena was already there. She was a beautiful woman that looked as if Selena grew up.

“Your Grace, I deeply apologize for my late arrival. Thank you for your invitation today.”

“Oh, ah… welcome, Duke Fall”

“Thank you. Your family seems to be doing well.”

“ Duke Fall seems to have changed as well.”

Queen Resilia, responded as she looked at the three of us and noticed something different.

(T/N: it’s been a while since I have TL’ed and her name how it is spelled might be wrong, I’ll have to change it, when I reread the novel again)

“Yes, I have since reflected on my frankly idiotic behavior thus far. I now love and cherish my family with my entire being.”

“Is that right? It’s been quite some time since Sasha has gotten pregnant, but congratulations nonetheless.”

“Yes, Resilia, thank you for your concern.”

I also greeted the two other remaining people, wondering if they were congratulating me about Sasha’s pregnancy or my improved relationship with my family.

“Selena, it’s been a while. Thank you for always getting along with Laurier. I believe this is the first time I’ve greeted you properly, Celeu.”

“Good morning, Laurier is always a pleasure to have. Ah, come on Celeu, you can’t hide. Say hello to Duke Fall..”

As he was encouraged by Selena, Celeu rapidly looked between me and Selena several times and began speaking nervously.

“Hello Duke Fall. I am the Second Prince, Celeu. Oh, and, um… thank you very much!”

Celeu bows his head after saying so. I felt his sincerity and had a good feeling about him, although who knows how he will become in the future?. I looked at him, smiling as gently as possible and tried my best to encourage him.

“Don’t worry. If there is a person in need, it is natural to help. If your heart is cleared up even a little by my words, it was worth it.”

“Yes! I feel like I’m now able to move forward a little from your help.”

“Then, that’s all I need.”

I continued to simply smile, trying my best to look good in front of Laurier and Sasha, despite the eyes of Celeu worshiping me like a hero.

At that point, Laurier, after listening to Celeu’s story, only commented, “I don’t really understand, but father is handsome as always.”

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