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Chapter 48 - Small talk before the main topic

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c48 Small talk before the main topic

“Yes, you’re going to be Laurier-san’s onee-chan.”

(T/N: Should Keep it without normal Japanese, cause the kanji for sister is Elder Sister, so it turns into onee-chan and the honorifics?)


“Then when you grow up, you’ll want to have tea with her.”

Laurier and Selena were talking with each other. I didn’t show up at the tea party so much, so I felt a little relieved when I saw them getting along normally.

“This is really delicious… I envy Sasha who can eat this every day.”

“Yes. darling’ ss’ sweets are very delicious.”

“Fufufu, it looks like they’ve gotten along. I wonder what’s the best part of the night?”

“Huh!? Well, that’s…”

On the other hand, this is a conversation between Sasha and the Queen. It’s nice to get along with friends I haven’t met in a long time, but a little bit peculiar, and it’ll show up soon. I’m the only one who makes Sasha look so cute! Or rather, the queen doesn’t let Sasha talk too much. I don’t want to show others that Sasha, has a cute face, who is not immune to that kind of talk.

“But… the sweets you’ve brought are delicious, I, who doesn’t like sweets, can eat them as well, too.”

“That’s great, please don’t refrain from eating too, Celeu-san.”

“Ye-yes! It’s delicious!”

….and this is the remaining male group, drinking tea slowly like this because the women are too good friends, and as there is not a single flower at all. Since his majesty has not yet come up with a real topic, I decided to ask for the time being

“Your Majesty. What do you think about your children’s future?”

“What do you think?”

“Educational policy is not a big deal, but for example, if your child clearly shows what kind of job he or she wants to do work in the future, will you accept it?”

“Hum… it’s a difficult part. I, of course, want to respect the child’s will, but the country may use force if it is necessary.”

“Will the result be terrible?”

“I want to avoid that.”

His Majesty answers so with a sigh. After all, the weight of what I have might be different when becoming a king. It might still have been good to behave been reincarnated into another Duke. Well, even if I was reincarnated as a king, I would do anything for my children and my wife.

“Anyway… you’ve gotten softer, rounded Duke Fohr”

(T/N: I Might change the name to Fohr, as I reread the raws and It goes to Fall, but an Unclassified name is Fohr, and tbh Fohr sounds nobler. Tell me what you think)

“Is that so?”

“Oh, the previous you were more sharp like a sword, so the sharpness is like tearing everything up around.”

After all, it might seem quite different from the person who knows Callis in front of me.

“Because I found a scabbard for that sword.”

(T/N: he Is referencing to love he has found)

“You mean your wife?”

“Well, what is important to me is my family. It might have disappeared the sharpness like before because it understood it. You know what I mean?”

“In my case, I spent a little too much time at work.”

I think it’s very difficult to live with a Harem. I don’t need a harem because Sasha is enough. I don’t know if I’m going to be able to love another woman other than Sasha. Yeah.

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