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Chapter 49 Main Topics

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“Well then, Selena, Celeu. Please show Laurier around the garden if you can.”

His Majesty said this after a while. It seemed like he wanted to discuss the main subject. At his words, I turned towards Laurier and smiled.

“Laurier, the garden here is beautiful, so you should take a look.”

“What about you, father?”

“I’d like to go with you, but I need to talk with His Majesty. Serena and Celeu will teach you a lot.”


After saying that, the three of them left. I sent my daughter off with a smile and then looked at His Majesty.

“Well… Your Majesty. May I ask you what your purpose in inviting me to this tea party?”

“Hmm, about that.”

Saying that His Majesty’s expression became a little serious.

“There is a reason why I called you this time. First of all is an internal investigation of our country.”

“Internal investigation?”

“Oh, I’d like to tell you the secret reason about this internal investigation.”

Perhaps the internal investigation was to be conducted among the nobility. But the secret behind it…

I glanced around and then asked His Majesty,

“Why me? There are many other people who are trustworthy.”

“Firstly, the breadth of your peerage and friendship circle is broad. But… The most important reason is that I can’t trust anyone other than you.”

“…Has Your Majesty discovered something?”

“Yes. If my original information is true, there is a high possibility that Duke Grene, the Prime Minister, is secretly communicating with another country.”

I almost sighed at those words. To think that the prime minister of this country was a traitor…

“It would be best to cut him off sooner rather than later. The question is whether anyone other than him is colluding with other countries.”

“So that’s what the internal investigation is for? But is it alright to trust me? Based on that reasoning, I’m also suspicious.”

“Yes, but this decision was based on the current you and your recent reputation. That’s why I had your wife and Miss Laurier come all the way here as well.”

I see・・・Laurier and Sasha were called in to show my current situation. They’ve probably been trying to find out the truth about Serena from Laurier recently, and His Majesty made his decision from that. Well, as long as Laurier and Sasha aren’t harmed, I’ll be as friendly to this country as possible.・・・

“The second request is for you to be the next prime minister.”

“Me? That really is…”

It was too troublesome, so I tried to refrain but His Majesty seemed to misunderstand.

“I understand what you want to say. Certainly, there may be further opposition from other nobles for Duke Fohr to be connected to the Royal family even more. However, there is no suitable person other than you.”

“Your Majesty … It is an honor to have my abilities appreciated, but it is a very overrated evaluation.”

“Don’t be humble. I am pleased with your performance during the last six months.”

The last six months? Could it be that my management of the province and the work for the country after I became Callis have been evaluated by any chance? I’m sure I have been doing it differently compared to the old Callis, but I wonder if it had changed that much?

Well, I’ve changed Callis’ sloppy management to a more thorough system, I’ve eliminated the slums by increasing employment opportunities, I’ve donated more to orphanages, I’ve spent more on improving the town, I haven’t raised taxes・・・ But it shouldn’t changed that much.

(T/N: he is talking about 6 months ago when he 1st got transported into the otome game)

While I remained silent, His Majesty continued with a bitter laugh.

“Well, I hope you decide on this matter later in your own time. Finally, I want to suggest a marriage proposal for Miss Laurier.”

“Is the partner Celeu-sama?”

“Ah. Celeu was already secretly decided to be the Prince. I thought Miss Laurier could be his fiancée.”

Was there such a prospect after all? Is that why Laurier and Sasha were also invited? After I took a sip of tea, I spoke as calmly as possible.

“Laurier has just turned four. I think it’s too early for her to get engaged.”

“But wouln’t you need to decide on her fiancé eventually?”

“With that being said, the other party is the Crown Prince. I would prefer not to force a harsh queen’s education on my daughter.”

(T/N: UmU, Think about your daughter’s feelings first)

After saying that, I smiled at Sasha who was looking anxiously at me from her seat by my side, and then said to His Majesty,

“Your Majesty. It’s an honor, but what I want most is the happiness of my family. So I’ll protect my daughter until she falls in love on her own.”

When I said that, His Majesty grinned and said,

“If that’s so, it would be fine if Miss Laurier came to like Celeu, right?”

“I will not object if it is the will of the person in question. However, it is not good to force it. I have no intention of making my daughter marry for politics.”

His Majesty laughed pleasantly at my words.

“Then, I’ll give up for now. But it doesn’t change the fact that Miss Laurier is still a contender for Celeu’s fiancée. I’ll officially propose their engagement sooner or later, but I’m looking forward to it because by that time, Celeu will have made Miss Laurier fall for him.”

“If that happens, I will accept it obediently. What I want is my family to be happy.”

I answered His Majesty with a sigh for bringing up Laurier’s marriage, even when he was forcing me into a troublesome job.

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