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Chapter 50 - Don’t Worry

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Don’t Worry

*A little flirting (´∀ `)

“Did the two of you enjoy today’s visit?”

I asked Sasha next to me and Laurier, who was sitting on my knees, on our way home in the carriage. Laurier replied cheerfully.

“Yes! Together with Selena-sama and Celeu-sama, we talked a lot.

“Oh, I see? That’s great.”

I get a complicated feeling whenever the Celeu is mentioned. Hearing an innocent reply from Laurier, I feel a little worried.

“They said that they will come over sometime to play.”

“…is that so?”

Well, if Laurier is looking forward to it, I shouldn’t ruin it for her. But Laurier, why are you looking forward to Celeu visiting you so much? Was it love at first sight? It’s possible, but that is unacceptable because our Laurie is cute. However, if it is love at first sight, it would be difficult to destroy the flag.

“Sasha, did you become a little more relaxed?”

“Yes, it’s been a long time since I’ve been able to have a pleasant conversation with Lesilia.”

(T/N: I changed Resilia to Lesilia, I read it wrong my bad)

Sasha smiled when she said so. If it became Sasha’s reliever somehow, there might have been some worth to this tea ceremony.

“Um… dear. Was that okay?”

(T/N: Well umm 旦那 this mean Husband adding 様 will make it master. Saying it husband is weird, I Don’t know if I should keep it as Darling/Dear or use Master)

“What was?”

“You refused to accept his Majesty’s proposal.”

Sasha is probably thinking about Laurier’s engagement. Although I am also worried about the refusal, I replied to Sasha with a smile.

“I want my children to be happy. I can’t deny that it would be a political marriage if it goes through, but…”

I began stroking Laurier’s head.

“I want this child to find someone she likes by her own will.”


Laurier tilted her head and smiled pleasantly as I stroke her.

“Well, you don’t have to worry too much. Sasha’s kindness is good for me, but right now I’m the first one.”

“I’m fine. But my husband is always worried about me and Laurier.”

I should have noticed it a little earlier. So as to not let Sasha worry about this, I put my hand on Sasha’s cheek and smiled gently.

“Thank you. I’m sorry for making you worry and I won’t act so boldly anymore. I don’t want my beloved wife to worry.”

Sasha blushed a little from happiness when I said that. Oh my god, she is so cute! Just who is it that claimed and married such a pretty pregnant woman?

It’s me. Well, specifically the former Callis, but now that I am Callis, I can conclude that Sasha is mine!

And that is how I returned to the mansion with my beloved Sasha and Laurier.

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