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Slimes Can Dream Too! (Web Novel)




Davida, 다비다


Comedy Fantasy Slice of Life

Original Language:



I thought I would live a better life in my second lifetime. Unbelievably, I’ve reincarnated into a slime that rolls around on the ground. Anyway, this is my precious new life, so I must work hard.

But I can’t believe the type of owner I must live with for the rest of my life. All he says is, ‘I’m lazy.’ He’s the black dragon, Kalgilm.

While I’m the lowest class monster slime that must serve under him.

315 • 2019-08-30 19:50:55


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 142019-12-03
Chapter 132019-10-26
Chapter 122019-10-18
Chapter 112019-10-11
Chapter 102019-10-06
Chapter 92019-09-11
Chapter 82019-09-08
Chapter 72019-08-30
Chapter 62019-08-30
Chapter 52019-08-30
Chapter 42019-08-30
Chapter 32019-08-30
Chapter 22019-08-30
Chapter 01. I was born with a dirt spoon, next life born with nothing but dirt.2019-08-30
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