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Slow Prison Life (Web Novel)


During a party one evening in the royal palace, Rachel, the eldest daughter of Duke Ferguson, was reproached by Prince Elliot for sins she didn’t remember committing and their engagement was abandoned. Rachel informed everyone she had not committed the acts they were accusing her of, but she was dragged away out of the party venue and thrown into the palace dungeon.

And so Rachel thought,

“Hooray for my slow doing-whatever-I-want life! No more queen’s education, no more noisy servants–today marks the start of my long vacation!”

Between enjoying all of the preparations she had made for this very occasion and constantly harassing the annoying Prince, Rachel is going to enjoy her slow prison life to the fullest!

78 • 2019-09-07 15:00:45


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 51 - Extra 4 Hometown Limited Edition2019-11-08
Chapter 50 - Extra 3 Kyoto Limited Edition2019-10-24
Chapter 49 - Extra 2 Cabaret Limited Edition2019-10-24
Chapter 48 - Extra 1 Akihabara Limited Edition2019-10-24
Chapter 47 - Noblewoman Encounters a Scene of Carnage2019-09-22
Chapter 46 - Day of Departure, and then a New Normal2019-09-20
Chapter 45 - Prince Learns the Limits of His Power2019-09-17
Chapter 44 - The King Condemns2019-09-13
Chapter 43 - Newlyweds Hold a Conversation2019-09-10
Chapter 42 - The Prince Assassinates the Noblewoman (Plans)2019-09-07
Chapter 41 - Noblewoman Fears the Storm2019-09-07
Chapter 40 - Pervert Shares a Drink with a Monkey2019-09-07
Chapter 39 - Noblewoman Hosts a Fun Party2019-09-07
Chapter 38 - Attendant Worries about the Cheer Squad's Heads2019-09-07
Chapter 37 - The King Enjoys a Hot-Spring Treatment2019-09-07
Chapter 36 - Monkey Goes For a Walk in the Royal Palace2019-09-07
Chapter 35 - Noblewoman Keeps a Pet2019-09-07
Chapter 34 - Noblewoman Couldn't Have Done Anything Because She was in Prison2019-09-07
Chapter 33: Noblewoman Receives Sympathy From Some Old Friends2019-09-07
Chapter 32 - The Young Lady Peddles [Flowers]2019-09-07
Chapter 31 - The Young Lady Screams at Dawn2019-09-07
Chapter 30 - Noblewoman Exercises2019-09-07
Chapter 29 - Noblewoman Holds a Session Underground2019-09-07
Chapter 28 - Younger Brother Hears a Fact He had Forgotten From His Sister2019-09-07
Chapter 27 - Little Brother Remembers the Old Days2019-09-07
Chapter 26 - Noblewoman Dotes on her Little Brother2019-09-07
Chapter 25 - Noblewoman Hosts Some Guests2019-09-07
Chapter 24 - Attendant is Actually Really Busy2019-09-07
Chapter 23 - Attendant Deals with some Uninvited Guests2019-09-07
Chapter 22 - Attendant Delivers Something to her Lord2019-09-07
Chapter 21: Noblewoman Deepens her Friendship with the Young Lady2019-09-07
Chapter 20 - The Duke Seeks an Audience with the King2019-09-07
Chapter 19 - The Girl Plans Ahead2019-09-07
Chapter 18 - The Duke is Puzzled by the Situation2019-09-07
Chapter 17 - Noblewoman Meets the Young Lady2019-09-07
Chapter 16 - Noblewoman Does Volunteer Work2019-09-07
Chapter 15 - Noblewoman Does Some Shopping2019-09-07
Chapter 14 - The Prince Brandishes a Discussion2019-09-07
Chapter 13 - Noblewoman Kills Time2019-09-07
Chapter 12 - Noblewoman Acquires the Prison Guard2019-09-07
Chapter 11 - Noblewoman Snipes Dinner2019-09-07
Chapter 10 - Noblewoman Explodes Art2019-09-07
Chapter 9 - The Prince Learns the Noblewoman's Plan2019-09-07
Chapter 8 - Noblewoman Lazes Through the Day2019-09-07
Chapter 7 - Noblewoman Fully Enjoys Gourmet2019-09-07
Chapter 6 - Noblewoman Overhears a Lovely Story2019-09-07
Chapter 5 - Noblewoman Drives Off the Prince2019-09-07
Chapter 4 - The Duke Grasps the Situation2019-09-07
Chapter 3 - Noblewoman Renovates the Prison2019-09-07
Chapter 2 - Noblewoman Retains a Steady Basket in the Prison2019-09-07
Chapter 1 - Noblewoman Placed in Prison2019-09-07