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So I Am A Demon Descendent! (Web Novel)






Newspaper Boy


Slice of Life Xuanhuan

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When Li Xianyu was 20 years old, he received his father’s inheritance, an 18-year-old great-grandmother who was incredibly beautiful.

Li Xianyu: “Great-Grandma, why are you so young?”

Great-Grandma: “That’s because I died when I was 18 years old.”

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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 248: Demonic Priest (2)2020-04-05
Chapter 247: Demonic Priest (1)2020-04-05
Chapter 246: The Aoki Family’s Secret2020-04-04
Chapter 245: Let’s Talk In Private2020-04-04
Chapter 244: Invitation2020-04-04
Chapter 243: It’s Very Important2020-04-03
Chapter 242: This Is It2020-04-02
Chapter 241: Ruined2020-04-02
Chapter 240: Woman, Witness My Left Hand’s Creepiness And Scariness2020-04-02
Chapter 239: Holy Light, Please Host Our Wedding2020-04-01
Chapter 238: Jie Se Vs Eric2020-03-31
Chapter 237: Look Behind You2020-03-31
Chapter 236: Aoki Yui Vs Li Xianyu2020-03-30
Chapter 235: I’m Really Envious of the Li Family’s Third Generation Inheritor2020-03-30
Chapter 234: Negotiation2020-03-29
Chapter 233: Go Further And Further Along The Auxiliary Route2020-03-29
Chapter 232: Double Awakening2020-03-28
Chapter 232: Double Awakening2020-03-28
Chapter 231: ???2020-03-28
Chapter 230: Niten Ichi-Ryu2020-03-27
Chapter 229: Weeping Baby2020-03-27
Chapter 228: Block2020-03-26
Chapter 227: Li Xianyu VS Miyamoto Hideki2020-03-26
Chapter 226: I Have Something To Tell You2020-03-26
Chapter 225: I Can’t Get Into The Top 162020-03-25
Chapter 224: Expert Iaido2020-03-24
Chapter 223: I’m Left-Handed2020-03-24
Chapter 222: Handshake2020-03-24
Chapter 221: Cui Hua’s Human Form2020-03-23
Chapter 220: One Shot To Fame2020-03-22
Chapter 219: Chatting2020-03-22
Chapter 218: Dan Chenzi2020-03-21
Chapter 217: Resolve The Conflict, Meet The Enemy2020-03-21
Chapter 216: Shut Up2020-03-20
Chapter 215: Clash of Mental Power2020-03-20
Chapter 214: You Have No Weaknesses2020-03-19
Chapter 213: Baby’s Heart Is Sorrowful2020-03-19
Chapter 212: Buddha Head2020-03-18
Chapter 211: Li Xianyu2020-03-18
Chapter 210: Registration2020-03-17
Chapter 209: Hairline2020-03-17
Chapter 208: Mother Hua Yang2020-03-16
Chapter 207: Hua Yang2020-03-16
Chapter 206: Fallen Angel2020-03-15
Chapter 205: Save Me2020-03-15
Chapter 204: There’s Someone Behind2020-03-14
Chapter 203: Woman In A White Dress2020-03-14
Chapter 202: Was This Really An Aggrieved Spirit Only?2020-03-13
Chapter 201: Isn’t it Good To Live?2020-03-13
Chapter 200: Visiting The Hospital At Night2020-03-12
Chapter 199: Renewal Of Youth2020-03-12
Chapter 198: Secret Meeting (2)2020-03-11
Chapter 197: Secret Meeting (1)2020-03-11
Chapter 196: Name Deletion2020-03-10
Chapter 195: Scumbag Wang Chen2020-03-10
Chapter 194: The Year 19442020-03-09
Chapter 193: Unparalleled War Spirit, Have You Ever Lost?2020-03-09
Chapter 192: Research2020-03-08
Chapter 191: Fleeting Youth2020-03-08
Chapter 190: There’s No Good End To Being A Lackey2020-03-07
Chapter 189: Call For Help2020-03-07
Chapter 188: The World Is So Big2020-03-06
Chapter 187: The Era Of God Is Over2020-03-06
Chapter 186: Squeaks In Reply To Squeaks2020-03-05
Chapter 185: God Of Cats2020-03-05
Chapter 184: Cat Town2020-03-04
Chapter 183: Strange Town Happenings2020-03-04
Chapter 182: Heirloom2020-03-03
Chapter 181: Spring Is Here2020-03-03
Chapter 180: Dragon Salamander2020-03-02
Chapter 179: Underwater2020-03-02
Chapter 178: Here It Comes2020-03-01
Chapter 177: Black Back2020-03-01
Chapter 176: Monster2020-02-29
Chapter 175: Holy Infant2020-02-29
Chapter 174: Tame Head Curse2020-02-28
Chapter 173: A Sad Story2020-02-28
Chapter 172: Heaven on Earth2020-02-27
Chapter 171: Long Aotian: It’s Never Too Late to Take Revenge2020-02-27
Chapter 1702020-02-26
Chapter 169: A Man Dies The Way A Lamp Goes Out2020-02-26
Chapter 168: Slime: Great-Grandma, I’m Here To Be Your Grandson2020-02-25
Chapter 167: Chess Pawn, Father and Daughter (II)2020-02-25
Chapter 166: Chess Pawn, Father, And Daughter (I)2020-02-24
Chapter 165: I’m Back2020-02-24
Chapter 164: Hatred2020-02-23
Chapter 163: The Man Behind The Scenes2020-02-23
Chapter 162: Nothing Is More Delicious Than Dumplings, Nothing Is More Fun Than…2020-02-22
Chapter 161: Female Corpse2020-02-22
Chapter 160: Hu Xinyue’s Invitation2020-02-21
Chapter 159: Replicating the War Spirit2020-02-21
Chapter 158: Bear Spirit2020-02-20
Chapter 157: My Left Hand Will Make You Tell the Truth2020-02-20
Chapter 156: Invited Into A Trap2020-02-19
Chapter 155: It’s Time To Go2020-02-19
Chapter 154: 1542020-02-18
Chapter 153: No2020-02-18
Chapter 152: A Storm2020-02-17
Chapter 151: Flame2020-02-17
Chapter 150: Prepare To Die2020-02-16