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So Pure, So Flirtatious (Web Novel)


Yang Ming is an underachiever in high school. He skips class to shoot pool, cheats on his exams and gets into fights. However, by a twist and turn of fate and luck, he obtains some high-tech contact lenses that give him superpowers and dramatically change his life.

As his journey unfolds, he battles against society’s big guns and attempts to bring justice into an unjust world. Along the way, he has many interesting and romantic encounters with the ladies who are charmed by his character.

How will he use his superpowers?

Will he be able to overcome evil and bring justice to the world?

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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 1335: Formidable Yang Ming2019-12-06
Chapter 1334: Like a Clap of Thunder Came2019-12-06
Chapter 1333: The Opening of the Art Festival2019-12-05
Chapter 1332: The Haicheng Liu Family [1]2019-12-04
Chapter 1331: A Discussion of Cooperation2019-12-04
Chapter 1330: The Marriage Failed, but There Was Still a Relationship2019-12-03
Chapter 1329: Breaking off the Engagement2019-12-01
Chapter 1328: Looking for Cooperation2019-12-01
Chapter 1327: The Liu Family’s Enterprise2019-11-30
Chapter 1326: Chairman Yang2019-11-30
Chapter 1325: The Company’s Personnel Appointments2019-11-30
Chapter 1324: Rumors Fell Apart by Themselves2019-11-28
Chapter 1323: A Chance Encounter2019-11-28
Chapter 1322: Understanding2019-11-27
Chapter 1321: Excuse Me. Who Are You?2019-11-27
Chapter 1320: Suspect2019-11-26
Chapter 1319: Nepotism2019-11-26
Chapter 1318: Give You a Car2019-11-25
Chapter 1317: A Colleague’s Slander2019-11-25
Chapter 1316: What About Your Boyfriend?2019-11-24
Chapter 1315: Framing Xiaolu2019-11-24
Chapter 1314: Jealousy2019-11-24
Chapter 1313: New Song2019-11-24
Chapter 1312: A Knife-Throwing Competition2019-11-22
Chapter 1311: Performing on Stage Together2019-11-22
Chapter 1310: Let Me Offer a Bit of Advice2019-11-21
Chapter 1309: Being Utterly Disgraced2019-11-21
Chapter 1308: Asking for Trouble2019-11-21
Chapter 1307: Where Do You Want to Treat?2019-11-21
Chapter 1306: Falcon2019-11-19
Chapter 1305: Arrest Warrant2019-11-19
Chapter 1304: Seeing the Behind-The-Scenes Boss Again2019-11-18
Chapter 1303: Relationship Exposed, Season 1 (B)2019-11-18
Chapter 1302: Relationship Exposed, Season 1 (A)2019-11-18
Chapter 1301: Performance2019-11-18
Chapter 1300: The Start of the Art Festival2019-11-16
Chapter 1299: Going Home2019-11-16
Chapter 1298: A Tender Romance2019-11-15
Chapter 1297: Xiao Qing and Zhou Jiajia2019-11-15
Chapter 1296: News of Elder You2019-11-14
Chapter 1295: Direct Confrontation2019-11-14
Chapter 1294: Capture Yang Ming2019-11-12
Chapter 1293: Videotape2019-11-12
Chapter 1292: Yang Ming’s Special Ability2019-11-12
Chapter 1291: Tell You a Secret2019-11-12
Chapter 1290: A Tense Atmosphere2019-11-11
Chapter 1289: Fear2019-11-11
Chapter 1288: Establish Authority2019-11-09
Chapter 1287: Tele-Acupoint2019-11-09
Chapter 1286: Almost Die of Laughter2019-11-09
Chapter 1285: Support The Truth2019-11-09
Chapter 1284: Airman2019-11-07
Chapter 1283: Action Blockbuster2019-11-07
Chapter 1282: The Roller Coaster Incident2019-11-06
Chapter 1281: Creating Trouble2019-11-06
Chapter 1280: High School Classmates2019-11-05
Chapter 1279: Sun Jie’s Mood2019-11-05
Chapter 1278: A Portrait of the Behind-The-Scenes Boss2019-11-05
Chapter 1277: Let Bygones Be Bygones2019-11-05
Chapter 1276: Yang Ming’s Real Assets2019-11-04
Chapter 1275: Resolution2019-11-04
Chapter 1274: A Painful Choice2019-11-03
Chapter 1273: You Will Get What You Deserve2019-11-03
Chapter 1272: To Catch Off Guard2019-11-01
Chapter 1271: Yang Ming Was Captured2019-11-01
Chapter 1270: Being Utterly Isolated (B)2019-10-31
Chapter 1269: Being Utterly Isolated (A)2019-10-31
Chapter 1268: Abandoned Chess Piece2019-10-30
Chapter 1267: Not Here?2019-10-30
Chapter 1266: The Night Assault Plan2019-10-30
Chapter 1265: Establishing Majesty2019-10-30
Chapter 1264: My Name Is Yang Ming2019-10-29
Chapter 1263: Reunite in Hell2019-10-29
Chapter 1262: An Opening2019-10-27
Chapter 1261: The People Around Tian Long2019-10-27
Chapter 1260: Who Should Have the Credit?2019-10-27
Chapter 1259: Achieving Another Merit2019-10-27
Chapter 1258: Solve a Case with Special Abilities2019-10-25
Chapter 1257: Go to Donghai2019-10-25
Chapter 1256: Meeting Xia Xue2019-10-25
Chapter 1255: The Preparation of Voodoo2019-10-25
Chapter 1254: The More You Misunderstand, the Happier I am2019-10-24
Chapter 1253: Minor Punishment with the Special Ability2019-10-24
Chapter 1252: Fend For Yourself2019-10-22
Chapter 1251: Jing Xiaolu’s Idea (B)2019-10-22
Chapter 1250: Jing Xiaolu’s Idea (A)2019-10-21
Chapter 1249: Who is Targeting Who?2019-10-21
Chapter 1248: Dr. Benjamin2019-10-21
Chapter 1247: The Young Military Adviser’s Identity2019-10-21
Chapter 1246: Confidant2019-10-19
Chapter 1245: My Story2019-10-19
Chapter 1244: The Conspiracy All Along2019-10-18
Chapter 1243: Déjà Vu2019-10-18
Chapter 1242: It Will Become a Tragedy If You Are Too Proud2019-10-17
Chapter 1241: Proud and Complacent2019-10-17
Chapter 1240 Yang Ming, Save Me!2019-10-16
Chapter 1239 The Means of Framing2019-10-16
Chapter 1238 A Mysterious Black-Shirted Man2019-10-15
Chapter 1237 Another Identity2019-10-15
Chapter 1236: Mount Jing’s Sui Family Was Also Involved?2019-10-15