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So Pure, So Flirtatious (Web Novel) - Chapter 1060: Graduate Students

Chapter 1060: Graduate Students

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Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Some people came, and some people couldn’t come anymore. Wang Zhitao was one of them. In the freshman batch of Song Jiang University, there was always such a person missing.

What made Yang Ming baffled was that the body of Wang Zhitao had not been discovered. However, it was not surprising to think of it. The place where Wang Xue killed him was far from shore, and the body would be eaten by sharks that were encountered along the way until no bones were left.

Yang Ming found a seat and sat down, which was where he usually sat. What made Yang Ming surprised was that not long after, Tian Donghua and Wang Xue, this pair of adulterers, entered the classroom, holding hands. They walked straight to Yang Ming and sat directly next to him.

“I say, why don’t you go and report to your department? Why did you come to our class?” Yang Ming looked at Tian Donghua, who was sitting next to him and was a little dumbfounded.

“I can’t care so much. I don’t know anyone in that class. Why would I go there?” Tian Donghua said indifferently, “All the directors of our department know me anyway. They understand why I came to this university. They don’t bother about me.”

Yang Ming shook his head and didn’t say anything. The big young master, Tian Donghua, came after money was spent, so Yang Ming didn’t care much about him. He could do whatever he pleased.

Wang Xue didn’t know that Zhou Jiajia had woken up. Her jaws dropped in surprise when she saw Zhou Jiajia standing in front of the podium and helping Xie Yongqiang to register people. “Jiajia… you?”

“I’m fine.” Zhou Jiajia smiled slightly. “In a while, I will tell you. There are many people now.”

” Oh … Alright…” Wang Xue snapped out of it. There was a look of apology and an awkward expression on her face. Zhou Jiajia was injured. It could be said that Wang Xue was also mostly responsible for it. After all, Wang Zhitao was her half-brother. Although Wang Zhitao died in her hands, seeing Zhou Jiajia, she was still a bit regretful.

“How was your holiday?” Tian Donghua casually drank some of his beverage and asked Yang Ming.

“One word, busy!” Yang Ming sighed. “I basically had no break during the entire holiday.”

” Hey , who told you to have so many girlfriends?!” Tian Donghua smiled and said, “Look at me. I have just one. Every day I am bored to death.”

“How is your relationship with Wang Xue?” Yang Ming asked. Of course, Yang Ming wanted to ask about Wang Zhitao.

“It’s alright. Wang Xue has also repented,” said Tian Donghua. “During this time, her performance is also in fear and trepidation. She is afraid that I am not satisfied… In fact, I am mainly afraid that you will see her and become awkward…”

“I don’t care. You don’t have to worry about me.” Yang Ming patted Tian Donghua’s shoulder and said, “Things have already passed. Wang Xue also had a hard time. However, I am afraid that Jiajia cannot forgive…”

Tian Donghua nodded silently, expressing his understanding. He hesitated, clenched his teeth, and said, “If Zhou Jiajia really does not forgive her, then I can only break up with her!”

“It’s not so serious. I will go and talk to Jiajia. And you two, don’t butt heads again, or else, we are all sinners!” Yang Ming laughed.

Tian Donghua smiled gratefully. After all, he did not want to break up with Wang Xue. Tian Donghua was a person who prioritized relationships. If he wanted to break up, he would have broken up sooner and would not drag it to the present. What’s more, this guy was born to be an affectionate person. Back then, was it not because of a girl that he was in a fight and was transferred?

Xiao Qing had something to do last night. Because a new batch of computers arrived, Xiao Qing had to personally go with the teachers in the department to assemble and debug them. She had been busy for most of the night, so the plan with Yang Ming to go to Liu Weishan was ruined.

However, it allowed Yang Ming and Wang Xiaoyan to have s*x again for one night. These days, the university had just started. Xiao Qing was not sure if there was free time, so she could only be contacted by phone.

In addition to teaching her regular courses, Xiao Qing also taught an elective course in advanced computerized accounting. This elective course was for postgraduates in the economics department. What made Xiao Qing interested was that Sun Jie had become her student.

Looking at the classroom, Miss Sun was sitting quietly there. Xiao Qing couldn’t help but laugh.

“Hello, my name is Zhao Ying.” Zhao Ying was very friendly and reached out to her new tablemate. Her eyes secretly assessed her new tablemate. She has a flawless face and a sexy body… Just why is her chest so big? A bit like papaya…

“Sun Jie. I am very glad to meet you.” Sun Jie smiled a little. She also amiably reached out and shook Zhao Ying’s hand. “You are very beautiful!”

If it were a man who said that to Zhao Ying, Zhao Ying still wouldn’t feel anything. After all, she was used to it. However, these words were spoken from a woman’s mouth, which made Zhao Ying shy. “You are also very beautiful…”

Sun Jie slyly smiled. “Look. Many people are jealous of us.”

“Jealous of us? Why?” Zhao Ying was somewhat inexplicable, but when she looked up, she did see a lot of gazes. In the science and engineering-based university, there were already not enough to go around. It was even more so for postgraduate students. Never mind a beautiful woman; aunties were also rarely seen.

Sun Jie and Zhao Ying, the most beautiful women in the world, had actually gathered together at the same time. It was difficult to be ignored by others.

“Jealous that you and I are tablemates; jealous that you and I are tablemates,” Sun Jie giggled and whispered. It was rare for a graduate student to meet a girl who looked quite pleasing and was not proud. Sun Jie also wanted to be friends with her.

In the college era, Sun Jie was basically lonely. Although she had Xiao Qing as her companion, the relationship between the two people was a very indecent half-lover relationship. But now, it had gradually become normal.

After studying as a postgraduate, other than some boys who liked to be courteous, there were a few nerd-type girls. It was hard for Sun Jie to find a friend who she could talk to.

Now, she met Zhao Ying. Not only was she clean and beautiful, but she also took the initiative to greet her. Moreover, she didn’t seem to have bad intentions, so Sun Jie was very fond of Zhao Ying.

” Ah !” Zhao Ying was stunned. Only then did she understand Sun Jie’s meaning. She smiled shyly and said, “Just let them be jealous…”

“Why? Are you disdained with the boys’ gazes?” Sun Jie looked at Zhao Ying with a smile and said, “Let me guess. You must have a problem with sexual orientation…”

” Ah ? I…” Zhao Ying was stunned. She didn’t expect Sun Jie to say this. Her face was red, and she quickly denied, “I have no problem…”

“Don’t worry! I haven’t finished yet!” Sun Jie said amused, “Or, you already have a boyfriend. Is that right?”

Hearing Sun Jie refer to a boyfriend, Zhao Ying’s face suddenly turned gloomy. She thought of Yang Ming and Wang Xiaoyan. Zhao Ying then shook her head and smiled bitterly. “How could I have a boyfriend?”

Seeing Zhao Ying’s look, Sun Jie suddenly felt a little weird. From Zhao Ying’s expression and tone, why does she look as if she has fallen out of love? Such a good girl should be the focus of mass attention in school, right?

However, she just met Zhao Ying. Sun Jie naturally wouldn’t ask too much. When the two became acquainted, Zhao Ying would tell her about her own affairs. Thinking of herself and Xiao Qing’s past, then it wouldn’t be very strange.

Sun Jie was even thinking, Is Zhao Ying like me, having a sad history of love?

The class time of graduate students started very early, so now it was time for normal classes. Xiao Qing explained some of the uses of the professional financial software from the front, and Zhao Ying carefully jotted down notes.

Although the course name was computerized accounting, Xiao Qing covered in the content of the course, the application of some financial software, and the use of some professional management software.

With the development of the times, the company’s management had also been reduced from the original manpower organization to software that could replace the status quo of many departments. So, although this course was only an elective course, many economics graduate students still chose this course.

Zhao Ying took notes and sighed. She looked at Sun Jie out of the corner of her eyes but was surprised to find that Sun Jie just listened to Xiao Qing’s explanation. She did not jot anything in her notebook. She somewhat asked curiously, “Sun Jie, why don’t you take notes?”

” Hehe , this software is already in use at my company. I already know most of the functions and operations. Now I am just listening to the details and special features that I missed.” Sun Jie smiled.

” Ah ? Your company?” Zhao Ying was shocked. She said surprisingly, “Did you start the company yourself?”

“It’s only a small company.” Sun Jie said, “Child’s play.”

“If you have time, can you bring me to visit?” Zhao Ying looked at Sun Jie very admiringly. She did not expect that this postgraduate student, who was a beautiful classmate, was already the boss of a company!

“Of course!” Sun Jie nodded. “But today is not good. There are courses for the whole day. When we finish class, the company is already off work.”

” En , we can do it any day.” Zhao Ying saw that Sun Jie agreed and was very happy.

With a few words, the relationship between the two became close. Sun Jie was more accurate at reading people. From Zhao Ying’s eyes, it could be seen that this girl was someone who was very kind and had no bad intentions.

So Sun Jie was also at ease to say these things to her. Although Sun Jie was not afraid of anything, Sun Jie was also annoyed to meet some friends who were snobbish and wanted to take advantage of her. Zhao Ying was obviously not like that. When Zhao Ying wanted to visit the company, Sun Jie only saw surprise and curiosity in her eyes, and she did not have greed nor want material gain.

“You didn’t immediately become a graduate student directly after graduation, right?” Sun Jie asked.

” Ya ? How did you know?” Zhao Ying asked very curiously. She didn’t expect Sun Jie to notice it.

” Hehe , very simple. Because when you talk to me, you don’t know how to be sneaky at all. Your stupidity is seen by the teacher!” Sun Jie smiled and said, “If you are a student, you should know how to avoid the teacher’s gaze, right?”

” Ah …” Zhao Ying was surprised. She was a teacher. How would she know these tricks from students?

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