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So Pure, So Flirtatious (Web Novel) - Chapter 1062: Sun Zhiwei’s Thoughts

Chapter 1062: Sun Zhiwei’s Thoughts

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However, Wang Xue and Tian Donghua both felt guilty in front of Zhou Jiajia and Yang Ming. After the end of the reporting in, they wanted to treat Yang Ming to a meal to apologize. Zhou Jiajia wasn’t that kind of unreasonable person. After Su Ya’s incident, Zhou Jiajia was also very generous and easy-going. She didn’t want to be that kind of mean person.

Zhou Jiajia naturally accepted Wang Xue’s invitation happily. Although Yang Ming said that Wang Xue was Wang Zhitao’s half-sister, and Zhou Jiajia was slightly amazed, she recollected her thoughts quickly and didn’t show any peculiar expression.

Indeed, it was Wang Xifan who shot her, causing the severe injury, but Wang Xifan also received the punishment he deserved. Although he was on the verdict, the court still upheld the death penalty. It would probably be the same if he appealed. Because any of his crimes could make him die several times. There was almost no possibility to change the original sentence.

Wang Xifan did not make a mistake in shooting Zhou Jiajia. Because of his action, the relationship between Zhou Jiajia and Yang Ming had really made a leap in progress!

Not only did she live in Yang Ming’s home, but Yang Ming also promised her to give her a passionate romance. This was what Zhou Jiajia had never dreamed of, but now, it had become a reality. It couldn’t be denied that this was all thanks to Wang Xifan, so in this way, Zhou Jiajia didn’t hate Wang Xifan so much.

Although Wang Xue was the half-sister of Wang Zhitao, she wasn’t related to the Wang Family. Wang Xue might have played some role in Wang Zhitao’s resentment toward Yang Ming, but it wasn’t decisive.

Zhou Jiajia knew that Yang Ming was a very overbearing person. He would give an eye for an eye to his enemy. This could be seen from the fact that he looked for delinquent girls to punish her previously. Now that Yang Ming didn’t have any thoughts on Wang Xue, it meant that Wang Xue had little to do with this matter. Since Yang Ming forgave her, Zhou Jiajia wouldn’t mind it.

The four people walked out of the classroom together, but Sun Zhiwei looked at the backs of the four people with cold-eyes. Sun Zhiwei was very displeased toward Yang Ming. He wanted to retaliate against Yang Ming several times, but he couldn’t do it. They were now minding their own business. However, Sun Zhiwei still felt unwilling. I’m the class monitor. How can Yang Ming act on his own? Is he not a student of this class? The most annoying thing is that Xie Yongqiang is actually taking an unrestrained attitude toward Yang Ming. My complaint is nothing!

Especially during the Chinese New Year, he actually heard that his uncle liked Yang Ming very much, and he even wanted to marry his cousin, Sun Jie, to Yang Ming! This made Sun Zhiwei almost go crazy!

Sun Zhiwei couldn’t stand having his enemy become his brother-in-law! He was furious after knowing this matter! Originally, Sun Zhiwei couldn’t do anything to Yang Ming. If Yang Ming also became his brother-in-law, it wasn’t a problem of him leading Yang Ming, but Yang Ming leading him!

Therefore, Sun Zhiwei felt that he had to do something to prevent this from becoming a reality! Fortunately, I’m Yang Ming’s class monitor, so I know Yang Ming’s usual whereabouts. Yang Ming is fickle in relationships. As long as I tell Sun Jie about this, Sun Jie won’t be with Yang Ming. As a result, I’ll also achieve the purpose of revenge against Yang Ming.

Thinking of this, Sun Zhiwei followed Yang Ming. He wanted to see what his relationship with Zhou Jiajia was. Although the relationship between Yang Ming and Zhou Jiajia seemed to be quite good during the last semester, there was no excessive behavior, so Sun Zhiwei couldn’t determine the relationship between Yang Ming and Zhou Jiajia.

Also, Sun Zhiwei once heard from Wang Zhitao that Yang Ming had a girlfriend named Chen Mengyan. Sun Zhiwei didn’t know whether the girl who accompanied Yang Ming to Shu Ya’s concert last time was his girlfriend or not. However, Sun Zhiwei wouldn’t simply say anything in front of Sun Jie before he had definite evidence. If Sun Jie didn’t believe in him, and she lectured him, he would suffer more loss than gain. Therefore, Sun Zhiwei needed to get definite evidence of Yang Ming being fickle, then he could tell Sun Jie about it.

I think my cousin won’t be interested in this fickle guy. Sun Zhiwei smiled evilly. He thought, Yang Ming, if you want to get rich using my cousin, then you have made a mistake!

Before Yang Ming went too far, he also discovered someone following behind him. After all, Sun Zhiwei’s tracking skills were too sloppy. He wasn’t a professional. Yang Ming didn’t look back and saw him with his special abilities.

“Sun Zhiwei is behind us.” Yang Ming said to Tian Donghua.

“Sun Zhiwei? What is he doing here?” Tian Donghua frowned. Looking back, he really saw Sun Zhiwei sneaking behind them. “Is this guy trying to harm you again?”

Tian Donghua knew Yang Ming and Sun Zhiwei had conflicts, so he would only say this. However, after all, the Tian Family was serving Sun Jie. As the second generation of the Tian Family, he naturally couldn’t conflict with the second generation of the Sun Family. Although he felt that Sun Zhiwei was stupid and naive, it was really difficult to put a heavy responsibility on him. He wasn’t even close to Sun Jie.

“Don’t bother about him. Just let him follow.” Yang Ming wasn’t afraid that Sun Zhiwei would do anything to him. Simply put, Sun Zhiwei was a child who couldn’t grow up. Although he would try to retaliate against Yang Ming, his methods were very naive, even ridiculous. He wasn’t as vicious as Wang Zhitao.

Therefore, Yang Ming didn’t want to embarrass him due to the fact he was Sun Jie’s younger brother. After all, there was no deep hatred between them. There was no need to go against each other.

Sun Jie didn’t drive. The Audi R8 could only take two people. Although three people could barely squeeze in, it was a bit improper. Never mind that it wasn’t safe; the chance of people turning their heads back would be definitely high. Therefore, Sun Jie and Xiao Qing discussed and decided simply to eat at a restaurant near the university.

Zhao Ying’s character was more easy-going. She didn’t object to the suggestion naturally. The tastes of Sun Jie and Xiao Qing were similar, so the three people went to a medium-sized northeast restaurant without disagreement.

Sun Jie? Xiao Qing? Yang Ming was stunned. He saw the back of the two disappear into the door of a restaurant. However, there was another familiar figure with them. Is that Zhao Ying?

Yang Ming rubbed his eyes, wanting to see it with special abilities, but he felt that it wasn’t likely. How would Zhao Ying, Xiao Qing, and Sun Jie go together? I must have seen it wrong. Besides, Tian Donghua was pointing to a barbecue restaurant and said to Yang Ming, “Let’s eat here. It looks good, right?”

Yang Ming didn’t worry much about it. When he turned around and said to Zhou Jiajia, “What do you think?”

“It looks very clean. Let’s eat here then.” Zhou Jiajia nodded.

The four people walked into the barbecue restaurant together; Sun Zhiwei came in too. Yang Ming finally couldn’t stand it. He stopped and suddenly turned around; Sun Zhiwei had no time to stop, and he almost ran into Yang Ming!

“Why are you following us?” Yang Ming asked coldly as he looked at Sun Zhiwei.

“Me?” Sun Zhiwei let out a burst of laughter. “Why am I following you? Are you kidding me? Why should I follow you?”

“What are you doing here?” Sun Zhiwei’s acting skills were awful. How could Yang Ming not notice it?

“Of course, I am here to eat! Why? Is this restaurant opened by you? You don’t let others come in?” said Sun Zhiwei righteously.

“Well, then, you eat. I will not bother you.” Yang Ming smiled bitterly and waved his hand after listening. He got caught for following others, but he is still acting righteously. Never mind; just let him be.

Yang Ming turned and said to the waiter, “Waiter, find me a private room.” He thought, After I get the private room, can you still follow?

The waiter nodded. Sun Zhiwei didn’t want to lose, so he said to the waiter, “Give me a private room too!”

“Sir, how many people do you have…” The waiter saw that there was only Sun Zhiwei, one person, so he asked.

“Just one! Why?” said Sun Zhiwei.

“Sir, you want a private room with just one person…” The waiter was in difficulty. Now it was lunchtime. Yang Ming had four small people, so he could arrange a private room, but Sun Zhiwei had only one person. It would be a waste to ask for a private room.

“What’s wrong with only one person? It isn’t that I can’t pay. Then, I will order ten plates of barbecue later. Is that all right?” Sun Zhiwei didn’t want to lose face in front of Yang Ming, so he waved his hand.

“Okay…” When the waiter saw Sun Zhiwei being bold and generous, he couldn’t say more. He was willing to spend the money anyway. Giving one person a private room could still earn money.

Sun Zhiwei was very depressed. He sulked facing the ten plates of barbecue. He put the barbecue meat onto the grill plate, poured some oil, and listened to the meat being grilled.

He leaned against the wall, but he couldn’t hear the conversation of the neighboring private room. The messy shouts of the waiters came from the corridor frequently instead. Sun Zhiwei couldn’t hear anything after a long time. He had to give up, sitting at the table, gobbling up the barbecued meat to ease the depressed mood in his heart.

Yang Ming and Tian Donghua, as well as Zhou Jiajia and Wang Xue, were sitting in the next room. Naturally, they wouldn’t care about Sun Zhiwei. If he wanted to show off, just let him be.

“Jiajia, I want to give you a toast. It is to apologize to you…” Wang Xue poured a glass of wine for herself. Then, she stood up, raised the glass, and said to Zhou Jiajia very sincerely, “We are best friends, but I wanted you to be with Wang Zhitao because Wang Zhitao is my half-brother… Sorry…”

“This is nothing…” Zhou Jiajia smiled and shook her head. “You didn’t know how crazy Wang Zhitao was…”

Wang Xue’s face looked gloomy and immediately said, “This is what I want to say next…” Wang Xue turned her head to Yang Ming and said, “Yang Ming, sorry. I was enchanted by Wang Zhitao’s words. I knew Wang Zhitao wanted to harm you, yet I still asked you out, and I dumped the gasoline on the boat… Not only did I harm my best friend, but I also wanted to harm Donghua’s best friend… I…”

“Forget it. I have said that the matter was over. I don’t want to pursue any responsibility.” Yang Ming waved his hand. “Don’t talk about this, okay? Everything is over. Just stay with Tian Donghua. Don’t think so much nonsense!”

Wang Xue nodded hard and then drank the wine to the bottom. “I have drunk it all. Jiajia, you have just been discharged from the hospital, so you can’t drink alcohol. Yang Ming, you have to drive at night. You don’t drink either.”

When Tian Donghua saw that Yang Ming and Zhou Jiajia did not pursue Wang Xue’s responsibility, he finally breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Well, Wang Xue, since Jiajia and Yang Ming aren’t pursuing your responsibility, then forget it. However, this kind of thing, I don’t want to see it happen again. You were forced to do it at that time. I forgive you, but if there is another time, then don’t blame me for being ruthless!”

“It’s fine, Old Tian. D​on’t scare Wang Xue,” said Yang Ming with a smile. “Let’s eat. The meat is getting burned!” As Yang Ming said this, he picked a piece for Zhou Jiajia.

This was the first time Yang Ming picked food for Zhou Jiajia. This made Zhou Jiajia delighted. It seemed that their relationship had really become very close, just like a couple who just fell in love. “Thank you,” said Zhou Jiajia softly.

In the afternoon, there was nothing to do. Today was just to report in and collect books. The lectures weren’t starting officially. Yang Ming and Tian Donghua took Zhou Jiajia and Wang Xue to the downstairs of the girl’s dormitory, and then they went back to their dormitory.

As they walked to the dormitory, they saw Zhang Bing swaying while walking to them. Apparently, he had just eaten and drank a lot of wine. When he saw Yang Ming and Tian Donghua, he accelerated his pace.

“Zhang Bing, where have you been?” Yang Ming asked puzzled. In his memory, Zhang Bing wasn’t a drunkard. How was he drunk like this? “Who were you drinking with?”

“Myself…” Zhang Bing waved his hand and said with a bitter smile.

“You drank by yourself?” Yang Ming was baffled. “What’s wrong with you? Are you crazy? Drinking alcohol alone in the afternoon?”

“Don’t mention it! Zhao Sisi wants to break up with me!” Zhang Bing sighed and put his arm on Yang Ming’s shoulder. “Bro, you have to help me this time!”

“What happened? You didn’t say it clearly. How can I help you? Isn’t Zhao Sisi and your relationship always good? Why are you breaking up suddenly?” Yang Ming was inexplicable listening to Zhang Bing’s words.

“Isn’t it because of Wang Mei?!” said Zhang Bing helplessly.

“Wang Mei? Has Zhao Sisi figured it out?” Yang Ming was still a little baffled. “They wouldn’t meet each other, right? How did they meet each other?”

Yang Ming thought, I have so many women, yet am I not hiding it well? How can Zhang Bing fail to hide two women? Ai, it seems that he isn’t born to have a mistress.

“It’s my fault for being careless. Last night, I stayed at Wang Mei’s place. Today I came to the university to report in. Wang Mei was a little curious. She wanted to come to the school to see it. I agreed without thinking about it. As a result, Zhao Sisi called me on the way to pick her up at the university. I was anxious, and I said that my car was broken…” Zhang Bing told the truth of the matter.

“Then you two met at the university gate, right?” Yang Ming listened to Zhang Bing’s words and guessed the ending.

” En .” Zhang Bing nodded in frustration. “Zhao Sisi saw my car and saw Wang Mei in the car…”

“You are really a retard.” Yang Ming looked at Zhang Bing, dissatisfied, and disappointed. Then he said, “I can’t help you with this. You handle it yourself… When I had a conflict with Chen Mengyan, I still managed to solve it. Others can’t help with kind of thing!”

” Ai !” Zhang Bing sighed bitterly and said, “I want to talk to her, but she doesn’t bother with me now.”

“Then wait for a while,” said Yang Ming. “She is mad now. It would be strange if she will bother with you.”

“Yeah, right. That’s the only way,” said Zhang Bing with a bit of sadness.

Tian Donghua didn’t know about the incident, and he didn’t know how to comfort him, but he still showed sympathy by patting Zhang Bing’s shoulder.

When the three people went upstairs, Yang Ming couldn’t help but call Chen Mengyan. After all, Zhang Bing was his brother. He couldn’t ignore it.

“Mengyan, are you eating?” asked Yang Ming.

” En , we just finished eating. The sisters in the dormitory want to go to karaoke, and they forced me to go too,” said Chen Mengyan.

“Then, you go. Be careful,” instructed Yang Ming. “Right, how is Zhao Sisi?”

“What do you mean how is she?” Chen Mengyan wondered why Yang Ming would ask so.

“Her emotion. Is there anything wrong?” asked Yang Ming.

“Emotions? Anything wrong?” said Chen Mengyan with a bit of wonder. “Nothing. She is quite normal, ah? What happened?”

“Quite normal? Is she unhappy or something?” Yang Ming was also a bit puzzled. Zhao Sisi and Zhang Bing broke up. How is there nothing wrong?

“Unhappy? I didn’t notice it. When I was eating, she was still discussing with Sister Lin about the development of the company!” said Chen Mengyan. “Then, several sisters in our bedroom heard that there are jewelry exhibitions for a few days. They want to be part-time models!”

” Oh , that’s fine!” Yang Ming said, “It’s nothing. You have fun. Call me if there is anything!”

” En , okay!” said Chen Mengyan.

Hanging up the phone, as Yang Ming just wanted to speak, he saw Zhang Bing looking at him with expectation. Yang Ming immediately smiled and said, “Zhang Bing, Mengyan said that Zhao Sisi’s emotions are normal. There is nothing wrong.”

” Ah !?” Zhang Bing suddenly said with a crying tone, “No way, right? She doesn’t care about me so quickly? It seems that I’m really sad.”

“But I think it should be the opposite. Zhao Sisi just discussed the company jewelry exhibition with Zhiyun. Which means Zhao Sisi didn’t really want to break up with you!” Yang Ming’s opinion about relationships wasn’t like a noob anymore. He could also analyze some results.

“Is it? Why do you say that?” asked Zhang Bing quickly.

“It’s very simple. Who owns the jewelry company?” asked Yang Ming.

“It’s the both of us!” said Zhang Bing.

“Isn’t that the case? If Zhao Sisi really wants to break up with you, will she still manage the jewelry company?” Yang Ming smiled and said, “I think Zhao Sisi just wants to scare you. She is just angry that you lied to her!”

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