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So Pure, So Flirtatious (Web Novel) - Chapter 1285: Support The Truth

Chapter 1285: Support The Truth

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Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

“They didn’t… didn’t give me money…” The operator trembled with fear as he shook his head.

“Then, they gave you benefits?” Yang Ming snorted and asked. There was nothing more than these two possibilities, money, or other benefits. Qian Tangjiang could only give him these.

“They…” The operator heard Yang Ming said so and thought that Yang Ming knew everything, so he no longer concealed it. “They didn’t give me money. They just promised me that if I listened to them and stopped the roller coaster, they will give me a promotion afterward…”

Yang Ming nodded. It turns out to be like this. No wonder that he was so devoted. The opportunity for a bottom-level operator to get a promotion should be a very amazing thing. However, it cannot be said that the operator is self-seeking. People would generally try out this kind of opportunity; money comes from danger!

“If you don’t want to become that iron door, just follow me.” Yang Ming stepped forward, grabbed the collar of the operator, and picked him up.

“Do… what are you going to do…” Although the operator was not thin and weak, he did not dare to resist Yang Ming because he had seen Yang Ming’s skill and saw him kicking the iron door. In his heart, he had a fear of Yang Ming. He couldn’t afford to provoke such a person, nor could he fight him. Hence, the operator could only look at Yang Ming with his head down.

“To the roller coaster, to clearly explain Qing Tangjiang’s conspiracy.” Yang Ming did not wait for the operator to answer, and he could not help but say as he dragged the operator out of the workplace.

“I… I don’t dare… then I will be fired…” The operator was shocked and pleaded quickly, “Hero, please, I can’t live without my work…”

“If you are fired, I will help you find another job.” Yang Ming did not talk without thinking. There were positions in Sun Hongjun’s group. He could just arrange a position for him in the security department or the logistics department.

Seeing that Yang Ming said this, the operator could only follow according to Yang Ming’s intentions. Otherwise, God knows how Yang Ming would deal with him. Compared to being fired by Qian Tangjiang, Yang Ming was still more terrifying.

When Yang Ming returned to the roller coaster, Qian Tangjiang and Yu Tianzhu had just rescued the trapped tourists on the roller coaster. The two were tired and sweaty.

Although they could just give commands and not do the work to show their heroism in front of Sun Jie and Yang Xin, the two still worked very hard. They personally commanded and appeased the tourists under the sun, and their method of handling it also made these trapped tourists very grateful. They felt that the service of the Carnival Amusement Park was outstanding. After the problem occurred, the staff came to deal with the problem on time and rescued them. Therefore, there were no complaints. Instead, they were full of praise towards the two people that worked hard and commanded the staff under the sun!

This was exactly what Qian Tangjiang and Yu Tianzhu were happy to see. Qian Tangjiang was very proud. “You don’t have to thank us. This is what we should do. Although I’m the business development department manager, and this rescue is not under my jurisdiction, since I was a child, I practiced altruism to have a good moral character. So, after I found out that everyone had encountered a problem, I took the security captain, Yu Tianzhu, to help you solve the problem the first time.”

The tourists who were just rescued and their families gave enthusiastic applause. They felt that these two young people were too noble, and they were just like Lei Feng 1 [1]!

“The two guys are good, really good people!”

“Yeah, this kind of young man, who is altruistic, is really rare now!”

“Let’s write a commendation letter to their Carnival!”

“Yes, write another letter to the newspaper too!”

Qian Tangjiang and Yu Tianzhu were immersed in this praise, and then, there was an extremely discordant sound.

“Everybody should not be blinded by him. Now, I want to tell you the truth about the roller coaster stopping in midair!” Yang Ming shouted at the crowd with the big megaphone from the control room.

This was an era where people absolutely was not lacking in curiosity. Yang Ming’s words suddenly made the crowd silent for a short moment, and then everyone looked over. Yang Ming handed the big megaphone to the operator.

Although the operator was nervous, out of fear of Yang Ming, he had to force himself to pick up the big megaphone. “Ladies and gentlemen, I am the operator who controls the roller coaster! Now, I want to tell you the truth!”

If someone else came with the operator, maybe the tourists would have some doubts. After all, if someone simply came and say that they were the operator of the controls, did it mean that it was true? There was no proof of identity. Who knew if his words were true or not?

But now the situation was different. The controls operator of this roller coaster was brought by Yang Ming! Who was Yang Ming? He had long been like a hero to these tourists; he could leap onto roofs and vault over walls. He saved people from such a high roller coaster, so he must be a great knight!

In the eyes of these tourists, they did not know that Yang Ming had a relationship with Sun Jie and Yang Xin. They believed that Yang Ming was a knight who punished the weak. Yang Ming started to save people from the front of the roller coaster, but only after saving two people, the staff of the Carnival Amusement Park came to rescue them. Then, Yang Ming no longer had to take the risk to save people.

Therefore, in the hearts of these tourists, Yang Ming’s status was very majestic, higher than Qian Tangjiang and Yu Tianzhu. At this moment, they heard that Yang Ming wanted to tell everyone the truth of the matter. Before the operator next to Yang Ming opened his mouth, their hearts were already turned to Yang Ming.

“Support the truth!”

“Give support to restore the truth!”

“I support it!”

The tourists shouted, and the operator became more at ease. It seemed that the current situation was beneficial to him, so he was not as nervous. “These two people, Qian Tangjiang and Yu Tianzhu, have just come to look for me. He told me to control the roller coaster and to stop it forcibly in midair! Although these two people are not my direct leaders, it is easy for them to fire me. I could only listen to them…”

Of course, the operator did not say anything about him being promised or promoted. This was meaningless now. If he didn’t say it, he could be more sympathetic. This was what Yang Ming taught him to do.

Sure enough, everyone present at the scene had thrown a hateful gaze at Qian Tangjiang and Yu Tianzhu. “You actually threatened people. If he didn’t listen to your words, you would fire him. Isn’t this too shameless and overbearing?”

“He is talking nonsense!” After a short moment of being stunned, Qian Tangjiang and Yu Tianzhu suddenly took a megaphone in their hands and shouted, “He is slandering and talking without thinking. We did not threaten him!”

“Yes!” Yu Tianzhu also echoed, “We didn’t threaten him; he wanted to get promoted, so he cooperated with us!”

Silence! Absolute silence! The operator and Yang Ming both widened their eyes and looked at Yu Tianzhu incredulously.

” Ha ?” Even Yang Ming didn’t know what to say… Isn’t this making a confession without duress?

“Are you f*cking stupid?” Qian Tangjiang was so angry that his lungs were fuming in rage. He picked up the big megaphone in his hand and smashed it on Yu Tianzhu. His head cracked and started bleeding.

“I… What did I say wrong?” Yu Tianzhu couldn’t understand what he did wrong.

The onlookers burst into laughter, and there was no doubt about it at the moment. They had cast their contempt and hatred toward both of them.

Taking advantage of this time, the operator picked up the megaphone again. “What he said is right. Indeed, they promised that I would be promoted, but if I didn’t cooperate, the result was still being fired. Therefore, I can only accept a compromise! Thankfully, this Hero is reasonable and sensible; he made me realize my mistake! So I decided that even if I were fired, I would accept it, but I must tell everyone the truth!”

The operator’s words were too arousing, the tourists were all infected with his impassioned words, and gave him the warmest applause! It was so rare for a person to be so honest and not afraid of power!

“Aren’t these two people too much like scum in the community?”

“They’re not even human!”

“Yes, they’re b*st*rds, pigs, dogs… No, they’re not even like a pig or a dog!”

“Little brother, it doesn’t matter. If they fired you, I want you. I am the CEO of XX company. You come to our company to work tomorrow; we lack people with your honesty!” A tall man in the crowd also shouted.

Yang Ming picked up the megaphone at this time. It was time to end the farce. “Fellow tourists, you see, to show off their heroism, these two people put everyone’s lives in disregard and did something dangerous. This kind of act that harmed others for their personal gain is too shameful.”

“Yeah, it’s too repulsive!” After Yang Ming said this, the angry flame in the tourists’ hearts immediately burned up. “Beat them up; kill them!”

“Yes, beat them up. They almost let us die. We will never easily spare them!”

“Beat them to death! I will be responsible for medical expenses!” The self-proclaimed boss of the XX company also joined the fight.

As a result, a group of extremely angered tourists surrounded poor Qian Tangjiang and Yu Tianzhu and began to beat the two guys.

When the safety of their lives was threatened, an incomparable staunchness would burst out of everyone, so the two guys were unlucky.

Yang Ming, the initiator of this incident, gave the operator a written reference to Sun Hongjun’s company, and quietly left the Carnival with Sun Jie, Yang Xin, and Wu Yunsheng.

Yang Ming gave the operator a note to fulfill his previous promise, but it seemed that the operator was now a person in high demand. Many people wanted him to work with them. It was his choice whether he wanted to go to the Sun Family’s company or not. Maybe there was a better position in someone else’s company waiting for him.

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