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So Pure, So Flirtatious (Web Novel) - Chapter 1286: Almost Die of Laughter

Chapter 1286: Almost Die of Laughter

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Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Yang Xin’s character was very extroverted. By the time she arrived at the Carnival’s entrance, she was already laughing fanatically. She almost lost her breath while Wu Yunsheng was also trying his best not to laugh as he supported Yang Xin.

Sun Jie also laughed fanatically with her eyes in a crescent shape. She pursed her lips and looked Yang Ming. “Are you not trying to flaunt yourself as a hero?”

“How did I flaunt myself as a hero? I’m just saving my wife and my sister. Isn’t that righteous? I didn’t save everyone else!” Yang Ming threw up his hands and said innocently.

“Then, why did you find the operator?” Sun Jie said, “You could have left immediately after you saved us. Why did you tell the truth to those people?”

“I just felt that the two fellows deserved a beating.” Yang Ming shrugged and smiled. “Why did these two guys have malicious intentions?”

“Don’t get into trouble and let them retaliate against you,” Sun Jie reminded him.

“I’m not afraid of revenge…” Yang Ming smiled scornfully. “These two people are not worthy of being my opponent. Besides, it doesn’t matter if I have one more enemy. Just let them be. If they really want to retaliate, I also welcome them. I’m just afraid they’ll go for wool and come home shorn.”

Sun Jie knew that Yang Ming was telling the truth. Yang Ming’s opponents were all ruthless characters at the level of the behind-the-scenes boss. Yang Ming did not put these small fries like Qian Tangjiang and Yu Tianzhu in his eyes.

The four people came out of the Carnival, but they still laughed, especially Yang Xin. It seemed that her laughter made her out of breath. Wu Yunsheng looked at Yang Xin helplessly as he supported her. Although it was too funny, everyone else had finished laughing, yet Yang Xin was still laughing.

“Little Xin, stop laughing. Laugh again, and you might die…” Sun Jie also felt that something was wrong. She grabbed Yang Xin’s body and shook her.

Hearing Sun Jie’s words, Wu Yunsheng also became anxious. He also heard of people who laughed to death. It was said that they encountered a very funny thing. They were really laughing in the beginning, and later, they were laughing mechanically but not in their control. In the end, the laughter resulted in death.

“I’ll take a look.” Yang Ming heard Sun Jie and spoke because Yang Xin really laughed for too long. She had been laughing all along without being able to talk.

“You know about these things?” Sun Jie had some doubts.

However, Yang Ming did not answer Sun Jie’s question. Instead, he raised Yang Xin’s face with his hand to open her eyes to take a look, then he frowned.

Sure enough, Yang Xin should be laughing mechanically at the moment. In her eyes, there was no smile but fear instead. This showed that she did not want to laugh, but there was no way to go about it. Her body was not in her control.

Yang Ming hesitated for a moment. In the end, he still put his hand under Yang Xin’s skirt. Next to the perineum, there was a meridian that could stop laughter. This kind of acupoint, according to folklore, was not recorded in the Chinese medicine book, but Fang Tian had taught Yang Ming about it.

At that time, Fang Tian gave examples of a laughter acupoint. In terms of disciplining the others, he could strike other’s laughter acupoint, making them laugh non-stop to their death. Of course, there were ways to resolve the acupoint. Hence, Yang Ming had a profound impression of it.

” Ah ?” Seeing that Yang Ming touched Yang Xin’s skirt and put his hand in, Wu Yunsheng was shocked. However, in his opinion, Yang Ming was not the kind of person who would take advantage of others.

Therefore, although Wu Yunsheng was shocked and angry at Yang Ming’s behavior, he did not become enraged because he firmly believed that Yang Ming would not take advantage of Yang Xin’s current situation. If he were to take advantage of her, there was a better time to take advantage of her before when he brought Yang Xin down from the roller coaster ride in midair. Yang Ming did not take advantage then, let alone now?

Although Sun Jie knew that Yang Ming was quite fickle in relationships, he could not take advantage of anyone. He often took advantage of her. Sun Jie naturally was aware of it, but it was based on the premise that the two had that relationship.

Now Yang Xin was his godsister, and he dared to take advantage of her? Although… Xiao Qing was also Yang Ming’s godsister, the nature of the two was different.

Yang Ming found Yang Xin’s acupuncture point and started to massage it. Even Yang Ming found it a little embarrassing; this position… was too close to Yang Xin’s private place. It was inevitable that it would cause a misunderstanding as Yang Ming rubbed it.

However, since it had already come to this, Yang Ming naturally had to force himself to continue. Fortunately, Yang Xin stopped laughing in a moment as she gasped for air.

Yang Ming released his hand and said to Wu Yunsheng, “Take Sister Yang Xin to rest on the bench by the roadside.”

Not until now did Sun Jie and Wu Yunsheng know that Yang Ming was really trying to rescue, rather than taking advantage of Yang Xin. They recalled that they had misunderstood him previously; they couldn’t help but feel awkward.

“Why do you seem to know everything?” Sun Jie was getting more and more unclear with Yang Ming. For Sun Jie, she thought she knew the previous Yang Ming very well, but now, it was not the case at all.

“I have said it already. You don’t know many things about me. If I have to say it all, it will take a long time… I can’t even remember myself.” Yang Ming smiled and replied. Yang Ming felt it refreshing to enjoy this kind of feeling of having Sun Jie’s admiration. Even Sun Jie, a strong woman, also admired him. This was something Yang Ming was very proud of.

After Yang Xin was supported to sit on the bench by the road, she gasped for a moment. Then, she said reluctantly, “It was so tough for me. I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t control myself!”

“Sister Yang Xin, sorry for the offense just now. It is my bad…” Yang Ming saw that Yang Xin had recovered herself. He breathed a sigh of relief and said quickly.

Yang Xin waved her hand. Although she was laughing, she also had consciousness and thought. Of course, she knew that Yang Ming was saving her! Although she was a little scared at the beginning about why Yang Ming was doing this, she was much more comfortable under Yang Ming’s massage. She knew that Yang Ming was doing her good. “Yang Ming, you saved me twice. I have not even thanked you. How is that an offense!?”

“Yes, Yang Ming, you should never say that!” Wu Yunsheng also blushed a little. Before that, he almost misunderstood Yang Ming. “You are Yang Xin’s younger brother. We don’t have to avoid arousing suspicion. Don’t your words seem overpolite?”

“Indeed.” Yang Xin’s tone finally returned to normal. “It’s normal even to take off our clothes and sleep together.”

After Yang Xin finished her words, she saw the Yang Ming, Sun Jie, and Wu Yunsheng were stunned only to realize her joke was a little over the top. Even a blood-related brother and sister would not sleep together. So, she laughed it off, “Of course, I’m just kidding. Little Jie will not agree.”

“Go to hell… How am I like what you said?” Sun Jie pinched Yang Xin, and the two laughed.

“Okay, don’t laugh, or else, your laughter will cause something again!” Yang Ming looked helplessly at the two and shook his head.

“No problem. Anyway, if something happened out of my laughter, you will cure it!” said Sun Jie indifferently.

Yang Ming was speechless as he shrugged. Wu Yunsheng was also helpless. The four people laughed for a while and were hungry, so they went to the parking lot.

Wu Yunsheng did not drive; the two had walked over. Since the car was good enough for just four people, they all got into Yang Ming’s car.

“Where do you want to eat?” Yang Ming asked as he started the car.

“Let’s go to the Home of Six Tastes.” Sun Jie thought for a moment and said, “I haven’t been there since the last time!”

“Great, I haven’t been there for a long time too!” Yang Xin nodded in favor, “Then we will go there!”

Wu Yunsheng naturally would not oppose it. He was Yang Xin’s loyal supporter; he would follow what Yang Xin said.

After Yang Ming started the car, he remembered that he was unfamiliar with the terrain. It was Sun Jie who drove just now. Moreover, he didn’t even know where the Home of Six Tastes was, so he jumped off the car. He changed his seat with Sun Jie. “How about you drive?”

Sun Jie also did not decline and took over for Yang Ming.

Not long after the car carrying the four people left, the ambulance sirens came to the Carnival Amusement Park.

Qian Tangjiang and Yu Tianzhu were beaten up badly, lying on the ground and dying. However, the tourists who had beaten the two people had scattered. At this time, it was difficult to find out who did the beating.

The two were carried into the ambulance. Obviously, they had bone fractures in many places. They had already passed out and screamed in pain after getting through the torment.

The operator had already left; he did not have to wait to be fired. He just resigned first and would not go back to the company to report tomorrow. Why should he stay here?

Qian Tangjiang was filled with hatred. He hated Yang Ming deep inside his bones. Initially, it was a well-planned scene of a hero to save the damsel in distress but became a hero getting beaten up.

The gap between the two was too big. Thinking about this, he couldn’t help but swear, “Yu Tianzhu, it was your sh*tty idea! Look at us now. We both became like this!”

Yu Tianzhu was also awakened after the torment. He seemed to be overwhelmed by a big hammer. The pain was unbearable. He said, “Brother Qian, what does this have to do with me? It is Yang Ming, that b*st*rd, who screwed things up!”

“If your idea was not bad, how could he have the opportunity?” Qian Tangjiang also knew that Yang Ming caused it, but his own plan had loopholes getting caught by others. In other words, his idea was terrible.

They must get revenge against Yang Ming, but now, he also wanted to take Yu Tianzhu as a punching bag. “Also, is your brain faulty? Look at what you said before? You worked with me to get a promotion? Are you afraid that others won’t know that this thing was done by us? If you didn’t say it, we could say that Yang Ming blurted out slanders against us. However, with your words, we let the cat out of the bag!”

This spoke of the pain in Yu Tianzhu’s heart. He blurted it out from being emotional at that moment. He suddenly spilled it out with no way to remedy it. It was too late for Qian Tangjiang to defend him. He really couldn’t refute it but say, “Sorry, Brother Qian. It’s my fault…”

“Forget it. We are also brothers in the same boat!” Hearing Yu Tianzhu suck it up, Qian Tangjiang had no way to lecture him.

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