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So Pure, So Flirtatious (Web Novel) - Chapter 1287: Tele-Acupoint

Chapter 1287: Tele-Acupoint

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Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Sun Jie hadn’t been here since she met the criminal, Ouyang Junyuan. Later, she heard that Ouyang Junyuan’s family, excluding him, had an accident in Macau. It was quite unexpected instead.

Although she didn’t know if this had anything to do with Yang Ming, when she thought about it, it was a bit weird.

She came to the parking lot of the Home of Six Tastes once again, and the old man was still there. Sun Jie parked the car and took out a coin for the old man, but the old man left after he parked the car for her.

After Sun Jie got off, she quickly called to the old man, “Uncle, do you still need the money?”

The old man turned around with surprise, and he recognized Sun Jie. “Is it you? Little girl?”

“It’s me, and also Little Xin!” Sun Jie said with a smile.

“I saw that you have a pass for the government official cars. Vehicles with this kind of certificate do not have to pay parking fees, so I didn’t pay attention. I didn’t expect you to be the driver.” The old man smiled. “I didn’t expect that you, little girl, also became a government official…”

Sun Jie blushed a little. She didn’t like to be treated as a privileged class, so she said embarrassed, “It is my boyfriend’s car…”

“It turned out to be like this! Since the last time you two came, I’ve been missing you two. I’m always bored standing here all day; my happiest moment of the day is to meet some acquaintances!” The old man laughed. “You can come to see me often; I won’t charge you parking fees!”

“Okay, then we try to come over as often as possible!” Sun Jie also missed the time when she went to school, chatting with the old man every day was pretty happy.

It was now lunchtime at the Home of Six Tastes. When Yang Ming and others entered, there were no seats, so they had to wait at the door.

“If I knew this, I would have called Tian Long to book a table first.” Yang Ming was helpless, looking at the packed restaurant. This place is just too popular, right? It should be expanded. The Szechuan Garden next door didn’t have many customers; why didn’t the boss of the Home of Six Tastes rent it together?

However, this wasn’t something Yang Ming could care about. Everyone had a different way of operating a business. Some people are satisfied with the current situation, thinking that it is very good to maintain it, but some people have a pioneering spirit. They will continue to expand their business.

“Move, the people at the front. Clear up space for me!” Just when Yang Ming and the others waited at the door, there was a loud noise behind the queue. They saw three young rascals pushing people away, wanting to get past the queue. They scolded as they pushed people away.

Most of the people in the queue were small couples or a family of three; many of them were working-class people. Those who had money and power would go to more high-class places or book a private room in advance; they wouldn’t queue here.

Therefore, these people were not willing to get into trouble; they gave way to those three people who looked vicious. They couldn’t afford to offend these rascals, so they avoided them.

“Are you guys deaf?” The young man at the front pushed Yang Ming which made him dumbfounded.

However, Yang Ming was not willing to care about them. It would seem bad*ss to beat them up here, but it was actually no different from their behavior. Being aggressive and competitive wasn’t a good habit.

Sun Jie frowned; she felt that these people were very uneducated. Yang Xin pulled Sun Jie and whispered, “Forget it; don’t care about these little punks.”

The receptionist of the Home of Six Tastes also saw these three little punks, and he could not help but be a bit troubled. “Sir, can you please queue up?”

“Who said that we didn’t queue? Our queue is at the front of the line; it should be our turn now!” The little punk who pushed Yang Ming was obviously their leader. He glared at the receptionist and sneered, “Did you see that we didn’t queue?”

“This…” The receptionist was also a little afraid of the three people. The three people didn’t look like good people at first sight. The signature colorful hair and the roguish jackets made people want to keep a distance from them.

“Do your own work; don’t meddle in my business!” Xiao Huang Mao said fiercely. “You can ask the guests who are queuing behind. Did any of them see that we didn’t queue up?”

The little punk asked if anyone saw them not queuing up, and not if anyone saw them queuing up. This sentence was quite skillful. Who dared to stand up and say that the little punk didn’t queue up?

Among those were a family of three with a wife and a child and some sweet couples. Who would stand up to provoke a few punks? they could be retaliated against in a short while, so the customers all lowered their heads when the little punk mentioned them, pretending not to hear this.

The receptionist saw that everyone had no opinion, so he could only lead these three people into the restaurant. It just so happened that there was one empty table, so the three people got the seats first.

Although Yang Ming did not want to get into conflict with these three little gangsters, he did not intend to let them go. When they walked into the restaurant, Yang Ming’s sleeves shook slightly, and a flying needle was pinched in his hand. He swung his hand lightly, then the flying needle shot at the acupuncture point on the little punk’s leg.

The little punk was feeling smug, thinking that he was the territory boss of this area. However, he didn’t expect his right leg to go numb abruptly, and he lost control of it. Then, he fell down to the ground, his head hitting the handrail of the booth, and blood immediately spurted out.

The little punk’s leg also recovered its senses. He couldn’t figure out how he fell. He covered his head, which was bleeding heavily, and talked out loud, “Why is your restaurant’s floor so slippery? It made me fall down. How do you want to compensate me?”

When the little punk’s companions saw their boss’ head bleeding, they immediately lifted him up from the ground. They also shouted at the receptionist, “You have made our Brother Ji fall. How are you going to deal with this?”

“Call your boss over! This is not over yet!” Another companion also didn’t want to be outdone.

The receptionist felt wronged. He looked at the clean floor; there was no water stain and no slippery spot. He didn’t know how this little punk fell.

“Our floor isn’t slippery at all…” The receptionist pointed to the floor.

“If you say it’s not slippery, then it isn’t? Then how did our boss fall down?” The little punk’s underling pointed at the reception and shouted, “I tell you, our Brother Ji is also someone with an identity. His falling down here damages his public image. You have to compensate us for the loss!”

“There is no water on the ground. People with eyes can see whether the floor is slippery or not. You cut the queue, and yet you’re so whiny?” said Yang Ming scornfully.

“Who the f*ck are you? Were we talking to you now?” When the little punk’s underling saw that Yang Ming stood up this time, he was immediately displeased. “Do you want to be unlucky? Shut up immediately!”

“How unlucky?” asked Yang Ming.

“You are really tired of living, aren’t you!?” When the little punk’s underling saw that Yang Ming still talked back to him, he instantly loosened his hands that were holding his boss and went to slap Yang Ming. However, Yang Ming grabbed his arm; he couldn’t move his arm at all. He knew that Yang Ming wasn’t easy to deal with. He snorted, “Let me go!”

When Yang Ming let him go without warning, the underling almost fell down. Yang Ming took this opportunity to shoot another flying needle into the acupuncture point on the underling’s lower leg. The underling couldn’t maintain his balance and fell to the ground, the back of his head hitting the ground. His head was also punctured, and it was bleeding nonstop.

The guests who lined up behind couldn’t help it anymore; they all laughed all together. These three guys were like monkeys. They played such a farce. Even the guests who ate inside were laughing. This made the little punk embarrassed. No one knew if it was because of the excessive bleeding or being embarrassed.

“Get up now!” The little punk glared at the underling who fell down, agitated. “You are such a shame!”

The man on the ground was wronged. How is it related to me? Was I not trying to stand up for you? Now you even scolded me after I was set up by him? He was displeased at the moment. He stood up with a long face as if he had been holding in his poop.

“Stop laughing! What’s so funny?” The little punk was embarrassed being laughed at by everyone.

Someone from one of the tables in the restaurant continued his sentence. “Just finding you little punks funny…”

” Hahahaha …” The guests, who were just holding back their smiles, burst into laughter this time!

“Who? Who said it? Stand up now!” The little punk’s face was distorted. Especially when his face was bloody, it was even more terrifying and scary. He was looking back and forth in the restaurant, trying to find out who the one talking was.

The person spoke because he couldn’t help being bad-mouthed at the time. How would he dare to go against the little punk? So, after the little punk said it, he immediately darted down, afraid of showing himself.

Yang Ming naturally saw who said it, but he wouldn’t expose him.

Seeing that no one responded to him after shouting for a long time, his face looked even uglier, but he didn’t know what to do. Now that he had no way to back down, Yang Ming stood up to go against him instead. However, the little punk saw that his underling had suffered a loss, so he didn’t dare to trouble Yang Ming. He was also the person who bullied the weak and feared the strong. He wouldn’t dare to cause trouble if he were uncertain about it.

At this time, Yang Ming spoke.

“The one who isn’t hurt, can you bring your friends to the hospital? What if they die from excessive bleeding?” Yang Ming looked indifferently at the underling who was fine.

At this time, the security guards in the restaurant also approached, staring at the three people. The little punk saw that he couldn’t stir up trouble, so he could only leave in disgrace. He also wanted to go to the hospital to stop the bleeding.

At the door, the little punk didn’t forget to glare at Yang Ming. “Trying to be meddlesome? I will make you suffer.”

Yang Ming smiled after listening. Yang Ming used his leg to hook the little punk’s leg, then the little punk stumbled out of the door after speaking.

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