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So Pure, So Flirtatious (Web Novel) - Chapter 1288: Establish Authority

Chapter 1288: Establish Authority

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When the little punk left, Yang Ming and the others were supposed to enter according to the queue, so the people behind naturally had no opinion. Even if Yang Ming were not in front, they would not have any opinions on allowing Yang Ming to enter first. After all, Yang Ming just said what they wanted to say and helped them vent out their anger.

They dared not say it, but they were very refreshed when someone else spoke up. After the little punk fled, they all spontaneously applauded Yang Ming.

“Did you play tricks just now?” Although she didn’t know how Yang Ming did it, Sun Jie instinctively felt that the previous matters had something to do with him.

“Just now what?” Yang Ming pretended to be unknowing and asked.

“That little punk and his man suddenly fell.” Sun Jie squinted and smiled at Yang Ming very nicely. “Don’t act stupid. If you don’t act stupid, I might not doubt it. Since you are deliberately acting stupid, what do you want to hide? You’re even more suspicious.”

Yang Ming didn’t intend to hide from Sun Jie. He just simply bantered with her and said, “Okay, I did it. I know tele-acupoint.”

“Really?” Sun Jie didn’t believe it. “Can you show it to me?”

“I will show it to you tonight; now, there are many people here.” Yang Ming changed the subject.

“Okay, then let it be tonight.” Sun Jie did not continue to dwell on the subject.

“What are you two muttering about?” Yang Xin pushed the menu in her hand to Sun Jie and Yang Ming. “See what you want to eat.”

“You can just order,” said Yang Ming. “You know what Little Jie likes to eat; I’m fine with anything.”

“Then okay.” Yang Xin took the menu back, ordered a few dishes that Sun Jie liked to eat, and ordered some signature dishes for Yang Ming and Wu Yunsheng. Then, she returned the menu to the waiter to signal that she finished ordering.

The waiter responded and left, and then there were four people left. Yang Xin was very curious about what happened just now. Sun Jie thought of it, so there was no reason for Yang Xin not to think of it.

If Yang Ming did not speak afterward, they certainly wouldn’t doubt him, but when the little punk’s man fell inexplicably just like the little punk did previously after Yang Ming talked in a timely manner, it was impossible for Yang Xin not to be suspicious.

Because others were not familiar with Yang Ming, they naturally had not thought about this aspect. However, both Yang Xin and Sun Jie had seen Yang Ming’s terrifying skills, so it was easier to think of Yang Ming when little punk and his men fell down. It was also more reasonable.

“Yang Ming, did the previous incident have anything to do with you?” Yang Xin finally couldn’t help but ask.

“You mean the little punk’s incident?” Yang Ming was smarter now; he did not act dumb, but he directly mentioned the little punk.

“Yeah, how did he fall for no reason?” asked Yang Xin curiously.

Some things could be said to Sun Jie but not to Yang Xin. It was not that Yang Ming distrusted Yang Xin; it was just not good for Yang Xin if she knew. She did not belong to his circle. His enemy was too powerful, and Sun Jie, as his own woman, had inevitably become a chess pawn in the hands of the behind-the-scenes boss.

In this case, Yang Ming simply wouldn’t hide it. He planned to tell Sun Jie about his matters and the matters of the behind-the-scenes boss tonight so that she would be psychologically prepared.

But Yang Xin was different; she was just his godsister. The behind-the-scenes boss was not interested in her, so the less she knew about his matters, the safer she was.

“I was also very puzzled; he suddenly fell down,” said Yang Ming, “Maybe he experienced the wrath of God.”

“I thought you did it!” Yang Xin was somewhat disappointed. If Yang Ming did it, she would be very excited.

“I was so far away from him. My spirit is willing, but my flesh is weak.” Yang Ming helplessly spread out his hands and said, “But in the end, I tripped him and sent him flying.”

“That’s not bad. At least, you vented our anger!” Yang Xin was excited again after hearing what Yang Ming said.

Although there were many guests at the Home of Six Tastes, the speed of serving food was not slow. Probably a lot of dishes were semi-prepared in the kitchen, so it would be done after it was cooked. Therefore, although there were many guests, the speed of serving the food was very fast, which saved a lot of time.

The taste was as good as the previous time. This was why the business of the Home of Six Tastes was unfailing. From Sun Jie’s days as a student until now, the chefs of Home of Six Tastes had changed many times, but the taste was consistent.

This was because the owner of the Home of Six Tastes always mastered the core ingredients. Seasonings added to each dish were blended according to proportion. In this way, the chefs only needed to follow the steps and put the seasoning into the cooking, and they could make delicious dishes.

So, no matter how the chefs changed, as long as the steps were the same and the proportion of the ingredients was the same, the same taste could be replicated.

This was similar to the patterns of foreign fast food such as KFC and McDonald’s. Even if you had learned the steps to make it, there is no way to open a store after leaving without the core ingredients.

After the meal, Yang Ming and Sun Jie said goodbye to Yang Xin and Wu Yunsheng. Yang Ming planned to go to Sun Hongjun’s company to take a look and to settle the matters of the voodoo.

After looking at the time and confirming that there was still time, Yang Ming first took Wu Yunsheng and Yang Xin home, then he drove to the Changhu Hotel where he agreed to meet Zhang Zhishen previously. Zhang Zhishen arrived in the afternoon and sent a text message to Yang Ming. He came with the antidote for the voodoo this time. It couldn’t be considered as an antidote; it only delayed the attack of the voodoo to once a year.

These men under Sun Hongjun had turned into opportunists, so Yang Ming was afraid to give them a complete antidote. If the voodoo were eliminated entirely, what should he do if Tian Long planned another rebellion again?

Therefore, Yang Ming did not dare to take the risk. However, these people were the roots and backbone of Sun Hongjun’s Group! If they were all fired, the entire operation of the group would stop operating, so they could not be expelled.

This time, the coverage of involvement was too extensive. Starting from the vice president under Sun Hongjun, all of them were bought over by Tian Long. Yang Ming wanted them to have no thoughts of disloyalty and continue to devote themselves to Sun Hongjun wholeheartedly, so he could only first use voodoo to restrict them.

It would not be too late to detoxify them after the authority was really established. However, Yang Ming thought that after this incident, these people should also be able to understand what absolute strength was.

Under absolute strength, these people were not allowed to rebel. If they wanted to rebel again, Yang Ming could still deal with them. The two vegetative people lying in the hospital were their examples!

The reason why Yang Ming did not let these two people die directly but allow them to lie in the hospital wasting medical expenses was to give long-term intimidation to these people so that these people did not dare to have any improper thoughts.

Sun Jie was still the one who drove. Once they came to the Changhu Hotel’s parking lot, they saw Zhang Zhishen’s Jetta, which was given to him by Hou Zhenhan. Yang Ming asked him to change cars, but Zhang Zhishen felt that it was good enough to have a car to drive, so he continued to drive it.

“I will introduce you to a Miao friend in a while. This is the person who helped me make the voodoo,” Yang Ming said to Sun Jie.

Sun Jie nodded. She found that Yang Ming’s attitude toward her was obviously different from before. Just after she agreed to be his woman, Yang Ming no longer concealed some things from her, and he also introduced her to his circle of friends. This made Sun Jie annoyed and amused at the same time. Although she was very happy, she somewhat blamed Yang Ming for his previous vigilance.

Zhang Zhishen came alone this time; he did not bring his girlfriend, Xiao Qi. When he entered the room, Yang Ming first introduced Zhang Zhishen and Sun Jie to each other. After hearing Yang Ming say that she was one of them, Zhang Zhishen was not suspicious. He immediately took out the antidote for the voodoo. “Brother Yang, I have already made the antidote. This time it could suppress the voodoo for a year. Are these enough?”

Yang Ming took the box of antidote and found that there were at least a hundred pills in it; this was obviously enough. He laughed, “I can’t use so much.”

“Xiao Qi was afraid that it was not enough, so we made more. It doesn’t take much effort anyway.” Zhang Zhishen smiled and said, “Is there anything else that I need to do?”

“There’s nothing for you for the time being; you just wait for me at the hotel. When I finish handling the matters here, we’ll go back to Song Jiang together,” Yang Ming said as he took the pills from Zhang Zhishen and kept it.

“Okay, then I will be here waiting for you. Contact me at any time if there is anything,” said Zhang Zhishen.

“Okay, keep in contact.” Yang Ming did not stay long, and he left the room with Sun Jie.

Outside the Changhu Hotel, Yang Ming thought about it, took the box of antidote out, and handed it to Sun Jie. “You have to be in charge of the company in the future. You give this to them in a while to establish your authority.”

Seeing that Yang Ming considered it so thoughtfully, Sun Jie smiled gratefully and kept the antidote.

“You really know a lot of people.” Sun Jie really lamented Yang Ming’s connections.

“Lan Ling sent him to protect me… Right. You should know about Lan Ling’s matters, right?” Yang Ming did not mention Lan Ling to Sun Jie before, but it may be assumed that she knew.

Sun Jie also did not hide; she nodded and said, “Xiao Qing told me before; your former girlfriend.”

“She’s also my girlfriend currently; she’s just not back yet.” Yang Ming corrected. “She was the one who sent Zhang Zhishen who is proficient in voodoo. Luckily, he was there to help when I was dealing with the partner of the behind-the-scenes boss.”

“It turns out to be like this.” Sun Jie was secretly bothered by it. Among Yang Ming’s girlfriends, Lan Ling’s strength is very strong. I shouldn’t simply offend her. This little girl knows how to use voodoo. In case she plants a voodoo on me, then it wouldn’t be fun. It’s good to rope her in in the future.

Yang Ming naturally didn’t know what she was thinking. He thought she was thinking about the company, so he said, “The situation is now controlled. There is nothing to worry about. You should hold a meeting with them and say something that employs both kindness and severity.”

Sun Jie quickly cut off those unrealistic thoughts, snapped out of it, and nodded, “Will you accompany me?”

“Of course.” Even if Sun Jie did not say it, Yang Ming was also going to give her courage.

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