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So Pure, So Flirtatious (Web Novel) - Chapter 1289: Fear

Chapter 1289: Fear

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Sun Hongjun’s company was located in a prime location in the heart of the city. A thirty-six-story building was owned by Sun’s Group, showing how big the Sun Family business was doing in Donghai.

Yang Ming had never been here before. He had only been to Sun Jie’s branch office in Song Jiang. The scale was not small, occupying a whole floor of the building, but this place was more luxurious.

When the car entered the underground parking lot, it was stopped by the security guard. However, when Sun Jie was seen in the driver’s seat, it was released immediately. The grassroots staff of these companies did not know what happened at the top. Hence, they didn’t have any idea about the matters between the Sun Family and the Tian Family. Previously, Tian Long seized power, and now Sun Hongjun regained the overall situation. The security guards did not hear any news. When they saw the company’s Miss, Sun Jie, they naturally let her through quickly.

However, even if they knew the matters, she would be released smoothly. After all, Sun Hongjun was now at the company’s helm.

“Isn’t this place dignified?” Yang Ming got off, looking at the very luxurious Sun’s Group which had its parking lot decorated lavishly.

“This place is not as dignified as your private island.” Sun Jie mocked Yang Ming. “But if it weren’t for you, it would have become someone else’s.”

“Would you also become someone else’s?” Yang Ming winked. “As long as you don’t become someone else’s, I don’t care.”

Yang Ming seldom used this flirting tone to talk to Sun Jie, but it touched her. She had a sense of belonging out of nowhere as if the former title as a strong woman was nothing. Being a good wife to Yang Ming seemed more reliable.

“You know how to make me happy. Do you know that I don’t like the kind of man who talks empty words?” Sun Jie rolled her eyes at Yang Ming lazily. If they were not in public, she wanted to fall into Yang Ming’s embrace.

“I didn’t coax you. I will do it when I say it,” said Yang Ming.

“So, I agreed to be your girlfriend.” Sun Jie said, along with Yang Ming’s words.

“What do you mean by what you just said? Why do I feel like you are mocking me?” Yang Ming listened to Sun Jie’s words and laughed a little. Previously, Sun Jie’s words to describe him seemed to be sweet words but then she dropped it.

“It doesn’t mean anything. I’m just simply saying it.” Sun Jie didn’t know what happened to her today. She kept saying something weird. She didn’t do this before, but she didn’t know what had happened to her today.

When she went to the second floor in the happy chattering, the elevator opened, and a person came in. It happened to be a company executive at Wang Renping’s house yesterday. When he saw Yang Ming, he was startled as he stumbled his way to turn around and leave. “Sorry, I’m taking the next ride.”

Yang Ming didn’t expect that he was already like the big bad wolf in the hearts of these people. They would be terrified even if they caught a glimpse of him. He said in amusement, “Come on. Let’s ride it together.”

Although the man was terrified, he dared not disobey Yang Ming. He got in the elevator in fear and trepidation, leaning on the side like a stand. He clung to the side wall of the elevator, not even having the courage to look at Yang Ming.

“Why is he so afraid of you?” Sun Jie was also amazed at Yang Ming’s power. How did this person see Yang Ming as if he had met a ghost?

“I think he is afraid of you? You are the Miss of the group. Why is he afraid of me?” Yang Ming smiled.

“I do not believe it. How about I ask?” Sun Jie knew the man and said, “Department Head Zhang, what’s wrong with you?”

“No… nothing…” Department Head Zhang felt that time hangs heavy. He hoped that the elevator would be as fast as the rocket.

“Speak up. Are you afraid of me?” Sun Jie certainly wouldn’t stop.

“Afraid… I’m afraid…” Department Head Zhang almost burst into tears. How would he be able to answer this question? Although he was more afraid of Yang Ming, Sun Jie was Sun Hongjun’s daughter, the group’s daughter. Could he not be scared?

“Are you afraid of me?” Sun Jie didn’t get the answer she wanted and was somewhat unhappy.

“I…” Department Head Zhang really almost cried. No matter how he answered, he would displease Sun Jie. If he said he wasn’t afraid, Sun Jie would not do anything now but find fault with him later. After thinking for a long time, Department Head Zhang couldn’t wait to swap his brains out and change it into Einstein’s brain. At last, with his ingenuity, finally, he thought of a way to pass the buck. “Because Mr. Yang is your boyfriend, so…”

Department Head Zhang words were not finished, but the meaning was already obvious. That was he was afraid of her because of Yang Ming’s relationship, and this was what Sun Jie wanted in her mind; it didn’t annoy her.

After saying this, Department Head Zhang sighed.

“See? How is it?” Sun Jie was very satisfied after listening and looked at Yang Ming proudly.

“You, fellow, really know how not to offend both sides!” Yang Ming snorted, but it terrified Department Head Zhang again! He had considered Sun Jie previously, and ignored the great god, Yang Ming! The person who he couldn’t really offend was Yang Ming!

Thinking of this, Department Head Zhang quickly kneeled down. “Mr. Yang, I am really afraid of you. Please don’t make it hard on me…” After that, Department Head Zhang really fell to the ground!

Yang Ming just talked casually but did not expect him to be so scared and timid. He really did not know what to say.

At this time, the elevator stopped. Someone came in and saw Department Head Zhang, who was kneeling at the door of the elevator; the person was shocked. “Department Head Zhang, what are you doing?”

The one who entered the elevator was also a department leader. Yang Ming also saw him yesterday, but his attention was drawn to Department Head Zhang when he walked through the door. He did not notice Yang Ming.

Department Head Zhang did not dare to answer, so he prayed for Yang Ming’s forgiveness. The incoming Manager Liu was puzzled. “Department Head Zhang, what are you doing? Who else is worth to kneel down for? You are the senior of this group. You make the calls!”

Department Head Zhang couldn’t wait to pick him up and give him a slap. How is it praise to me? Isn’t it just pushing me into the fire pit? If Yang Ming misunderstood and thought that I abuse my power, then I will really be done for.

“Never mind!” Department Head Zhang did not dare to stand up but had to turn his head and talk to Manager Liu. “If you want to die, then die; don’t kill me!”

Manager Liu was confused by Department Head Zhang. When he looked up and saw Yang Ming and Sun Jie standing aside, he suddenly understood the situation and was suddenly startled. Manager Liu had a deep impression of Yang Ming’s might yesterday. I did not only ignore him but also spouted nonsense in front of him. No wonder Department Head Zhang said that he is courting death, and not to cause trouble for him!

As he thought of this, Manager Liu’s legs became limp. He also kneeled on the floor with Department Head Zhang. “Mr. Yang. I was just spouting nonsense; don’t take it seriously…”

Yang Ming pushed Sun Jie. At this time, it was her chance to establish authority, Yang Ming did not open his mouth and let her speak.

Sun Jie was smart and intelligent. She immediately comprehended the situation and spoke to the two people who kneeled on the ground. “You two get up. What is this? You’re making our company like a feudal society!”

Two people listened to Sun Jie’s words, and they were at ease in their hearts. Without Yang Ming expressing his stance, how would they dare to stand up? Although the company’s boss was Sun Jie on paper, Yang Ming could take their lives! As to who was more powerful, they naturally knew in their hearts.

Yang Ming knew that they didn’t dare to get up, so he said, “In the future, what Little Jie says means what I mean.”

“Thank you, Miss Sun; thank you, Mr. Yang…” The two quickly thanked and stood up. With Yang Ming’s words, they would feel at ease.

“Don’t thank me. Just have peace of mind to do what you need to do.” Sun Jie said faintly, “I am not a queen. I don’t want you to kneel down or worship, but just to do a solid job.”

Two people quickly agreed as they went to the next floor and found a reason to get off.

When the elevator door closed again, Sun Jie sneered as she covered her mouth. “You are really scarier than the devil. Look at how you terrified the people in my company.”

“I didn’t think there was anything inappropriate.” Yang Ming shrugged. “Now is how much money they give them. They don’t dare to think about it. You can completely avoid the recurrence of Tian Long’s incident.”

“This is also true, but the feeling of being a queen is not very good. I don’t like it.” Sun Jie smiled bitterly.

“That’s better. If you were a queen, I couldn’t stand it!” Yang Ming said, “Now, you have established authority in the company, no one will lie to you in the future.”

Sun Jie nodded. “Yeah, the company should be reorganized. If I knew you earlier, this kind of thing wouldn’t happen.”

“Didn’t you know me long ago?” Yang Ming sneered as he winked. “You didn’t trust me previously, thinking that I was merely a freshman.”

“Isn’t that because of your age? How can I know you have so many ideas?” Sun Jie was unwilling to show weakness. “Also, every time you looked for me, you just wanted to do it with me. I was a little annoyed.”

“Really…?” Yang Ming sweated a bit and felt that he was not a lecherous person… Probably his previous strategy was wrong, thinking that as he f*cked Sun Jie, she would get used to it. He didn’t know that she didn’t like it.

Sun Jie rolled her eyes at Yang Ming and apparently despised him for his lack of self-knowledge.

The thirty-sixth floor was the highest level of the company. It was also the place where the company’s high-level office was located. The word “higher-ups” probably originated as such as it later referred to the company’s leader.

They came to the door of the chairman’s office and heard the voices inside. It was like a meeting. Sun Jie knocked on the door. After a while, the door opened. It was Sun Hongjun’s secretary.

“Miss Sun?” Sun Hongjun informed the secretary to tell the people at the door that they were in a meeting and to come back later. However, the person in front was Sun Jie. The secretary obviously couldn’t say this, so he said, “Please wait a moment. I’m going to talk to the chairman. He is in a meeting.”

Sun Jie nodded. She knew that the secretary was acting according to her father’s orders and did not trouble him.

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