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So Pure, So Flirtatious (Web Novel) - Chapter 1290: A Tense Atmosphere

Chapter 1290: A Tense Atmosphere

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Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Over these past few days, Secretary Liu Kai really felt the essence of the saying: Human life is like sitting on a roller coaster as it fluctuates rapidly. After graduating from college at the age of twenty-two, he won Sun Hongjun’s favor with excellent interview results, and he was accepted directly as a secretary in the company’s secretariat.

Later, because of innovative ideas and excellent writing, he got Sun Hongjun’s recognition, and he was promoted to Sun Hongjun’s full-time secretary. This was a great glory for someone who had graduated from college just a few years ago. He would definitely be entrusted with a heavy responsibility by staying beside the company’s president. This was the rule since the past!

Therefore, many people in the company were jealous of him, but they had to curry favor at that time. After all, Liu Kai was a person around Sun Hongjun; his words might determine the fate of some people, so even though the people in the company were jealous of him, they still wanted to flatter Liu Kai desperately.

A young boy being proud was the best moment in his life. Although Liu Kai didn’t feel like he was on cloud nine, he still felt a little proud. The company’s ministers and department managers also had to flatter him. Liu Kai really felt like he was literally the second most powerful person in the company.

Many people envied him for having a good future. After a few years, he would definitely go to a certain department to be a leader or be a branch manager. However, Liu Kai’s everything had become a bubble.

Tian Long suddenly took power over the whole company. He began to clean up his dissidents. Those who were close to Sun Hongjun were all transferred to an idle department. If they were expelled directly, he would undoubtedly cause dissatisfaction among many people. People would feel insecure in the group, so Tian Long directly transferred these people to an idle department, and the others could not say anything.

The full-time secretary of Sun Hongjun suddenly became a typist in the data printing room. This kind of difference made Liu Kai die inside. The people in the group who had been flattering him had changed their attitude instantly. They either ridiculed him, or they simply ignored him. They would just act as though they didn’t know him when they met.

Liu Kai thought about resigning, but what benefit could he get if he resigned at this moment? Not to mention that he was not willing to leave dejectedly. How could he still mingle in Donghai’s business world in the future? How would others look at him?

Therefore, despite suffering from cold eyes, Liu Kai still swallowed his anger and did his own job. Tian Long transferred Liu Kai to an idle department because he also wanted them to resign due to being isolated, but he did not expect Liu Kai actually to do it seriously. This way, Tian Long didn’t have to care about him. Liu Kai was just a typist anyway, and he had lost the right to speak.

However, after a twist and turn, he did not expect Sun Hongjun to regain power after Tian Long came into power for just a few days. Although most people did not understand the interchange of the company’s regime, they still knew who was the one in power.

Although he didn’t understand why Tian Long took over Sun Hongjun’s company for a few days, now after Sun Hongjun regained his power again, Liu Kai suddenly returned to Sun Hongjun’s side from the data printing room and served as his secretary again. He even became the secretary department’s director now. The original secretary department’s director had gone to another department. Such a lightning speed personnel change caused those people, who thought Liu Kai had lost his power, to be caught off guard!

They had already laughed at Liu Kai. Now that Liu Kai suddenly regained his position, these people regretted deeply; they didn’t expect Liu Kai to make a comeback.

It was obviously too late to flatter Liu Kai now. These people were worried about how to face Liu Kai in the future, but Liu Kai’s mood was totally different.

He had become cautious from his past self who was proud. Liu Kai didn’t hate those people who had ridiculed him at all. The world was lacking humanity, so there was no need to be angry.

Liu Kai, who came into power again, was more humble because he knew what it felt like to own something again after losing it. He would cherish the hard-won position, and he must do his job well.

Liu Kai would not make decisions on his own. He returned to the office and gently nodded to Sun Hongjun, who was speaking in the small conference room. Sun Hongjun said, “What’s the matter?”

“President Sun, Miss Sun is outside,” said Liu Kai.

” Oh ? Little Jie is here? Let her come in then. I don’t know if Yang Ming is here too.” Sun Hongjun informed Liu Kai.

“There is also a young gentleman together with the Miss,” said Liu Kai.

“Let them come in.” Sun Hongjun said with enthusiasm after hearing that Yang Ming had come. “Be quick.”

Liu Kai did not understand why Sun Hongjun reacted so much, but he thought the young man who came to the door should be some important character. Therefore, Liu Kai quickly ran to the door and said, “Miss Sun and this should Mr. Yang, right? The president is asking you two to come in.”

Sun Jie and Yang Ming walked into the office with Liu Kai, and they saw Sun Hongjun, Sun San, and Tian Long discussing something with a few senior executives. The company’s senior executives were those who Yang Ming met yesterday.

When these people saw that Yang Ming suddenly came in, they were shocked. They didn’t care whether Sun Hongjun was there, and they all stood up. How would they dare to sit if Yang Ming was standing?

“Mr. Yang…” The company’s senior executives greeted Yang Ming.

Sun Jie looked at Yang Ming with an enigmatic smile; this made Yang Ming very embarrassed. Looking at the people who were standing up, he said helplessly, “You were all sitting down. I am not the company’s leader. Why are you greeting me?”

Sun Hongjun and Tian Long were also secretly surprised. Yang Ming played a vital role in the twists and turns of this matter. These people were afraid of Yang Ming to such an extent. Neither Sun Hongjun nor Tian Long could think of this.

“Yang Ming, you just came at the right time. I asked them to inform people that we will be holding a meeting for all the middle and high-level leaders of the company.” Sun Hongjun said, “But they are more concerned about when they can get the antidote; their antidote will be ineffective after tonight…”

“You don’t have to worry about this. I will give it to you during the meeting.” Yang Ming glanced at these people with amusement. “I have given the long-term antidote to Little Jie; she will be holding a meeting with you all later.”

Sun Hongjun wanted to hold this meeting with Tian Long to explain the follow-up matters. They were about to leave for the small island in Africa. The business here would be handed over to Sun Jie and Sun San. Sun Hongjun knew that Yang Ming was helping Sun Jie to establish her prestige, so he was very happy. He nodded and said, “Then, Little Jie, you will run the meeting later.”

“Okay.” Sun Jie did not step down. She also knew Yang Ming’s plan. Her father was heading for a bigger career; she naturally wouldn’t stop it.

“Time is getting late. Ask Wang Renping to bring the people who were at his house yesterday to have a meeting. Those people should be the company’s senior executives.” Yang Ming said, “Uncle Sun, are you feeling good after regaining power?”

“It’s not bad; I feel that these people fear me a lot more than before!” Sun Hongjun said with a smile. “But I have to let go of my chairman’s position not long after I regained my power.”

“You are going to do a bigger career, or do you prefer continuing your chairman’s position?” Yang Ming said after listening.

“Never mind then. I still prefer going to do big business.” Sun Hongjun said with eagerness. “It will be good as long as those people are obedient like these people now.”

“I guarantee that they will be more obedient than them.” Yang Ming smiled and said, “My private island over there is operating with militarization management. If they make any mistakes, I can just directly throw them into the sea to feed the fish.”

Sun Hongjun also smiled; Tian Long was being cautious. He wasn’t sure if Yang Ming said that to remind him that if he didn’t perform well, Yang Ming would also throw him into the sea to feed the fish.

After instructing Wang Renping to call all the company’s department heads to the conference room, Yang Ming, Sun Jie, Sun Hongjun, Tian Long, and Sun San also walked to the conference room. Liu Kai and Wang Renping went to prepare for the meeting instead.

The small meeting room could fit all the company’s leaders. Yang Ming let Sun Jie sit in the president’s seat; Yang Ming and Sun Hongjun sat next to Sun Jie, followed by Sun San and Tian Long.

The senior executives had been restless all day; they were waiting for Wang Renping to gather them. No matter what, they had to know the results of whether they would be receiving the antidote. Otherwise, it would be hard to endure it.

So, when Wang Renping called them, they quickly rushed to the conference room. However, when they got to the door, they saw Yang Ming sitting on the president’s podium. These people didn’t dare to act rashly; they took the initiative to line up and sit in the conference room accordingly.

Seeing everyone coming together, Yang Ming glanced at Sun Jie, hinting that she could speak. Sun Jie was in charge of the work of the Song Jiang Branch. She often attended this kind of meeting, so she was not nervous. She gently cleared her throat and said, “All of you are the company’s elite and company leadership. Why do you have a worried look?”

Sun Jie didn’t use the usual opening remarks, but she chose a sentence that seemed like a joke, but the people present didn’t laugh! Indeed, they were all senior executives of Sun’s Group. Just before yesterday, they were still proud of themselves. In the group, they were all amazing people where everyone else flattered them.

However, after seeing Yang Ming, they realized that they were nothing in Yang Ming’s eyes. He could kill them at any time, so the mood of these senior executives at the moment was very cautious and complicated.

In the past, even if Sun Hongjun had a meeting, they would do some petty tricks like chat with each other or make calls during the meeting behind Sun Hongjun because they took advantage as they were the company’s seniors.

But now, none of them dared to speak casually, and they had switched off their phones. The atmosphere at the venue was so quiet for the first time.

Sun Jie couldn’t stand this serious atmosphere, so she made a joke, but it obviously backfired. These people didn’t smile.

“Are your mothers dead or what?” Yang Ming frowned. This situation made Sun Jie very embarrassed. Even if these people were afraid of Yang Ming, there was no need to do this, so Yang Ming couldn’t help but swear. “Can’t you make a smile? Don’t you feel bad having a sullen face all day?”

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