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So Pure, So Flirtatious (Web Novel) - Chapter 1291: Tell You a Secret

Chapter 1291: Tell You a Secret

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When Yang Ming’s words came out, these people all showed their smiles, but no matter how they smiled, it was uglier than crying.

Yang Ming really had no other way. These people were afraid of death; they would do whatever they were told to do, but it was not easy to ask them to show a good expression.

Sun Jie didn’t expect Yang Ming to say such a sentence and make everyone below dumbfounded. She was sympathetic in her heart, but then she remembered how they united together and helped Tian Long to give succor to the enemy. Therefore, Sun Jie had no sympathy for them anymore. She thought, It’s better for Yang Ming to regulate them.

In fact, these people below the stage were also clear about the situation. Yang Ming was sitting on the podium, which showed that the matter had been completely contained and controlled. Although Tian Long was also sitting up there, he was not sitting in the main seat. The people didn’t know why Yang Ming let him go on stage, but it was most likely that Yang Ming had completely tamed Tian Long.

Sun Jie was sitting in the middle of the podium. Nominally, she was the company’s current top leader, but everyone present knew that although Sun Jie’s status had Sun Hongjun’s aura, the one who benefitted her the most was Yang Ming.

These people knew that they had to treat Sun Jie just as respectfully as they treated Yang Ming in the future. Even fools could see that Yang Ming was promoting Sun Jie to be the person in charge. If they didn’t listen to Sun Jie, they didn’t listen to Yang Ming.

“You are all the elite of the company and the backbone of our Sun’s Group. The Sun’s Group could grow to this day because of your efforts,” said Sun Jie. “Maybe you have done something wrong, but fortunately, it did not lead to serious consequences. As for the past, I don’t want to say anything more and don’t want to pursue any responsibility. You don’t have to doubt anything. I have no intention of settling scores. Your primary person in charge is sitting on the stage now. He got my father’s forgiveness, and he is prepared to go to other places with my father to develop a broader career.”

People were puzzled why Tian Long was sitting on the podium. He was the leader of this rebellion on the Sun Family. Now that the Sun Family wielded the authority in the company, how could they still let him attend this important meeting?

Everyone was enlightened after they listened to Sun Jie’s explanation. Apparently, Tian Long had been forgiven by the Sun Family and Yang Ming, and he had been entrusted to do bigger things!

Since Tian Long was an example, then other people were less afraid. Tian Long was the mastermind while others were the subordinates. Since Sun Jie and Yang Ming did not pursue Tian Long’s responsibility, they would certainly not pursue the responsibility of these people.

Thinking of this, these people were a little relieved; the expressions on their faces were much more natural. Many of them were middle-aged; if they were directly fired from the company, they really had no suitable place to go, and they would face the danger of unemployment.

Sun Jie saw that everyone’s expression was slightly relaxed, and she was very satisfied in her heart. She nodded and said, “I hope that you can do a good job. Then, I will let bygones be bygones, and I will not mention the matters in the past. After I take over my father’s position, I will count from this day. The matters in the past will be in the past; we will welcome a brand new age…”

Sun Jie’s words were very encouraging and rousing. In a few words, the doubts of the people here were dispelled. It seemed that Sun Jie was quite able to grasp the hearts of these people.

Most of these people were afraid that Sun Jie would settle the scores with them after the incident, so these people were very cautious with worried looks.

“There are no outsiders here. I think the problem that you are most concerned about is the problem of the voodoo in your body.” After the inspirational words were said, Sun Jie brought up the focus of the meeting.

Sure enough, the people below had pricked up their ears and listened to Sun Jie’s following words. This was related to their life and death; it could not be overlooked.

“I will not give the antidote to the voodoo to you now.” As Sun Jie finished talking, she watched the expression of the people below the podium. “This is my intention, and it is also Yang Ming’s intention.”

Sure enough, the people below all showed disappointed expressions, but this was not unexpected. They did not expect Yang Ming to give them an antidote straightforwardly, at least, not now.

However, what Sun Jie said later made them a little uplifted. Sun Jie paused and said, “Although I will not give you an antidote, I will give you the medicine to suppress the activation of voodoo. This one is different from the previous one; it can suppress the voodoo for a year or so, more but not less. So, you can work with peace of mind without the need to worry about the voodoo acting up.”

Sun Jie had a panoramic view of the expressions of these people below; she saw their expression change from expectation to disappointment, and then their hope was rekindled. This was a very pleasant feeling.

Sun Jie really wanted to hug Yang Ming and kiss him. He gave her this superior feeling. This feeling was really good. Sometimes, this dictatorial rule was a kind of enjoyment. Unlike before, although she was also the leader of the company, she found those who took advantage of their seniority hard to cope with.

Seeing that Sun Jie had easily controlled the situation, Yang Ming was also very satisfied, but it was still very refreshing to see Sun Jie fooling these people.

When these people heard that Sun Jie would give them a one-year suppressant, they were finally happy. At least, they didn’t have to worry about this for a year. If they did a good job after one year, it would be reasonable to detoxify them. Even if they weren’t detoxified, it was acceptable to consume the suppressant once a year; it was much better than consuming it once a day.

Sun Jie also talked about some plans for the future development of the company, and then Sun Hongjun announced the company’s new round of personnel appointments. Sun Jie became the chairman of the group; Sun San became the general manager, and the other positions remained unchanged. Liu Kai would be going to Africa with Sun Hongjun. Liu Kai also thought about it thoroughly. Anyway, he did not have a family, so it was the same wherever he went. This time, this choice might be a turning point in his life; he might achieve great success in the future if he grasped it well.

Wang Renping distributed the antidote, one for each person, and the extras went to Sun Jie. The people present were very modest and polite; no one fought for it. Who dared to take one more? Although everyone wanted to get one more, if they took one more at this time, they might not even get one. Everyone knew how horrifying Yang Ming’s skills were.

After the antidote was given out, the meeting was over. The department managers of the company went to work on their own affairs. Yang Ming and Sun Jie were also ready to return to Song Jiang.

Although Sun Jie was the chairman of the group, it was nothing more than a name. Most of the actual work was still under the responsibility of Sun San. At least, Sun San would be responsible for it before Tian Donghua graduated from university.

So, Sun San became the actual controller of the company. There was no doubt about Sun San’s loyalty. Moreover, after Tian Long’s incident, Sun San should also see the strength of Yang Ming, not to mention the fact that the voodoo was not detoxified from the bodies of the company’s top management. They would naturally focus on executing Sun San’s regular work commands, but if Sun San wanted them to do other things with him, these people probably would not do it at all costs. Who would be so stupid? Yang Ming could forgive them the first time; they would be repeating the same mistake if they did it a second time. How could Yang Ming still let them go?

“I didn’t expect this meeting to be so successful!” Sun Hongjun had an envious feeling. “I sat on this podium and had meetings with them for a long time, and these people have never been so cautious and timid.”

Sun Jie also heard her dad’s jealousy and smiled. “I heard that all of Yang Ming’s men in Africa are militarized. After you go there, you will feel like being an emperor.”

Sun Hongjun blushed as his thoughts were exposed, but he also felt that this was the happiest moment in the past few years, and all these benefits were due to Yang Ming.

“Uncle Sun, you and Uncle Tian should go get ready to hand over the work here. Don’t continue to run Uncle Tian’s gang and whatever too. If there are trustworthy people, hand over the work to them. Those things are not a long-lasting plan.” Yang Ming had not been optimistic about things like underworld gangs. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have Bao Sanli and Hou Zhenhan go on the right track. Previously, he controlled Song Jiang’s underworld to eliminate this path and make others not be involved in the underworld, giving Song Jiang a stable environment.

In particular, Yang Ming was now considered a public servant. It was even more of an excuse to discontinue the works in these dishonest practices. Since there was an opportunity now, it was the right thing to have Tian Long get out as soon as possible.

Tian Long nodded. Although he felt a bit reluctant, he also knew that Yang Ming was looking out for him. Moreover, Tian Long was about to leave for Africa. The things here should be clearly handed over. “I understand; I will handle it properly as soon as possible.”

“Okay, Little Jie and I will return to Song Jiang tonight. Our class has already started there. We have been out for so long, and we have missed many courses. Uncle Sun, after you are finished with your matters, call me, and I will arrange for you to go to Africa,” said Yang Ming.

Sun Jie was a graduate student, so it was still okay. However, Yang Ming was just at the beginning of the second semester of his freshman year, and he had unscrupulously skipped class. Although the instructor, Xie Yongqiang, did not say anything because of his Sister Xiao Qing’s face, Yang Ming still couldn’t unscrupulously skip class. He would be putting shame to Xie Yongqiang.

So after the meeting, Yang Ming and Sun Jie left Sun’s Group and embarked on the journey back to Song Jiang. Although Sun Hongjun had some reluctance, he wanted to talk to Yang Ming once, but it was too late. He decided to speak to Yang Ming before he went to Africa.

“Can’t you drive for a while? I have been driving all day. Do you want to exhaust me?” Sun Jie frowned and glared at Yang Ming.

“I thought you liked to drive. Then, let’s switch places?” Yang Ming looked at Sun Jie innocently, but he found that Sun Jie looked good when she frowned. “Little Jie, when you squint your eyes, doesn’t it look like a crescent?”

“I’m talking about serious matters with you. Why are you talking about my eyes?” Sun Jie didn’t know what expression she should use to answer Yang Ming, but it was definitely dumbfounding.

“I am also being serious. When your eyes are squinted, you look like the heroine in the comics; it’s rare.” Yang Ming looked at Sun Jie’s eyes carefully. “Would you like to close it again for me to see?”

“Stop talking nonsense.” Sun Jie was extremely embarrassed by Yang Ming’s words. She stopped the car and got off. “Now it’s your turn to drive. I’ll see if you have time to look at my eyes.”

“I have! I can drive even with my eyes closed.” Yang Ming smiled, got off the car, and switched positions with Sun Jie. Sure enough, his eyes kept staring at Sun Jie; he didn’t even look in front of the car. Sun Jie was terrified instead.

“Stop looking. Do you want to die? Don’t you know how dangerous it is to drive like this?” Sun Jie widened her eyes and said anxiously, “Aren’t you joking with our lives now?”

“I said that I can drive with my eyes closed!” Yang Ming winked at Sun Jie, but the control of the car wasn’t bad; he passed a Mazda 6 in front and speeded on the expressway.

“You… can also overtake a car?” Sun Jie was utterly stunned. She saw Yang Ming staring at her without blinking, but he was still able to overtake the car. This was really incredible.

Yang Ming knew that Sun Jie was very smart, and her relationship with Xiao Qing was very close. It could even be said that it was not less than the relationship he had with Xiao Qing. Therefore, Sun Jie would definitely have some doubts about his strange behavior. In particular, his relationship with Sun Jie was a step closer now. She had stepped into his life, so she would find out about his special abilities.

In this case, Yang Ming might as well just tell her about his special abilities. Anyway, this was not a secret anymore. At least, Xia Xue and Xia Bingbao knew about this. Moreover, with Yang Ming’s current strength, he was not afraid that people would come after him once this matter was spread out.

Yang Ming used to be shifty-eyed, and he didn’t want others to know about his special abilities because his strength was not strong enough. Now, he had the status of the Supernatural Investigation Bureau; he was also a direct disciple of the King of Assassins. Yang Ming was not afraid that someone would do something unfavorable to him.

Anyway, there was already a behind-the-scenes boss; when you’re covered with lice, you don’t itch. The most important thing was Yang Ming’s trust toward Sun Jie. Yang Ming had already understood Sun Jie’s character; Sun Jie was a type of suspicious but intelligent and strong self-aware girl. She had independent thoughts and good judgment, so she had always kept a flirtatious relationship with Yang Ming, but she was unwilling to confirm the relationship.

However, now that Sun Jie had set her mind on Yang Ming, she would follow him without any reservations. Yang Ming would not need to hide from her again, so Yang Ming would use this to lead to the topic of discussion.

If he said it directly, it would be a bit sudden. However, with such an opening, Sun Jie would no longer feel that there was anything wrong with it since the facts were there.

“Can. I said it; I can drive with my eyes closed…” Yang Ming still didn’t look in front; he was still staring at Sun Jie. “You are already at this age, but you actually still have acne?”

“What the hell are you talking about? What do you mean by already at this age? Do you think I am very old?” Sun Jie was almost mad after hearing Yang Ming’s words. This kid is not driving properly, and yet he actually says some strange words. If I had known earlier, I wouldn’t have asked him to drive. I would save myself from being scared. “Stop showing your driving skills. Do you want to scare me to death?”

Yang Ming easily passed another car. Sun Jie only felt that her heart fluttered; she almost had a nervous breakdown.

“No, I’m just saying that your actual age can’t be seen on the surface. It seems that you are younger than me.” Yang Ming smiled and reached for Sun Jie’s hair. “You really have a small acne on your forehead.”

Although the automatic car did not need to shift gears, and he could keep one hand idle, Yang Ming’s behavior was too dangerous. One hand held the steering wheel while the other hand reached out to flirt; his eyes weren’t even looking forward.

Sun Jie didn’t think that Yang Ming was someone with these qualities. This is not a movie. Isn’t this difficult action too much?

“Let’s change; let me drive…” Sun Jie endured the pain of her heart, took a breath, and said to Yang Ming.

“Okay, I won’t tease you.” Yang Ming saw that Sun Jie was really scared, so he smiled and said, “I have a secret to tell you. Do you want to hear it?”

“What secret?” Sun Jie was stunned by Yang Ming. At this time, how was she in the mood to listen to a secret? “You should drive well first. You can still say it later.”

“Okay, then I’ll drive well.” Yang Ming turned his head, straightened his body, and then he said, “You wore pink panties and bra today?”

“Ah?” Sun Jie was stunned, then she was a bit amazed. “How did you know?”

I didn’t take off my clothes in front of Yang Ming before. It should be said that during these days, I was imprisoned; I didn’t take off my clothes at all. How could Yang Ming suddenly say the color of my underwear so accurately? “Have you peeked previously on the roller coaster?”

“You didn’t ask me to look. Moreover, I can’t see what’s down there.” Yang Ming shrugged. “And I know that your toenails are coated with blue nail polish.”

If Yang Ming just peeked at the color of her bra when she was on the roller coaster, it was possible to figure out the color of her underwear because girls liked to wear a set of underwear. Although whatever she wore inside couldn’t be seen by outsiders, under many situations, it was to make her more comfortable in her heart.

It was possible for Yang Ming to infer this, but Yang Ming had no reason to guess the nail polish on her toes. During Sun Jie’s most recent intimate moment with Yang Ming, she had not painted nail polish on her toes. This bottle of nail polish was bought when she was shopping with Zhao Ying and Xiao Qing a few days ago. She only had it painted for a few days. How could Yang Ming know?

Even if Xiao Qing told him, he wouldn’t know that she just happened to paint the nail polish she bought that day. She didn’t only buy one bottle at that time; she also bought a lot of other colors.

This series of unreasonable things made Sun Jie dropped her jaws widely. “How did you know?”

“This is the secret that I wanted to tell you.” Yang Ming noticed that he had completely shocked Sun Jie, and his heart was a little proud. “Do you remember when I was attacked at the hotel? The criminal ran into the private room, and I could accurately find his position through the door panel and shoot him with a gun?”

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