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So Pure, So Flirtatious (Web Novel) - Chapter 1292: Yang Ming’s Special Ability

Chapter 1292: Yang Ming’s Special Ability

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After listening to Yang Ming, Sun Jie also remembered the weirdness of that time! At that time, Sun Jie was a bit baffled, but later, because of too many things, and not seeing Yang Ming, Sun Jie also couldn’t help it. Until recently, she was under house arrest by Tian Long, and Yang Ming rescued her. She was too busy with the company’s affairs and didn’t think of this.

But now that Yang Ming brought it up, Sun Jie recalled the details at the time!

At that time, Yang Ming opened the door lock of the thug’s room with a master key and an unknown tool. Then, he did not open the door at all. Instead, he shot directly at the door without it, hitting Lao San’s leg!

This might not be incidental. No one had such accuracy. Sun Jie did not believe that Yang Ming hit it out of sheer luck. If he hurt the hostage, it was not a joke at all!

Well, even if this time was Yang Ming’s good gamble, then Yang Ming’s second shot was really incredible! He fired a second shot at the door of the bathroom and directly hit the boss inside!

Not only was the boss and Lao San inexplicable, but they were also hit by Yang Ming despite the door being closed. Sun Jie was also somewhat inexplicable. Does Yang Ming have x-ray vision?

Sun Jie thought of the details at the time. At this moment, she also showed a puzzled expression. “It is a bit strange. How did you do it at the time?”

“How did I do it?” Yang Ming smiled. “You are so smart. Have you not thought of anything?”

Sun Jie saw that Yang Ming was acting mysteriously, and she could not help but frown. She dwelled into deep thoughts and contemplated Yang Ming’s words. Previously, Yang Ming could actually name the color of her underwear and her toe color. After also thinking about the incident previously in the hotel, the answer was apparent.

Sun Jie was not a fool. If she couldn’t guess it after such an obvious connection on the before and after, she would not be Sun Jie. “You… you have x-ray vision?”

Although Sun Jie guessed it, she was not sure. After all, this thing was bizarre. Ordinary people couldn’t accept it. Does Yang Ming actually have a special ability?

“Almost there…” When Yang Ming saw that Sun Jie guessed it, he did not deny and nodded. “You are smart, guessing it right with just a hint.”

“Crap, do you think I’m a fool?” Sun Jie glared at Yang Ming, and then she didn’t bother with him. She closed her eyes and thought about it. After a while, she opened her eyes and looked at Yang Ming in doubt. “Are you serious? Are you making fun of me?”

“Do you think I need to make fun of you now?” Yang Ming shrugged and explained, “It’s also because of the relationship between us. I don’t think it’s necessary to hide this from you, so I’ll tell you. Sister Xiao Qing also knew about this before, and if you don’t believe it, you can ask her.”

Sun Jie looked at Yang Ming and didn’t talk, seemingly trying to digest this somewhat incomprehensible news. If Yang Ming has x-ray vision, then did he already see me nude just as he wished in the past?

Sun Jie shook her head, thinking of how she could have this thought. The point of the problem now was that Yang Ming actually has x-ray vision. This ability was too great. If it were utilized, he could instantly gather hundreds of millions in wealth, but he could also do something terrible.

“What happened?” After a while, Sun Jie asked, “You tell me in detail. Do you have x-ray vision?”

“X-ray vision is for sure. I have proven it to you before.” Yang Ming said, “Even if I turn my head or close my eyes, I can see things in all directions. This is why I can still drive as I look at you.”

Sun Jie nodded and didn’t speak. What Yang Ming told her was too shocking. Even if Sun Jie’s psychological quality were great, it would be difficult to digest in a moment. Sun Jie took a deep breath. What Yang Ming said about the x-ray vision was shocking enough, and then the ability to see all sides with his closed eyes was just like the terminator from the movie.

“Why didn’t you tell me before?” Sun Jie was now shocked and unable to add on, but she had no doubts about Yang Ming’s words. After all, the facts were in front of her. There was no other reason than x-ray vision to explain these incredible things.

“In the past, you weren’t sure and didn’t say you wanted to be my girlfriend. How could I tell you?” Yang Ming pouted at Sun Jie. “If I told you in advance, I can’t let you choose. It is either you be my girlfriend, or I have to kill you to eliminate a witness.”

“Then, I can’t go back on it now?” Sun Jie asked after a smile.

“What do you think?” Yang Ming said, “If you want to go back on it, I will put you under house arrest.”

“You dare!” Sun Jie said, “Aren’t you too overbearing?” But Sun Jie liked Yang Ming’s overbearing feeling. She was already overbearing. She didn’t want her boyfriend to be weaker than herself. There was no masculinity in obedient manners like Wu Yunsheng.

“Look at your appearance. I have no chance to achieve it.” Yang Ming knew Sun Jie naturally. She would not change anything as long as she made a choice. That was why Yang Ming was bold and daring to tell her all his matters and the reasons.

He was not afraid that Sun Jie would betray him. Sun Jie would be a big helper for him, so Yang Ming would tell her everything. With that, Yang Ming could find her to discuss some things.

“You are quite confident.” Sun Jie sighed. “But you are right. I won’t break up with you, but I will have you break up with your other girlfriends! I want to dominate you.”

“No way…” Yang Ming smiled a little reluctantly. He felt that Sun Jie’s tone was not a joke, as if she wanted to do so. He was somewhat guilty and afraid to answer her.

“What? Are you afraid?” asked Sun Jie. From her expression, he couldn’t see what she thought this at the moment.

“What am I afraid of? I don’t think anyone can influence my decision, and you can’t.” Yang Ming looked at Sun Jie and spoke firmly.

“Oh?” Sun Jie did not directly answer Yang Ming’s words but winked at Yang Ming. “I know that what you think can’t be changed by others.”

“Then, you still said it?” Yang Ming looked at Sun Jie, a little baffled. “Since you know me, you should know that I won’t do that.”

“Of course, you won’t, but I will convince them to take the initiative to leave you.” Sun Jie looked at Yang Ming with a smile and said, “I will talk to them about their interests and let them pursue their own happiness.”

“You can do whatever you want.” Yang Ming’s voice was a bit cold. He didn’t expect Sun Jie to do this. This made Yang Ming feel a little uncomfortable, but he did not say anything.

“Just kidding you. Why are you so serious?” Sun Jie felt that she seemed to have overdone it. Even if she really thought so, she couldn’t say it in front of Yang Ming, let alone what she said was not easy to do. Would Chen Mengyan leave, or Xiao Qing leave? Obviously, fantasizing it was great, but it was almost impossible to implement. Sun Jie was also just speaking it for fun. She did not actually intend to do this. “I’m just kidding.”

Yang Ming also felt that he was too serious and smiled. If Chen Mengyan could be driven away by Sun Jie, she would not be Chen Mengyan. She might not seem like a strong woman like Sun Jie, but when she toughened up, she was not worse than Sun Jie. She even dared to scold Zhao Ying. Most probably, when Sun Jie looked for Chen Mengyan to say this, she would definitely get scolded badly.

“No, I just don’t like to hear such words.” Yang Ming shook his head. “But I hope that you can get along with each other. It’s a headache. Just don’t make trouble by going into a deathmatch.”

Sun Jie noticed Yang Ming’s mood was worsening and did not continue. Generally, Yang Ming could be a happy-go-lucky person without being bothered by her joke. However, after having such a great reaction, Yang Ming most probably treated this topic very much like a taboo.

“Tell me about your special ability. Can you use x-ray vision from an early age?” Sun Jie took the initiative to change the topic. The previous topic was a bit too heavy, and she didn’t want to mention it anymore.

“Of course, that’s impossible.” Yang Ming shook his head. “I also acquired this ability from an unexpected opportunity last year. It was probably not long before I met you.”

“Have you ever peeked at me before?” Sun Jie thought it was not a long time ago, less than a year.

“Do I still have to peek?” Yang Ming smiled at Sun Jie. “Didn’t I see everything on the first day I met you?”

“Hmph, I just let you off.” Sun Jie remembered the previous incident and felt it was a bit too fantastical. On the first day of knowing Yang Ming, she had s*x with him. It seemed to be her own initiative too.

“I still want to thank my sister. If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t have met you.” Yang Ming thought of Yang Li. He didn’t know how she was doing now. She should have returned to university a few days ago.

“After that meal, I haven’t seen her. I haven’t seen Liu Liang and Zhang Xiaodan either. I wonder how Yang Li made such a friend with no quality.” Sun Jie thought of Liu Liang’s words previously at the dinner.

(For the matters about Liu Liang and Zhang Xiaodan, read Chapter 1074, The Gathering’s Sudden Change.)

“Now, they seem like strangers. There is no need to get angry with them.” Yang Ming waved his hand. “They should have left together, right?”

Yang Ming’s guess was right. Yang Li and Zhang Xiaodan returned to school not long ago, and Liu Liang followed. After going back, Yang Li persuaded Zhang Xiaodan and Liu Liang to break up, but Zhang Xiaodan was somewhat concerned about her and Liu Liang’s feelings for more than a year, and she was reluctant.

However, Liu Liang’s ways of doing things were horrible. Zhang Xiaodan also noticed it. Even if she didn’t break up now, her parents would not agree after she brought him home. It would be a breakup sooner or later. It was better to have a short-lived pain rather than a long-lasting one. Under Yang Li’s persuasion, she broke up with Liu Liang.

Liu Liang naturally would not agree. He looked for Zhang Xiaodan several times. Zhang Xiaodan could patiently listen to him and tell him the rationale, but Liu Liang seemed to have not listened. She even said it many times, but he couldn’t understand it. Zhang Xiaodan had some feelings and sympathy for him before, but now, there was only resentment and disgust.

She thought that Liu Liang was not a gentleman at all. Every time he looked for her, besides begging her not to break up, giving him a chance or something, he never realized his shortcomings and mistakes. He always had a reason to refute what Zhang Xiaodan said. That didn’t help Zhang Xiaodan to change her mind; it simply didn’t make sense.

So, the two people had a final fall off.

Liu Liang, as usual, made an appointment with Zhang Xiaodan.

“Liu Liang, what else do you have to say?” Zhang Xiaodan started off with patience as she attended the date, but over these few days, what Liu Liang said to her was repetitive and garrulous every single day. No matter how he rephrased it, it meant the same thing. So, Zhang Xiaodan was also impatient.

“Xiaodan, give me another chance. I know that you still love me. Don’t you love me anymore?” Liu Liang was still very infatuated with Zhang Xiaodan, but this infatuation was almost dysfunctional. He couldn’t even accept Zhang Xiaodan speaking and shaking hands with other boys. His possessiveness had reached a certain level.

“Liu Liang, stop thinking that you are always right. I have already said it; I am already disgusted with you.” Zhang Xiaodan was disappointed with Liu Liang and decided to separate thoroughly this time and break any ties with him. “Every time you come to me, you never realize your shortcomings, and yet you still kept asking me for a chance. Do you recognize your mistakes? Yang Li is right. You are arrogant and rude. Bringing you out will offend the others. Don’t come to me anymore!”

“Xiaodan…” Looking at Zhang Xiaodan, who turned around and left in anger, Liu Liang’s heart was broken. He couldn’t accept this fact. He thought that since he had such a long relationship with Zhang Xiaodan, after coaxing a little, it would be fine. However, he did not expect Zhang Xiaodan to break ties with him entirely!

It must be Yang Li, that sl*t, that stirred up trouble! An immense hatred was rooted in his heart! Just now, Zhang Xiaodan mentioned Yang Li. Yes, it must be Yang Li. Yang Li and Zhang Xiaodan live in a dormitory. It must be what Yang Li usually said to Zhang Xiaodan, which led Zhang Xiaodan to break up with me!

At that time, during the banquet, I offended Yang Li’s younger brother. Yang Li would definitely hold grudges in her heart. After returning to school, she started to ruin the relationship between Zhang Xiaodan and me!

Liu Liang’s heart ignited the flame of anger, and he wanted to retaliate. He would never let Yang Li go easily…

Of course, Yang Ming didn’t know the banquet caused conflict like this and great troubles to Yang Li because of a sudden small conflict. At this moment, Yang Ming and Sun Jie were on their way back to Song Jiang.

At the same time, in Mount Jing, the news of the chairman of Sui’s Group, Sui Yuejin, being shot in the group building, was also announced. This kind of thing couldn’t be hidden, but the case could only be solved as soon as possible.

The pressure on the Mount Jing police was still very heavy. The people who were on duty in the group that night were all wiped out with no survivors. These people were mostly dead from one shot, which showed that the perpetrator was shrewd and ruthless, a veteran assassin and definitely not a newbie.

Moreover, the perpetrator was very careful. The hard disk in the surveillance video recorder inside the building was removed; even the hard drive of the backup data machine was also removed. This also showed that the perpetrator was a professional-level assassin. He was very proficient in anti-reconnaissance and did not leave any clues.

This made it difficult for the police to solve the crime. There were no witnesses or surveillance videos. It could only be started from Sui Yuejin’s enemies, but Sui Yuejin was a business person. He usually offended many people, as long as there were business disputes. If the police wanted to investigate starting from this, they would not be able to find clues in a moment.

In a private villa in Mount Jing, the behind-the-scenes boss and Huang Youcai sat on the sofa and watched the TV news report on Sui Yuejin’s murder case investigation process.

“It’s time to make a move. The momentum outside is almost adequate. Now, there is no clue in the police’s hands. When we put this videotape out, even if Yang Ming does not die, he will lose something!” Huang Youcai snorted. “On your side, is the videotape’s editing work done?”

“Don’t worry. All of my men are professionals. They are naturally proficient in this.” The behind-the-scenes boss nodded. “The recording is done. We can watch it first.”

Huang Youcai nodded and took the videotape from the behind-the-scenes boss. Then, he put it into the video player.

It seemed that the behind-the-scenes boss’ men were really talented. The editing of the video was flawless, even superior to Hollywood’s production staff. Not only was the time on videotape perfect, but the connection between characters was also excellent. Naturally, people couldn’t pick anything wrong.

“I didn’t expect it to be so good!” Huang Youcai exclaimed, “I thought the police would find flaws. After all, the police aren’t easy to be fooled.”

“I got a friend to do this. His company edits videos for Hollywood.” The behind-the-scenes boss said very plainly.

Huang Youcai didn’t anticipate that it was a person who dealt with the video was a Hollywood company. He couldn’t help but admire the behind-the-scenes boss, but he also wondered why the boss had to deal with Yang Ming.

It seemed that the behind-the-scenes boss was very powerful. Not only was wealth in his hands, but he also seemed to have friends all over the world. With his current power, he wanted to deal with Yang Ming. This was really ridiculous.

Not to mention anything else, but regarding his sister, Alice, Huang Youcai also checked it online afterward. He was almost surprised to the point where he dropped his jaws! She was one of the most powerful women in the upper class in Europe in addition to being the most mysterious among the younger generation. Her social circle was astounding. The people invited to Alice’s party were celebrities from all over the world. These people were also like an unruly crowd on a wild goat chase. It was apparent how great Alice’s power was!

The wealth that Alice had alone was inexhaustible. It was conceivable that the behind-the-scenes boss had great wealth.

Such a powerful person came to Song Jiang and was willing to go undercover next to Yang Ming and seduce Yang Ming, which made Huang Youcai even more baffled.

However, he was even more proud of his initial choice. It seemed that the cooperation with the behind-the-scenes boss was his wisest choice. If such a person like the behind-the-scenes boss did not achieve his goal, then no one else could help him.

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