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Soaring of Galaxia (Web Novel)




Li Tian, 犁天


Action Fantasy Martial Arts Xuanhuan

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In China’s modern martial arts society, Wu Xinghe was history’s youngest grandmaster of martial arts. He was invincible. Because of a strange incident, he was reincarnated as Qin Wushuang, a poor aristocratic boy in an entirely different world with its own set of rules. With his strong will and passion, he began his journey to pursue the highest peak of martial arts!

The main character’s beliefs are:

Never comply with the aristocrats or the rich people, regardless of any situation. To only depend on your own strength because, eventually, you will have the power to be invincible.

Rise! Soar through the Galaxia!

662 • 2019-09-04 16:45:17


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 912 - Eight Months of Intense Training2020-05-17
Chapter 911 - Power of the Queen Mother Golden Crow2020-05-16
Chapter 910 - A Battle between Heavenly Supreme Dao Rivals2020-05-15
Chapter 909 - Queen Mother’s Plan2020-05-13
Chapter 908 - Queen Mother Golden Crow2020-05-11
Chapter 907 - Opening of the God Discarding Door!2020-05-10
Chapter 906 - Great Divine Skill, Kill the Golden Crow2020-05-09
Chapter 905 - Golden Crow Disturbing the Scene2020-05-08
Chapter 904 - God Discarding Door, Human Countries2020-05-06
Chapter 903 - Wushuang Returns2020-05-04
Chapter 902 - Never-ending Gifts2020-05-03
Chapter 901 - The Great Gifts of the Seventh Loop2020-05-02
Chapter 900 - Path to Master God2020-05-01
Chapter 899 - Teacher’s Background2020-04-29
Chapter 898 - The Seventh Loop, The Final Core Loop2020-04-27
Chapter 897 - Senior Brothers Coming to the Rescue2020-04-26
Chapter 896 - Before the Aspiring Throne Mountain, Golden Crow2020-04-24
Chapter 895 - Heavenly Supreme Dao Warriors Planning to Make a Move2020-04-18
Chapter 894 - Heavenly Supreme Dao, Gathering of the Seven2020-04-17
Chapter 893 - God Discarding Door, Soaring Galaxia Commanding Plate!2020-04-17
Chapter 892 - Teacher’s Private Request2020-04-10
Chapter 891 - Visit from the Stargaze Palace2020-04-09
Chapter 890 - Change of Situation at the Eastern Sea, Activating the Mustard Cave Dwelling2020-04-09
Chapter 889 - Clearly Understanding the Background of Saber Beard2020-04-09
Chapter 888 - Heavenly Supreme Dao Elite Warriors!2020-04-09
Chapter 887 - The Ultimate Secret of the Tian Xuan Land2020-04-09
Chapter 886 - Head Senior Brother, Li Buyi?2020-04-09
Chapter 885 - Xu’Er’s Breakthrough- Marriage of the Heavenly Emperor2020-04-09
Chapter 884 - Destiny of the Tian Xuan Land2020-04-09
Chapter 883 - Kill Two Birds With One Stone2020-04-09
Chapter 882 - Strange Saber Beard2020-04-09
Chapter 881 - Heavenly Emperor Wushuang!2020-03-25
Chapter 880 - Death of Xin Tianwen!2020-03-23
Chapter 879 - Continual Unexpected Events2020-03-23
Chapter 878 - Who Won!?2020-03-21
Chapter 877 - Downfall of the Heavenly Emperor2020-03-21
Chapter 876 - A Summit Confrontation2020-03-20
Chapter 875 - Heavenly Emperor Wings VS Purple Cloud Ying Yang Wings2020-03-16
Chapter 874 - Life and Death Contract, Wushuang Battles the Heavenly Emperor2020-03-15
Chapter 873 - The Sudden Appearance of an Ally- Thousand Feeler Cloud Chasing Beast2020-03-15
Chapter 872 - A Destined Battle between the Qin Clan and Xin Clan!2020-03-15
Chapter 871 - Four Battles- Four Victories!2020-03-15
Chapter 870 - Purple Flame Electric Beast, Remarkable Innate Skill!2020-03-15
Chapter 869 - Swallowing the Beast Core, Bao Bao Revealing His Power2020-03-15
Chapter 868 - Immemorial Divine Monkey, Heaven and Earth One Rod2020-03-15
Chapter 867 - Floating Snow House V.S. Heavenly Punishing Villa2020-03-15
Chapter 866 - Strength and Imposing Manner, Double the Force2020-03-15
Chapter 865 - Fire Kylin’s First Battle, Alluring2020-03-15
Chapter 864 - Inauguration of the Pageant2020-03-15
Chapter 863 - Belief of Certain Victory2020-03-15
Chapter 862 - Contestant List of the Qin Clan2020-03-15
Chapter 861 - Thousand Feather Sect Defect, Incorporating New Troops2020-03-15
Chapter 860 - Heavenly Emperor Mountain Pageant2020-03-15
Chapter 859 - The Bearing of the Head Chief2020-03-15
Chapter 858 - Clever Schemer Wushuang2020-03-15
Chapter 857 - All of Wushuang’s Trump Cards2020-03-15
Chapter 856 - Inheritance of the Immemorial Beast, Heavenly Emperor Shed a New Leaf2020-03-15
Chapter 855 - Certain of Victory2020-03-15
Chapter 854 - Yun Xuechen’s Intentions2020-03-15
Chapter 853 - In Preparation for the Heavenly Emperor Seat2020-03-15
Chapter 852 - Wushuang’s Prestigious Name Shook the Dark Mysterious Clan2020-03-15
Chapter 851 - Robbing on the Way2020-03-15
Chapter 850 - Dark Mysterious Ice Soul and Blue Wave Water Pool2020-03-15
Chapter 849 - Disciple with Monstrous Talent2020-03-15
Chapter 848 - Wushuang Takes In A Disciple and A New Mission2020-03-15
Chapter 847 - Becoming the Main Focus2020-03-15
Chapter 846 - Extravagant Spending Money, In the Center of Attention2020-03-15
Chapter 845 - Green Wood Divine Cauldron2020-03-15
Chapter 844 - Dark Mysterious Assembly2020-03-15
Chapter 843 - Dark Mysterious City2020-03-15
Chapter 842 - Floating Snow House, Breed the Divine Beast Again2020-03-15
Chapter 841 - Three Years of Cease Fire2020-03-15
Chapter 840 - Xuan Yuan Yang’s Divine Skills and Methods2020-03-15
Chapter 839 - Compromise from the Paramount Elite warrior2020-03-15
Chapter 838 - The Xuan Yuan Clan2020-03-15
Chapter 837 - The Panic-Stricken People Inside the Qin Clan2020-03-15
Chapter 836 - Sunken Totem Elite Warrior2020-03-15
Chapter 835 - Verbal Sparring with Xuan Yuan Wei2020-03-15
Chapter 834 - Repairing Spiritual Ley Lines, Invasion of a Strong Foe2020-03-15
Chapter 833 - The Seal of the Chief2020-03-15
Chapter 832 - Take Over as Head Chief?2020-03-15
Chapter 831 - Subduing the Nirvana Heavenly Plow2020-03-15
Chapter 830 - The Injured Heavenly Emperor2020-03-15
Chapter 829 - A Clever Battle Tactic2020-03-15
Chapter 828 - Battling a Genuine Supreme Dao Before the Mountain2020-03-15
Chapter 827 - Declaring War with the Heavenly Emperor2020-03-15
Chapter 826 - Death of the Transformation Supreme Dao Warrior2020-03-15
Chapter 825 - Power of the Withering Flourishing Seal2020-03-15
Chapter 824 - Overwhelming Dominance2020-03-15
Chapter 823 - Wushuang Fighting Transformation Supreme Dao Elite Warriors2020-03-15
Chapter 822 - Power of the Divine Beasts2020-03-15
Chapter 821 - A Sudden Thrust to Kill2020-03-15
Chapter 820 - Heavenly Emperor Stepping Out2020-03-15
Chapter 819 - Betrayal of the Three Sects2020-03-15
Chapter 818 - Yield, Hundred Lane Clan2020-03-15
Chapter 817 - Divine Venomous Poison2020-03-15
Chapter 816 - Power of the Emperor Sword2020-03-15
Chapter 815 - Great Five Reincarnation Seal, Second Stage2019-12-16
Chapter 814 - Four Great Divine Beasts2019-12-16
Chapter 813 - On the Verge of Battle2019-12-15
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