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Soaring of Galaxia (Web Novel) - Chapter 763 - Deep North Skill, Absorbing Dragon Breath

Chapter 763: Deep North Skill, Absorbing Dragon Breath

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Indeed, that guy was extraordinary for the cyan armor from his entire body emitted dazzling lights and blocked all of these sword Qi attacks systematically.

After all, Qin Wushuang had not entered the Supreme Dao Stage yet. Although the Coagulated Sword technique was powerful, without the support of the Supreme Dao strength, it still appeared to be taking a lot of trouble to break this surly and unreasonable armor.

Qin Wushuang’s continuous attacks had caused that guy in cyan armor to feel a burst of inspiration. He roared, “Qin Wushuang, without the Graceful Spiritual Bow, you are just a slag! If you have the guts, put down the Graceful Spiritual Bow and fight me!”

Qin Wushuang revealed a leisurely smile and said lightly, “Then I will do as you wish.”

He hung the Graceful Spiritual Bow and pulled out his Fury Dragon Soul Whip that had not been used for a long time. As soon as he showed this weapon, the complexion of that guy in cyan armor changed tremendously.

Jealous and angry intentions shot from his eyes as he said, “Kid, you… you are using this weapon?”

Qin Wushuang was stunned, then immediately he realized what coincidence lay before him.

This guy was an elite warrior of the Crocodile Dragon Clan. The Fury Dragon Soul Whip he was using was crafted by the tendon of a Crocodile Dragon.

It was not strange that this guy suddenly became frantic.

Qin Wushuang shook out the whip and urged the divine power from his body. With a casual roll, a gigantic whirlpool appeared to roll towards his enemy.

A nasty grin revealed from the feature of that guy as he thought, “After all this kid is inexperienced, he spurred into action from my negative remarks and put down the Graceful Spiritual Bow to fight me. He is digging his own grave! Without using the Graceful Spiritual Bow, what can he use to fight me? I will launch a thunderclap-like attack to kill him. Then, I will shoot that stupid big guy and that hussy Mi Jia to death right after. I will take the Graceful Spiritual Bow as my own, it’s such a great scheme!”

Upon thinking here, this man let out a clear and bright laugh. “Good kid, I will experience it, and see how monstrous you are!”

After he finished speaking, with a flash, he immediately transformed into a Crocodile Dragon. Spouting out clouds and mist, he swayed in the middle of the air and charged at Qin Wushuang aggressively.

Snatching with his claws, he went for Qin Wushuang’s whip.

Qin Wushuang follow the trend and wrapped the whip around him. Instead of retreating, he rolled the whip towards those violent teeth and claws.

That man was overjoyed. “This kid is digging his own grave. He is a martial artist beneath the Supreme Dao Stage, how could he restrain me when he fighting head-on with me, a Coagulate Supreme Dao warrior with this Fury Dragon Soul Whip?”

Thinking here, letting out a long hiss, his claws let out a glow as he reached for the whip.

Qin Wushuang was not being careless when he did not use the Graceful Spiritual Bow. Like how he was fighting with Mi Jia previously, he only wanted to use the power of this guy to exercise his combat power and experience a close-quarter combat with a Supreme Dao elite warrior.

When Mi Jia saw that Qin Wushuang had abandoned the Graceful Spiritual Bow and was fighting in close-combat with the opponent, she was angry and anxious. Yet, she was tangled up with that fierce looking guy who was, at most, on par with her.

Fortunately, Ai Simo was watching on the side. Plus the two summoning spiritual beasts at the Peak of the Common Mysterious were also there to defend her. These two spiritual beasts also had a piece of the Dragon Breath seal and would not worry about the enemy getting away.

Indeed, that cyan armor was powerful. When it was whipped by Qin Wushuang’s Fury Dragon Soul Whip, with a flash of green light, it remained unscathed.

The Crocodile Dragon let out an evil laugh. “How could you hurt me when you using the Fury Dragon Whip to attack me?”

Moving around his wrist, he swept up that Fury Dragon Soul Whip directly. Urging the dragon breath from his entire body, it gushed out following the whip. A burst of strong green light extended to attack like an electric current.

It seemed that Qin Wushuang was totally unaware of it. He pretended to pull it and his complexion changed slightly.

The Crocodile dragon laughed again. “Kid, do you still think you can get away?” He kept activating the dragon breath as it kept extending through his whip.

A strange smile spilled over from the corner of Qin Wushuang’s mouth. “When did I mention that I was leaving?”

As soon as the sound of his words dropped, he activated the Deep North Skill and opened up his Dantian. Those bursts of green current kept gathering and converging with him.

Following the trend, the Deep North Skill kept sending this electric-like dragon breath into Qin Wushuang’s Dantian.

When the Crocodile Dragon saw that Qin Wushuang was absorbing the dragon breath, he emerged bursts of laughter. “Kid, are you thinking that you’ve lived too long? Since you like it, then go die!”

As he said this, he activated his dragon breath at full force and hastened it towards Qin Wushuang at a faster speed.

“You dare to swallow my dragon breath? Ha ha, then I will make your Dantian burst! Darn you human, die!” The blue veins on the forehead of the Crocodile Dragon burst open and his facial features became incredibly malevolent.

Qin Wushuang’s Dantian was not something this Crocodile Dragon could imagine. The more this Crocodile Dragon urged it, the more refreshed he felt.

Vividly, as the Crocodile Dragon kept pouring forth his power, he sensed that something was wrong. When he looked at Qin Wushuang again, he appeared to be expressionless. As calm as a gigantic ocean, he could not see through him at all.

Yet, his dragon breath went over with vast imposing manner as if it were the rivers flowing at great speed to the ocean. However, the Dantian of the other party seemed to be like a bottomless hole. Regardless of how he tried to overpower him, it seemed that there was no limit to his absorption.

“How is it possible?” The Crocodile Dragon began to be slightly surprised. Inwardly, he was suspicious. “Could the Dantian of this guy be a bottomless hole, that it could not be crammed at all?”

Qin Wushuang’s calm and collected expression made the Crocodile Dragon feel very uneasy.

“No, this kid is certainly scheming against me!”

Thinking here, the Crocodile Dragon swayed it’s tail and was about to retreat. Just when he was about to pull away to leave, suddenly the heart of the Crocodile Dragon sank. It was because he discovered that the opponent’s whip seemed to have a surge of special magical power that tugged him tightly.

“To hell with it!” The Crocodile Dragon was frightened stiff. He discovered that he did not even activate the dragon breath. Yet, the dragon breath from his body still kept leaking to the outside in puffs. It seemed that someone was pulling it with force.

Upon seeing the Crocodile Dragon acting this way, Qin Wushuang knew that the other party already sensed it. Of course, he followed up the victory with hot pursuit. He continued to prompt the Deep North Skill. As if swallowing the heavens and earth, the absorption power dragged and pulled down his opponent.

Now, the Crocodile Dragon realized that something was wrong. He let out a coarse and wild roar in which all scales on his armor pricked up. He roared, “Kid, what bewitching skill are you using?”

Qin Wushuang turned a deaf ear. Regardless of how this Crocodile Dragon struggled, he had the Purple Cloud Ying Yang Wings. Following the swaying motion of the Crocodile Dragon, he followed to sway in the air. He would not let go.

The Coagulated Sword technique struggled in the air as his swaying air could not keep up with Qin Wushuang. How could Qin Wushuang get hit by his tail? He manipulated his own Coagulated Sword technique with this other hand to keep shooting forward.

In the beginning, the sword Qi of the Coagulated Sword could not harm this Crocodile Dragon. Yet at this moment, after this Crocodile Dragon used up so much energy, it was clear that he lacked strength. Under the attack of this Qi sword, he gradually became unable to endure the attack any longer. The defense power of his scale armor clearly also kept decreasing.

The formidable part of the dragon clan depends on their dragon breath. This dragon breath was equal to the Supreme Dao power of those Supreme Dao elite warriors. Following the continuous decrease of dragon breath, regardless of attack or defense power, of course it would be greatly devalued.

“Kid, you will regret this, you will surely regret it!” Despite the Crocodile Dragon using every possible way to escape, he still appeared to be like a kite being pulled tightly by Qin Wushuang. Gradually, he was less capable than desirable and could only leave weak and pathetic threats.

Qin Wushuang would not show any mercy as he increased the Deep North Skill even more. He absorbed the dragon breath of this Crocodile Dragon cleanly in one breath.

As the Crocodile Dragon became dry with the absorption, he didn’t even have the divine soul escaping out of his body.

Qin Wushuang threw the Fury Dragon Soul Whip. “Swallowing Sky, it’s yours!”

When Swallowing Sky Lion Dragon saw the corporeal body of the Supreme Dao Crocodile Dragon, naturally he was overjoyed. He charged into the sky and opened his big and bloody mouth to swallow him directly.

He chewed him in large bites. After that Supreme Dao Crocodile Dragon’s dragon breath was sucked dry, Swallowing Sky Lion Dragon swallowed all of his corporeal body and divine soul.

Swallowing Sky Lion Dragon felt that his craving was greatly satisfied. Letting out a mad roar, he had more power throughout his entire body. Most likely this great fill of supplement would help him make a dash to the Supreme Dao Stage successfully!

Qin Wushuang urged the Purple Cloud Ying Yang Wings and arrived near Mi Jia’s combat zone, free and unconstrained. He let out a leisurely laugh. “Miss Mi Jia, do you need a hand?”

When Mi Jia saw that Qin Wushuang took care of the Crocodile Dragon without using the Graceful Spiritual Bow, she was also somewhat surprised. Then, she remembered the situation where she fought him and remembered that he was filled with strangeness from head to toe. Next, she kept calm in the face of the unexpected.

“If you don’t help, I cannot promise he won’t escape!”

Qin Wushuang could not do anything to this woman. He took out the Graceful Spiritual Bow and said with all smiles, “If I remember correctly, a moment ago this guy seemed to say he wanted to do something to you, right?”

Mi Jia did not mind as she laughed. “This guy is lewd and the most repulsive. Don’t shoot him, I am going to castrate him!”

In any case, that guy was a Coagulate Supreme Dao elite warrior. He normally ruled in his own territory. When had he ever been in such an embarrassing situation?

Currently, he seemed to be like a mole cricket and ant for his life was being decided in between their glib talk. How could he not be mad?

He kept letting out tiger-like roars. “Hussy, you live on while helping others secretly. You betray the dragon clans! I am going to swallow you!”

After he finished speaking, with a flash, he transformed into a Demon Dragon with a gigantic body. It went to engulf Mi Jia directly.

Qin Wushuang narrowed his eyes and fixed his gaze at this Demon Dragon. Once again, he activated the Graceful Spiritual Bow and shouted with a low voice, “Go!”

Like an infernal devil, the Shooting Sun Arrows went to shoot at the head of that Demon Dragon.


The Shooting Sun Arrow hit the eye of the Demon Dragon directly whereas it entered from the left and went out from the right.

Mi Jia was overjoyed and wrapped the body of the Demon Dragon with her whip as if she was wrapping a rice dumpling in leaves. Rolling him continuously, she mumbled to herself and cried out, “Great Cutting Technique!”

Above that whip, instantly hundreds of dagger like knife blades overflowed and kept cutting on the body of that Demon Dragon.

For the moment, flesh swirled in the air. The corporeal body of the Demon Dragon was shredded and after a short moment, only a raw body was left.

When Qin Wushuang saw this bloody scene, he was also slightly startled.

The method of this Mi Jia did not make her look like a girl at all. She was clearly as cruel as the devil.

When Mi Jia saw Qin Wushuang’s somewhat dazed look, she let out a proud smile and dragged that raw body into her hand. She raised her long and shapely eyebrows and raised the corner of her mouth. “The scale armor of this Demon Dragon is the most durable and the most sturdy one among the True Nine Dragon Clans. A set of Supreme Dao armor can definitely be made by using this body!”

Now, Qin Wushuang realized the light and learned why Mi Jia used such a method.

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