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Soaring of Galaxia (Web Novel) - Chapter 764 - A Chaotic State of Affairs

Chapter 764: A Chaotic State of Affairs

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Mi Jia did not hold back as she put that set of Demon Dragon body scales into the ring. She smiled happily after collecting her bounty. “This is mine, you won’t mind, right?”

Qin Wushuang spread out his hand. “Feel free to take it.”

Mi Jia gave a long sigh. “Unfortunately, the power of your Graceful Spiritual Bow is too tremendous. If you could capture their divine soul dragon core, that would be a great harvest.”

Qin Wushuang rolled his eyes. “Don’t be too greedy, alright? For this battle, if we hadn’t used a sneaky strategy well and allowed them to take the initiative in battle, most likely it would be us losing our lives. Under such circumstances, you still want the divine soul dragon core?”

“Ha ha, this is called not being satisfied with small gains. Who told them to provoke me?” After experiencing the massacre, Mi Jia appeared to be in a great mood and considering herself as the minister who has given outstanding service.

Qin Wushuang looked at the battlefield and there was not much to clean up. Their bodies were either extinguished entirely, gobbled up completely, or completely skinned and boned. Almost no rubbish was left at the scene.

As for the battle scene, it was all messy and clearly unable to be restored it. That was okay, for it was also unnecessary to restore it.

At the Endless Eastern Sea, massacres were occurring at any moment. Perhaps, the death of these five people would be counted as part of Qin Wushuang’s reign of terror or it would just go unnoticed.

Qin Wushuang had already understood this and was unconcerned.

With battle, it’s a life or death matter. Since Qin Wushuang chose to make the move, he had already made the preparations of dealing with everything. He could not just sit and wait for death.

He also had the princess of the Horned Dragon Clan to carry the responsibility.

Mi Jia was in a great mood and said with a tone for she had not fully expressed herself, “I feel my craving is not satisfied. Wouldn’t it be better if another group is to come?”

Qin Wushuang was completely speechless. “I say, Miss Mi Jia, these are matters of life and death, not child’s play. If you are mad for battles, then go find people to do it with. I don’t have the time, nor the energy to keep you company.”

Mi Jia revealed a mischievous laugh. “Look look, you are not even as courageous as the woman. I am not even scared, what are you afraid of?”

Qin Wushuang asked unhappily, “Do you want to get that Scarlet Fire, or not? If you are not going, make your way now.”

“Of course I’m going, why wouldn’t I be? I say, we just collaborated once, we should be happy with our collaboration. Why do you hold such a big temper? A man should have some aspirations, alright?” Mi Jia said with a lecturing tone.

Qin Wushuang directly gave her a supercilious look. “Talking about aspirations with you is torturing myself. No more nonsense, let’s go!”

Mi Jia felt helpless and could only follow Qin Wushuang to leave the scene quickly.

Along the way, Mi Jia followed Qin Wushuang and kept a low-profile. No other accidents occurred again. Along the way, the news of the death of the five Supreme Dao elite warriors gradually spread throughout the Endless Eastern Sea day after day. For the moment, it seemed that a great tsunami was sweeping over the Endless Eastern Sea.

To the Endless Eastern Sea, the strange death of five of the Supreme Dao elite warriors was definitely a great nightmare.

Although the Endless Eastern Sea had many Supreme Dao elite warriors, five killed together, evoked more panic and assumptions.

When Qin Wushuang heard these discussions along the way, he was as calm as water. It seemed as though this matter was completely unrelated to him. On the other hand, Mi Jia was in a great mood. If she wasn’t considering her sensitive identity, she would want to appear to talk from her own personal experience and announce that she killed those five.

This was the same as being unable to give publicity after making a great contribution. One could only feel incredibly oppressed by being the nameless hero. Especially for Mi Jia, this sorceress that possessed vanity, it was much more uncomfortable for her to keep these secrets than carrying a child in the womb for nine months.

If Qin Wushuang did not threaten her with vital interest, most likely this sorceress would have taken complete charge.

Of course, there were many different conjectures along the way. There were many different versions regarding the death of those five people. What made Qin Wushuang reassured was that although there were discussions relating to the Graceful Spiritual Bow among the many versions, they were not part of the mainstream voices.

After all, everyone did not think that a disciple of the Qin Clan who was chased to the Endless Eastern Sea by the Heavenly Emperor Gate had the power to kill five Supreme Dao elite warriors.

Due to such an imbalance of strength, it did not allow the outside public opinion to turn their attention to Qin Wushuang.

What made Qin Wushuang feel rather fortunate was that, although those five who joined alliances were investigating how he and Mi Jia were together, they did not have the accurate information to testify this point. In other words, the outside world did not know that those five had already found Mi Jia and Qin Wushuang.

Mi Jia appeared to be rather depressed as she said while feeling indignant, “They really bullied us intolerably. The information from these people was such garbage!”

She had a reason to feel depressed. She was part of the matter from beginning to end. However, the name of Miss Mi Jia did not even appear among the skeptical public opinion.

It’s no wonder that the public opinion did not point at her. After all, she had just entered the Supreme Dao Stage and some people did not even know that she entered the Supreme Dao Stage at all.

One could try to ask, how would it be possible for a young disciple that just entered the Supreme Dao Stage to kill five Coagulate Supreme Dao elite warriors of the three dragon clans?

Therefore, among the public opinion, Mi Jia did not even count as a suspect.

The biggest suspect was on the contrary, that groundless Golden Crow. The mainstream rumor was that those five were unfortunate and had encountered the revived Golden Crow and were killed by it.

Although this statement was somewhat unreliable and did not carry enough evidence, it became the mainstream topic. It was apparent that the rumor of the Golden Crow caused such a tremendous influence to the current Endless Eastern Sea.

In contrast, the appearance of Qin Wushuang and the Graceful Spiritual Bow was weakened at the Endless Eastern Sea.

This was a great thing for Qin Wushuang. Along the way, Qin Wushuang listened to many rumors and learned approximately that at the current Endless Eastern Sea, almost everyone was talking about the Golden Crow.

On the contrary, the topic regarding Qin Wushuang and the Graceful Spiritual Bow could only bend to stay in third place.

As for the second most popular topic, of course it would be the matter of the five Supreme Dao elite warriors went missing oddly.

At one of the areas in Endless Eastern Sea, Xin Tianwu and Lei Yue, two major Transformation Supreme Dao elite warriors from the Heavenly Emperor Eight Gate, were also somewhat at a loss and helpless.

The boundless Endless Eastern Sea almost let them get lost in it.

Although the Heavenly Emperor Gate more or less had some intelligence networks at the Endless Eastern Sea, they were not natives. Despite having some clues, they could not find Qin Wushuang in the end.

Xin Tianwu was in an incredibly bad mood as she swore, “This unfilial son of the Qin Clan, he can run away and hide so well here? I refuse to believe that he could even fly to the sky!”

Naturally, Lei Yue was much calmer than Xin Tianwu. “That kid of the Qin Clan shares a good relationship with the Coiled Dragon Clan. According to our information, the secular family and his colleagues of the Qin kid all went to seek shelter at the Royal Mansion of the Coiled Dragon Clan. Across the boundless and endless Endless Eastern Sea, it’s tough to find the Qin kid, yet it’s easy to find the Coiled Dragon Clan royal mansion.”

When Xin Tianwu heard the somewhat strange tone from Lei Yue, she could not refrain from asking, “Lei Yue, could it be you intend to kill while at the Coiled Dragon Royal Mansion?”

“I am afraid the power of you and I is not enough to kill at the Coiled Dragon Royal Mansion. However, since that kid’s family and colleagues hide inside the Royal Mansion, I refuse to believe that they would not put a foot outside. You and me can just stand guard in a nearby area. We can seize the opportunity or even infiltrate the mansion if the time arises. As long as we can catch one or two important figures, I don’t believe that Qin kid would not show up. That kid is always overprotective and cares about his clansmen and colleagues incredibly…”

There was also some approval from Xin Tianwu’s expression. She nodded and said with bitter resentment, “Let’s do as you say! That kid’s closest people are his father, sister, and a nephew. On the Stargaze Palace side, it seems he has a teacher and a group of colleagues. If we can capture his father, sister, or his teacher, these three people must be the most important ones.”

“Yes, these three can be listed as the primary hunting targets. If not, we can catch a few colleagues. As long as we use provocative methods, I don’t believe that he would not come out!”

“Yes, the matter should not be delayed, let’s head to the Coiled Dragon mansion. Compared to finding a needle in the sea, we should wait idly for opportunities. Even if we cannot catch that kid’s family and colleagues, that kid will have to return to the Coiled Dragon Royal Mansion eventually. If he will not show up in one year, I believe he will have to return to the mansion in three or five years,” Xin Tianwu said viciously.

“Yes, anyways we have fifteen years until that Heavenly Emperor election. In these fifteen years, could it be he will let his family stay at the Coiled Dragon Mansion and never show any interest?”

“That’s right, just in this way, let’s go!”

After these two major Supreme Dao elite warriors finished discussing, they also flew towards the direction of the Coiled Dragon Royal Mansion.

Qin Wushuang who was a few million miles away was clueless of the schemes from Xin Tianwu and Lie yue. With Mi Jia, he carried Ai Simo to head east. They were getting closer to the Eastern Polar Region.

The closer they were to the Eastern Polar Region, the higher the frequency of the appearance of elite warriors from the dragon clans. Clearly, some elite warriors all wished to make discreet inquiries and get to the bottom of that rumor at the Rushing Current Valley.

Of course, the True Dragon clan elite warriors were gathered at the First-Rate Dragon Palace at this present moment.

The elite warriors who appeared here were those similar to Mi Jia, who were full of ambition and passion.

The Rushing Current Valley was the burial place of the Golden Crow. It was rumored that treasures filled every corner of this place. It was a place incredibly suitable for training. Training one day at the Rushing Current Valley could equal up to a month of training in the outside world.

Because of this, talents from all four directions gathered together in the face of the news.

Among them, there were also some elite warriors that came from other Forbidden Spiritual Zones. Clearly, most likely, these people came for Qin Wushuang.

Only, since they were incapable of acquiring Qin Wushuang’s whereabouts, they could only follow to join in the fun and attempt to bump into him at the Eastern Polar Region.

Of course, Qin Wushuang would not kill everyone he sees. Currently, as more and more elite warriors appeared, he must be cautious even if he were to make a move. He must never let down his guard.

If he were not careful, the situation might lose control and cause him to fall into a double siege.

To anyone, the Graceful Spiritual Bow was definitely attractive.

On this day, Qin Wushuang and Mi Jia arrived at the Seven Murdering Gulf. This Seven Murdering Gulf could be said as a rather bloody territory full of rich murderous intentions at the Endless Eastern Sea. It was one of the territories belonging to the Non-Traditional Dragon Clans, ruled by the Jackal Wolf Dragon Clan.

This Jackal Wolf Dragon Clan was exactly as the Lion Dragon Clan, they were a powerful race among the Non-Traditional Dragon Clans!

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