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Soaring of Galaxia (Web Novel) - Chapter 765 - Unruliness of the Sorceress

Chapter 765: Unruliness of the Sorceress

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Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

The information showed that the Jackal Wolf Dragon was one of the nine sons to the dragon. He possessed the body of a dragon and the head of a dog-like animal. He was resolute and upright in character, fond of brave actions, and an expert in battle. It would always hold a sword in the mouth and glare at something. With its image engraved at the hoop of the blade and the mouth of the sword hilt, it could increase one’s power. The common saying was that, “One must repay gratitude for a meal or the Jackal Wolf Dragon will seek revenge for the smallest grievance.” Therefore, the Jackal Wolf Dragon became the incarnation to terminate all wicked things.

The Jackal Wolf Dragon Clan possessed incredibly bold and powerful personalities, an incomparable addiction to murder.

At the Endless Eastern Sea, ordinary dragon martial artists must give them some leeway to martial artists of the Jackal Wolf Dragon Clan. It was because if they offended Jackal Wolf Dragon Clan martial artists, most likely they would be facing an endless chase from a group of Jackal Wolf Dragon Clan martial artists.

The Jackal Wolf Dragon Clan people would hold a grudge and strongly attach to it. To enemies, they would definitely first kill them and think after. They would never allow the enemy to be free and unfettered in the world.

Therefore, under normal circumstances, unless dealing with the Forefather Dragon Clan, the other dragon clans in the Endless Eastern Sea restrained fear for the Jackal Wolf Dragon Clan to some extent. Although they were not afraid, at least they had to restrain their fear.

When they entered the Jackal Wolf dragon city, even Mi Jia exercised some restraint. Qin Wushuang had not expected this. It seems that a vile person must be ground down by another vile person.

With the reputation of the Jackal Wolf Dragon Clan spreading to the outside world, even the sorceress Mi Jia was restraining her fears.

When they arrived at this Seven Murder Gulf, they were only about a hundred million miles away from that Rushing Current Valley. Qin Wushuang planned to rest and reorganize at the Seven Murder Gulf Zone.

To Qin Wushuang, it brought great benefits after he absorbed the dragon breath from the Crocodile Dragon previously. Initially, Qin Wushuang worried that his Dantian would not be compatible with the dragon breath.

In the end, he realized that he thought too much. When that dragon breath entered his Dantian, not only was it compatible, it was comfortable enough to transform his Dantian.

This time, Qin Wushuang did not find it strange. He knew that everything was bestowed to him by the immemorial phantom dragon bloodline baptism at the abyss of the Coiling Dragon Palace Hall of the Floating Snow House Black Dead Sea.

It had caused Qin Wushuang’s body to become integrated with the bloodline of the phantom dragon. Last time at the abyss, his arms had shown strange signs of dragon armor.

Currently, upon having absorbed the dragon breath of the Crocodile Dragon, Qin Wushuang’s body already exhibited the trend to transform again. The corporeal body of a dragon clan warrior was at least one times more powerful than the body of a human martial artist.

Additionally, the phantom dragon bloodline made Qin Wushuang to gradually feel like he was integrating with the dragon. He knew that as the bloodline kept merging with him, one day, he could do as he pleased and transform in between human and dragon shape, like those in the dragon clans.

Now, Qin Wushuang was very curious just how big was that phantom dragon of the Coiling Dragon Palace Hall? After he went through that phantom dragon baptism, he could absorb the dragon breath of that Crocodile Dragon without any pressure. There were also no abnormal signs showing from his Dantian.

Through that battle, at least Qin Wushuang could prove one point that the stage of his own Dantian was much more extraordinary than that Crocodile Dragon.

Or else, it would be strange when the overflowing dragon breath had not exploded his Dantian.

Mi Jia arrived to the Jackal Wolf Dragon city while feeling oppressed. As the news gradually settled down, she also slowly let down her guard. When they entered the Jackal Wolf Dragon city, Mi Jia complained, “Now, we can finally find a better place to sit? I am so depressed. I heard the wine of the Jackal Wolf Dragon Clan is excellent, are you interested in drinking some?”

“It’s not a problem to drink two cups, I am just afraid you cannot keep your mouth shut if you enter a frantic mode.”

Mi Jia sneered, “Are you looking down at me?”

“Wrong, it’s not looking down at you, but I don’t even need to look at you and I know that you certainly cannot keep your mouth shut!” Qin Wushuang said coldly.

Completely changed from her normal state, Mi Jia did not even complain as she said with a smiling face, “Alright alright, then tell me what to do. I will just listen to you, alright?”

As she said this, she pulled Qin Wushuang’s arm intimately and shook it two times to act like a spoiled child.

When Qin Wushuang saw Mi Jia’s abnormal actions, his first thought was that there was something going on. He pulled his arm with a subconscious mind and appeared to show a much obliged appearance. “Don’t try to worm your way into being friends with me, I cannot take you.”

Mi Jia let out a laugh. Leaning on one side with her impressive body, naturally she leaned onto Qin Wushuang’s shoulder like a bird singing. “You devil, do I have any thorns on my body?”

When she said this, she also laughed. Yet, either by design or accident, she shook a glance to the things ahead of her.

Qin Wushuang was observing each and every one of Mi Jia’s movements. When he saw the restless intentions in her eyes, his heart thumped as he immediately looked forward.

Indeed, standing opposite of them was a young man from a dragon clan with a face as clear as jade whose robe sleeve fluttered in the wind. With a gold crest on top of his head, he dressed in an imperial dragon robe and boots wrapped by golden threads. Having a violet jade belt binding his waist, he appeared to be dressed as an elegant young master. A few subordinates followed behind him.

Although Mi Jia was leaning against Qin Wushuang’s shoulder on the surface, secretly she pulled his arms and sent him her vicious tone, “Young Wushuang, if you dare to not show me face, I will call out that you are raping me!”

Once this crazy woman turned crazy, Qin Wushuang could truly not bear her. Although he was unaware of the trick she was going to play, he could only sent his voice, “If you want your Horned Dragon Clan to fall into trouble, then go speak this nonsense.”

Mi Jia smiled sweetly and gave him a harsh and unreasonable fluid glance. Displaying an appearance of containing unbounded flirtatious expressions on the corner of her mouth and seemingly to be angry, if Qin Wushuang did not possess a firm temperament, most likely he could truly be adventurous and uncontrollable when he saw such a seductive appearance.

Yet at this moment, Qin Wushuang had a heart as calm as water. Like an old monk entering a meditative state, he completely turned a blind eye to Mi Jia’s flirtatious actions.

Mi Jia whispered with a displeased tone with the corner of her throat, “Such a piece of wood, it’s like giving a flirtatious look to a blind person!”

When she raised her head and saw that the young master of the dragon clan had walked over, Mi Jia was filled with anger.

That young master of the dragon clan strolled over. He said with an incomparable tone, “Miss Mi Jia, what a delight it is to see you here. It seems I have won the lottery today and am allowed to meet you again, miss Mi Jia. Nice to meet you. Since our last meeting, it’s been at least three or four years, right? I didn’t expect that your elegant demeanor surpassed way from before.”

Mi Jia looked at that young master with a faint smile and said with a somewhat taunting tone, “Where are your pack of rogues?”

That young master who claimed to be Yi chuckled. “Those guys are derelict in duty, I already severed my friendship with them.”

“Is that so? This way, Young Master Yi, you are really going to turn over a new leaf?”

“That’s right.” That Young Master Yi said with a serious expression, “Now my biggest wish is to take a noble girl, that deserves to be a match with my Pu Lao Clan. Miss Mi Jia…”

“Stop, are you going to say that Miss Mi Jia has peerless talent, a beautiful appearance that can captivate even the birds and beasts? Beauty that exceeds the natural world. My admiration for you is like the water of the Eastern Sea, going on endlessly…”

An embarrassing trace was shown on Master Yi’s face. “Miss Mi Jia, those are all awkward incidents of the past. Really, I’ve turned a new leaf and have not had any love affairs for many years. My intentions…”

“Hm?” Mi Jia revealed a strange smile. “You are not going to say that you want to chase me?”

Young Master Yi laughed. “Indeed you are exceptionally talented. I am afraid that my little long-cherished wish can never stay hidden from your keen eyes, right?”

Qin Wushuang worked hard to suppress his laughter, for he most likely learned what show was being put on. He gently swept away Mi Jia’s arm and mocked, ‘Miss Mi Jia, your admirer is here, I will not disturb you guys from reminiscing.”

After he finished speaking, he walked forward casually.

Mi Jia revealed a leisurely smile. “Stupid guy, are you jealous? There is nothing between me and him!”

When that Young Master Yi heard Mi Jia’s pampered tone, he fixed his gaze at that man with his clever eyes. He could not but help to feel somewhat strange. “Miss Mi Jia, who is this?”

This Young Master Yi is not an idiot and is also a young talent of the Non-Traditional Dragon Clans. Possessing keen eyes, he already saw that Qin Wushuang should not have belonged to the eighteen dragon clans.

“He’s my future husband, unfortunately I did not choose him. It’s an arranged marriage set by the older generations. I am so pitiful, I cannot even decide my own marriage, bo bo bo.” When Mi Jia talked about this, she covered her face and faked some tears.

Qin Wushuang was completely speechless, for this sorceress could really put on a show.

Unexpectedly, as soon as Young Master Yi heard these words, his tender, and protective feeling for the fairer sex was aroused involuntarily. The desire to be her protector overflowed instantly.

“What? What generation is this, such an old-fashioned thing of having two people engaged before they are born? Isn’t it depriving the lifetime happiness of the young people?” Young Master Yi said afire with indignation.

Instantly, the way he looked at Qin Wushuang changed. As if looking at an old landlord oppressing his serf, he was full of hostility towards the difference in class.

“This guy must be nagging you, right?” The eyes of young Master Yi turned red.

Inwardly, Mi Jia thought it was hilarious. It was not one or two days ago that she was annoyed with this Young Master Yi. Now, she was just feeling dejected. Since this guy came to the door indiscreetly, it would be strange if she did not fool him.

“Yes, he wants to force me to marry him, I… I would rather die than submit!”

When young Master Yi heard these words, he felt his heart almost shatter. Bursting into a rage, he rolled up his sleeve and no longer cared about his image as the graceful young master with elegant demeanor. “How can this be, how could such a thing of forcing a marriage happen during this period? Kid, stop there, don’t think about leaving if you don’t make things clear!”

Mi Jia advised with insincerity,”Young Master Yi, don’t do this. You are alone, you cannot beat him. Now that you have cut off your friendships, you don’t have any help…”

Young Master Yi twitched his mouth into a smile and put his mouth to let out a whistle. From all four directions, four guys dressed in different clothing rushed out instantly. Yet, all of them had the words “rich kid” written on their faces.

Mi Jia stammered, “You… Didn’t you say that you severed your friendships with them?”

Young Master Yi chuckled. “Miss Mi Jia, when I wanted to cut them off, they would not submit to it. I am a soft-hearted person for I am afraid of them trying to commit suicide, so I kept them next to me to observe them. I will observe their performance and then decide whether or not to cut them off completely.”

“I see, then you should advise them to not get into fights,” when Mi Jia said this, she could almost not hold her laughter.

This group of idiot profligate sons of the rich were still this easy to fool. A few words tricked them not to see through the truth.

“Kid, brother Qi is telling you to stop, have you not carried your ears?”

“If you don’t hold, don’t blame us from not showing mercy to you.”

Qin Wushuang swept across these guys helplessly. Then, he looked at Mi Jia who was delighted in the misfortune of others as he thought of her craziness. Certainly she’s going to break out since she did not find troubles these days.

He shot a cold glance at these people and waved his hand. Then, he pointed to his head. “If you have brains, you should not get tricked by a brainless woman and big chest.”

“Brainless and big chested, who are you talking about?” Those rich sons all started to swear.

“You can feel it is whoever I am talking to.” Qin Wushuang shot a glance at Mi Jia. Yet, she did not mind and raised the corner of her mouth while being delighted at the others misfortune.

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