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Soaring of Galaxia (Web Novel) - Chapter 766 - The Unconventional and the Noble

Chapter 766: The Unconventional and the Noble

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Clearly it was not Qin Wushuang’s first time in such an inconvenient scene, neither in his present world or former. Only this time it was more or less different.

In the past, if there was a beauty next to him, any rich kids of the land would flock as soon as they heard the news, like flies who smelled a bad egg. The beauty themselves would hate such a situation and make themselves as unnoticed as possible.

On the contrary, Mi Jia would wish for the world to be in a chaotic place, as she took the initiative to provoke the other party. This caused the situation to be even more of a mess of emotions. As he looked at Young Master Yi who was overflowing with righteousness, Qin Wushuang felt extremely helpless.

Qin Wushuang shot a glance at Mi Jia and said with an indifferent tone, “If you’d like to create a ruckus you can stay here and accompany them, I will excuse myself.”

After he finished speaking, he tapped his feet and activated the Immortal Virtuous Clouds Step. With a flash, countless shadows filled the area. By swaying from left to right, like the wind moving a lotus flower across the water, with the blink of an eye he fled a few hundred metres away.

Mi Jia stomped her feet and glared at Young Master Yi and snorted. “Humph, you have such little skill and you are copying others to fight for justice.”

Young Master Yi’s face blushed. He made a hand signal and all the mezmorized kids immediately flocked towards the direction of Qin Wushuang.

“Stop there!”

“Take my hit, kid!”

In total, four attacks and layers of heavy mirages attacked him from all directions. An indifferent smile spilled from the corner of Qin Wushuang’s mouth as he still maintained his footsteps. He shook his sleeve gently and used extremely subtle movements to guide those four attacks away from him. Instantly, the four simple attacks that had filled the whole place congealed into a single lump and exploded with a loud bang. They all bounced back.

Big Dipper Shift!

Qin Wushuang flicked his sleeve and appeared confident and unconstrained, as if he had never moved at all.

In the next moment, those four guys who besieged him let out a painful cry almost at the same time.

“Bang, bang, bang!”

Like a wooden pile getting hit by an axe, they fell like falling kites and their faces turned swollen and black and blue.

Qin Wushuang’s move, Big Dipper Shift, was the extinct top martial arts move from his former world. In this world, followed with his rapid increase of his strength, the artistic mood and concept of this extinct move also kept being improved. In close quarter combat, this martial arts move could often catch an enemy off guard.

Initially, those four guys who launched a sneak attack on Qin Wushuang also possessed extraordinary strength. Although they were part of Young Master Yi’s pack, they were the more powerful warriors of their own area and possessed at least the strength to be at the Perfect Void Martial Stage. The two strongest ones had the strength to be at the Profound Void Martial Stage.

However, before Qin Wushuang, these four appeared like children who just learned martial arts and were unable to withstand a single blow. Before figuring out what had happened, they fell into Qin Wushuang’s hand.

Each one of them crawled to get up with a bloody nose and a swollen face. When one of them saw the injuries on his arm, he looked at him with angry eyes and roared, “Yan’Zi, why the hell did you attack me?”

The one who was called out exhibited a displeased expression as he roared angrily, “Utter rubbish, when did I ever attack you?”

“Look at my injury, isn’t this the style of your Circulating Light Finger?”

“Darn it, my shoulder also took a hit from your Reform Wind Blade! Gang’Zi, explain yourself!”

Gang’Zi also cried out in bitterness, “Don’t let the guilty party get away with it! It’s truly a hit from the Great Dipper Palm, Old Tang, you better tell me about it!”

These four all wore a wretched expression as they started to engage with internal strife. All of them spoke in unison and criticized their friends for attacking themselves.

Also, each of them had their own specific injuries as proof.

They disputed endlessly, flushed with anger and almost forgot who their enemy was. They rolled up their sleeves and were about to seek fault with one another.

This situation made Young Master Yi dumbstruck and incapable of speaking a word. Even Mi Jia showed an unimaginable face.

She witnessed the situation a moment ago with her own eyes. However, she could not see through exactly how Qin Wushuang had made his move. She only felt that four surges of power came together and then separated to go off tracks abruptly. Next, they had shot at those four guys. Mi Jia was not even sure whether it was Qin Wushuang who launched the move or not.

He looked at Qin Wushuang with a somewhat bewildered look, yet he saw a tall and lengthy figure walking forward with ease on the other side of the long street.

Under the light of the sun, this black figure appeared even more confident and at ease.

A flash of astonishment went swept across Mi Jia’s eyes. Then, she flung the bang on her forehead and went to chase towards the direction of Qin Wushuang with a smiling face.

When Young Master Yi saw that Mi Jia was leaving, he immediately said, “Miss Mi Jia, where are you going?”

Mi Jia rolled her eyeballs and said seriously, “Since no one is sticking out for me, just let it be for I am born under an ill star. As I could not escape from his devilish palm, I will just follow him to save innocent people from getting hurt.”

Young Master Yi put away his fan and showed an odd face. With urgent breathing, streams of blue veins burst open on his forehead. He stuck out his neck and said with a tone as though he were facing death with equanimity, “Miss Mi Jia, it’s on me! Even if I could not beat that kid, I will fight to the end with him. Go now, go as far as you can.”

As he said this, he stomped his feet and charged towards Qin Wushuang’s direction.

Mi Jia let out a strange smile and swore with a low voice, “Such an idiot, stupid and foolish. It’s no longer fun to tease him…”

When he saw Young Master Yi chasing after him in quick steps, Qin Wushuang turned around all of a sudden and urged his imposing manner.

Young Master Yi was stunned and stopped his footsteps unconsciously, yet he did not reveal any fear through his eyes. Fixing his gaze at Qin Wushuang, he roared with excitement, “Kid, I don’t care who you are, nor how strong you are. Our dragon clan has our bottom-line. You can chase after Miss Mi Jia, you can compete on fair grounds, but you must never force her. For marriage, forcing someone will not give you happiness!”

When he saw Qin Wushuang stroke his earlobe without a care, acting completely absent-minded, Young Master Yi was even more furious as he roared, “Don’t you think you can act unrestrained just because you have some skill. I am telling you that for Miss Mi Jia’s happiness, even if my blood splashes here, I will fight to the end with you!”

Qin Wushuang gave a long sigh. Although this Young Master Yi was a profligate son, it seemed that his morale was not the worst, as he still appeared to be somewhat different than the ordinary rich sons.

If this weren’t the case, Qin Wushuang would have already slapped him to some corner and left him there to cry.

Giving a slight sigh, Qin Wushuang asked lightly, “Young Master Yi, you are a disciple of the Vine Firm Clan, right?”

Young Master Yi said with an utterly discomfited tone, “That’s me, what do you want?”

Qin Wushuang shot a glance in Mi Jia’s direction and asked helplessly, “Since you are a disciple of the Vine Firm Clan, you should not be someone that has not seen the world, right? What is the nickname of this Miss Mi Jia?”

Young Master Yi was stunned. “Why are you talking such rubbish? Although Miss Mi Jia is called a sorceress by her people, but that’s a misconception that the outside world has of her. In fact, she is very innocent and very cute!”

A sorceress could be called cute? Could he be so naive? Qin Wushuang was truly speechless. This exactly fit the saying of how beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

“Young Master Yi, I see that the cute one and the innocent one is not that sorceress, but you. You lived in the Endless Eastern Sea for so many years, when did you ever hear that this sorceress suffered at the hands of others? When did you ever hear that someone dared to threaten this sorceress? For such rubbish lies, you could not even see through it. Are you this naive?”

Young Master Yi was completely stunned. “She… Miss Mi Jia was joking?”

Qin Wushuang said seriously, “I would not take the time to figure out whether she is joking or not. If I didn’t see that you were so naive, I would not have bothered to explain all this to you. In general, for that sorceress, whoever likes her can chase after her. My head hurts just when I see her, I would never want to marry such a person.”

When Mi Jia was exposed, she was not mad as she walked over with an evil smile. “Hey, be careful that I don’t turn hostile with you, when you devalue me this much before my pursuer.”

Qin Wushuang rolled his eyes at him and retorted, “You can do whatever you want, anyways your mood changes faster than flipping a book.”

Mi Jia said leisurely, “You hold such a high opinion of me, ha ha!”

Young Master Yi realized that he really was being hot-headed. Letting out an embarrassing dry smile, he looked at Mi Jia, then looked at Qin Wushuang, and seemed to understand something.

“Young Master Yi, I made a little joke with you. You don’t mind, right?” Mi Jia asked with a smile.

Young Master Yi’s heart thumped. When had he ever seen Mi Jia talk to him in such an amicable manner? He immediately said with an apologetic smile, “Not at all, ha ha! It’s even better that it’s a misunderstanding. I always knew that you loved to joke, totally harmless, ha ha ha…”

Qin Wushuang did not know whether to be impressed by this guy or despise him.

In terms of despising him, although this guy was a profligate son, he dared to stick out when facing someone that was stronger than him. He was not a profligate son without unyielding character.

In terms of being impressed, this guy was unswerving to the sorceress, yet he was still a glutton for punishment after getting fooled to such an extent. This made Qin Wushuang feel uneasy.

Although Young Master Yi was a profligate son, he was not someone that could not work things out. After having learned that he misunderstood Qin Wushuang, he also cupped his hands into a fist. “My dear friend, a moment ago I was reckless, I must apologize to you.”

Qin Wushuang waved his hand. “Doesn’t matter, it’s a lesson to you that you better be cautious when you meet this sorceress. Don’t be so hot-tempered and fight to the death with someone you barely know. If I wasn’t in a good mood and did not take it seriously, all five of you would have gone back lying on your back, would you believe it?”

Young Master Yi let out a mischievous laugh. “I believe this. You are as fast as a ghost! When I charged up to you, I was already prepared to get beaten by you.”

When he spoke these words, Qin Wushuang was speechless. This one was such a passionate saint. He would still charge at him without a second-thought when he knew that he would get beaten.

Mi Jia didn’t seem to be bothered by this. Being a sorceress, teasing those men who yearned for her was always one of her hobbies.

Since the prank did not work, she felt rather regretful.

However, upon seeing Young Master Yi act in this way, naturally it was impossible for her to tease him again.

“Miss Mi Jia and new brother, we have no trouble here. A moment ago I offended you, how about let’s drink a few cups at the restaurant ahead of us. The wine of this Jackal Wolf Dragon Clan is the best.”

Suddenly, this Young Master Yi had a flash of insight and seized the opportunity to make a request. He opened his mouth to issue the invitation. He would have some extra chances if he could spend more time with miss Mi Jia.

Mi Jia just wanted to drink as she laughed. “I don’t mind, only it seems that someone is putting on great official airs, it’s unknown whether he can be asked.”

Young Master Yi smiled apologetically. “Brother, please give me a chance to apologize to you, how about it?”

Qin Wushuang did not express an opinion. If this guy did not find trouble, he was rather a straightforward character. And he just happened to be seeking some information. Thus, he nodded. “Deference is no substitution for obedience.”

When they arrived before a restaurant, suddenly Qin Wushuang felt a fierce look shoot down from above them. When he raised his head to look, it disappeared.

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