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Sovereign of the Three Realms (Web Novel)


Jiang Chen, son of the Celestial Emperor, unexpectedly reincarnated into the body of a despised young noble, thus embarking on the path of the underdog trouncing all commoners. No one has the right to call himself a genius in front of Jiang Chen, as no one has a better understanding of the heavens than the son of the Heavenly Emperor. “Genius? He who adheres to me shall ascend. Those who oppose me can find solace in hell!”

1448 • 2019-03-21 12:05:03


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 2376: Outtake2020-04-09
Chapter 2375: The Legend of a Plane2020-04-09
Chapter 2374: Returning to Divine Abyss2020-04-08
Chapter 2373: A Match Made In Heaven?2020-04-07
Chapter 2372: Yearning For Greater Skies2020-04-07
Chapter 2371: All for Naught2020-04-06
Chapter 2370: Celestial Emperor Taiyuan In A Tight Spot2020-04-06
Chapter 2369: Madness2020-04-06
Chapter 2368: Mirrorbloom Plane2020-04-05
Chapter 2367: The True Mastermind2020-04-04
Chapter 2366: Celestial Emperor Taiyuan2020-04-04
Chapter 2365: The Taiyuan Token2020-04-03
Chapter 2364: The Real Intention Is Revealed In the End2020-04-03
Chapter 2363: At Odds With Each Other2020-04-03
Chapter 2362: A Verbal Spar2020-04-02
Chapter 2361: Seven Secret Keys2020-04-02
Chapter 2360: Start of the Convention2020-04-02
Chapter 2359: On Equal Footing2020-04-02
Chapter 2358: Persuasion of the Five Godkings2020-03-31
Chapter 2357: Taiyuan Sky Palace2020-03-30
Chapter 2356: Arrival2020-03-30
Chapter 2355: On The Eve Of Departure2020-03-29
Chapter 2354: Reaching the Crimson Secret Realm2020-03-29
Chapter 2353: One Step Away2020-03-29
Chapter 2352: A Seed2020-03-29
Chapter 2351: The Godking’s Summons2020-03-27
Chapter 2350: A Godking’s Suspicions2020-03-27
Chapter 2349: A Common Goal2020-03-26
Chapter 2349: A Common Goal2020-03-26
Chapter 2348: Frightful to the Ear2020-03-26
Chapter 2347: Reminiscing The Celestial Emperor2020-03-25
Chapter 2346: Han Shuang Capitulates2020-03-25
Chapter 2345: Haggling2020-03-24
Chapter 2344: Mutual Wariness2020-03-24
Chapter 2343: Han Shuang’s Visit2020-03-24
Chapter 2342: The Divine Beasts’ Temptation2020-03-23
Chapter 2341: The Progress Of The Bloodline Assimilation2020-03-22
Chapter 2340: Obtaining a Position2020-03-22
Chapter 2339: Round Two2020-03-21
Chapter 2338: The Momentum of the Dark Horse2020-03-21
Chapter 2337: The Competition Begins2020-03-21
Chapter 2336: Heavenly Crimson Lake2020-03-20
Chapter 2335: Passing The Audit2020-03-19
Chapter 2334: Readying for the Audit2020-03-19
Chapter 2333: Explosive News2020-03-19
Chapter 2332: Godkings Discussing Politics2020-03-18
Chapter 2331: The Five Great Godkings2020-03-18
Chapter 2330: Always One Move2020-03-17
Chapter 2329: Inhouse Spar2020-03-17
Chapter 2328: Joining the Fiendstar Sect2020-03-17
Chapter 2327: Headhunting2020-03-17
Chapter 2326: Two Mighty Women2020-03-17
Chapter 2325: An Exotic Woman2020-03-17
Chapter 2324: The Fiendstar Sect2020-03-14
Chapter 2323: Crimsonwaters Minor2020-03-14
Chapter 2322: An Arduous Voyage2020-03-14
Chapter 2321: Setting Off2020-03-12
Chapter 2320: Huang’er’s Reluctance2020-03-12
Chapter 2319: The Moment of Goodbyes2020-03-11
Chapter 2318: The Bloodlines Of The Four Sacred Beasts2020-03-11
Chapter 2317: The Celestial Emperor’s Confidante2020-03-10
Chapter 2316: The Mysterious Jiang Huan2020-03-10
Chapter 2315: The Closer to Home, The More Apprehension2020-03-09
Chapter 2314: The Only Regret2020-03-09
Chapter 2313: To Ignite the Divine Decree and Awaken Divine Power2020-03-08
Chapter 2312: A Hundred Years2020-03-08
Chapter 2311: Celestial’s Death Knell2020-03-07
Chapter 2310: The Celestial Emperor Talisman2020-03-07
Chapter 2309: Dogged At Every Step2020-03-06
Chapter 2308: One Left2020-03-06
Chapter 2307: Repeated Success2020-03-05
Chapter 2306: Successive Demonic Devastation2020-03-05
Chapter 2305: Falling Into a Trap2020-03-04
Chapter 2304: The Only Way Out2020-03-04
Chapter 2303: One Dead, One on the Run2020-03-03
Chapter 2302: Forefather Celestial’s True Strength2020-03-03
Chapter 2301: Fear and Unease2020-03-03
Chapter 2300: The Celestial Tribe’s Secret Art2020-03-02
Chapter 2299: Demonic Panic2020-03-01
Chapter 2298: Dissent In The Demon Camp2020-03-01
Chapter 2297: Celestial Demons Fly Into a Rage2020-03-01
Chapter 2296: Time for the Divine Veluriyam Talismans2020-03-01
Chapter 2295: A Chaotic Melee2020-03-01
Chapter 2294: On Even Footing2020-02-28
Chapter 2293: An Opening2020-02-28
Chapter 2292: The Battle Begins2020-02-27
Chapter 2291: On The Eve Of Battle2020-02-27
Chapter 2290: Finger on the Trigger2020-02-26
Chapter 2289: Forced onto the Battlefield2020-02-25
Chapter 2288: A Rude Awakening For The Demons2020-02-25
Chapter 2287: A Slap To The Face2020-02-25
Chapter 2286: Enemies At The Gates2020-02-24
Chapter 2285: The Divine Transcendence Pill2020-02-23
Chapter 2284: Returning Empty Handed2020-02-23
Chapter 2283: Fifth Level Divine Realm2020-02-23
Chapter 2282: Returning To Winterdraw2020-02-22
Chapter 2281: Discretion Is The Better Part Of Valor2020-02-22
Chapter 2280: Demons on the Move2020-02-21
Chapter 2279: An Opportunity2020-02-20
Chapter 2278 Know Thyself, Know Thine Enemy2020-02-20
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