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Sovereign of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 2072: No Way Out

Chapter 2072: No Way Out

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An Kasyapa had crossed paths several times with Lightford in the Boundless Prison. He knew the man well. Lightford wasn’t a benevolent man. He couldn’t be reasoned with.

As long as he could achieve his ambitions, he wouldn’t hesitate to sacrifice everyone else in the world.

Therefore, Kasyapa didn’t agree with Jiang Chen’s idea. If the young man intended to negotiate with Lightford, it wouldn’t end well for him.

Noting his reaction, Jiang Chen gave Kasyapa a questioning look.

“Don’t think about negotiating for peace and don’t expect him to care about humanity. No one even knows if he’s human.”

Those words hit Jiang Chen over the head. His heart sank.

That’s right. Lightford escaped from the Boundless Prison, which imprisons other races and even offworld captives as well. Who knows what Lightford is?

Given the circumstances, it was impossible to change Lightford’s mind by bringing up the big picture of Myriad Abyss.

“Is Lightford going to be the ten sacred lands’ worst enemy no matter what, Divine Kasyapa?” transmitted Jiang Chen.

“From my understanding of Lightford, he’ll launch an all out attack on the ten sacred lands after exiting closed door cultivation. In fact, I believe many sacred lands have fallen into his hands already. It’s said that he’s sent out all his elites in this attack. None of the divine forefathers were in their respective territory. The ten sacred lands are in real trouble.”

“The ten forefathers broke out a few days ago,” Jiang Chen reminded him.

“And then? They haven’t returned to their own sacred lands, have they?” pressed Kasyapa.

“No, they haven’t. I didn’t think we should split up, neither did many of the forefathers. They’d reached a consensus to fight as a collective.”

Kasyapa nodded. “You made the right decision. If you’d split up, you’ll be picked off one by one. Then you won’t be able to win no matter how powerful you are.”

“Is Lightford really that powerful, Divine Kasyapa?” Jiang Chen couldn’t help but ask.

“Three of me are only enough to rival him. To win, we’ll need five cultivators at my level.”

Jiang Chen knew how powerful Divine Kasyapa was. Not even Eternal’s forefather was his match. And yet the divine master said they could only defeat Lightford with five cultivators at his level!

Their enemy was indeed much more powerful than they’d expected. Even Jiang Chen felt a bit of pressure.

Nonetheless, the Vermilion Bird and the Black Tortoise were both divine realm creatures, while the dragon and the Astral White Tiger had reached empyrean realm. Jiang Chen wasn’t intimidated by Lightford.

He’d be even less concerned if the dragon ascended to divinity earlier.

Once the White Tiger broke through as well, Jiang Chen would be unrivaled in Myriad Abyss, nay, the entire Divine Abyss Continent!

Once all four of the sacred spirit creatures had ascended to divinity, their combined power would rival an advanced divine cultivator. A mid-level divine would pose no threat.

Long Xiaoxuan was at advanced empyrean realm. It wouldn’t take long for him to reach ninth level empyrean. In comparison, Little White was at a lower level, but as he awakened, his power would only continue to rise.

According to Jiang Chen’s estimates, the two spirit creatures would be able to reach divinity not too long after with his help. He hoped their ascension would happen before the demons attacked and the offworld invaders entered.

But it seemed that they wouldn’t ascend in time to deal with Lightford.

That didn’t disappoint Jiang Chen too much. He knew Lightford was strong, but he wasn’t that much of a threat faced with two divine sacred beasts.

If they could strike a serious blow on Lightford’s forces, it’d impact Lightford as well.

Lightford’s subordinates were all from the Boundless Prison. Once they died, they couldn’t be replenished.

That was the fugitives’ biggest weakness. They had no roots here, no way to produce descendants or cultivate talents.

Jiang Chen threw the two guards a glance.

“Divine Kasyapa, what are the odds of us taking down the two enforcers in a fight?”

“Take them down?” Divine Kasyapa lowered his eyes in contemplation. The idea appealed to him very much. He knew there would be no peace between him and Lightford.

Given the opportunity, Lightford wouldn’t hesitate to come after Kasyapa first. Therefore, he didn’t want to forgo this chance.

Giving the idea a second thought though, he recognized how difficult it would be. He knew Jiang Chen had a divine sacred beast as his companion, which was equivalent to one and a half of a divine cultivator.

An Kasyapa could rival one and a half of them, as well.

That made their combined power the equivalent of three divine cultivators.

With one of their enemies dead, three remained. Under the circumstances, they would be able to rival the enemies, but capturing them or killing them was another story.

Divine Kasyapa wasn’t so confident that he’d blatantly disregard reality. He shared his analysis with Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen smiled. “What if I have two divine sacred beasts on my side? Would that be enough?”

“Two? At the same level?” Intrigued, Divine Kasyapa stared at Jiang Chen in disbelief.

“About the same level, and they work well together.” Jiang Chen chuckled. “Of course, I can contribute my power as well. If it’s only about stopping them from leaving, I can contribute as much as a divine cultivator.”

According to Jiang Chen’s estimation, he, Long Xiaoxuan, and Little White combined was enough to rival a divine cultivator.

In total, their side could take on at least five divine cultivators, more than enough for the enemy. 

To better grasp the situation, Divine Kasyapa said, “Your true dragon was only advanced empyrean when I last saw it. Has it ascended to divinity already?”

The true dragons were a formidable bunch, but that was too quick even for their kind. This went completely beyond Kasyapa’s expectations.

“No, not the true dragon. The dragon and I combined can act like a divine cultivator. I was talking about another sacred beast.”

Kasyapa was rendered speechless. He gaped at Jiang Chen with wide eyes. Just how many sacred beasts had his grandson-in-law recruited?

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