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Sovereign of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 2073: Fighting Flares Anew

Chapter 2073: Fighting Flares Anew

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Divine Kasyapa knew that Jiang Chen never spoke lightly about this kind of thing. The god considered the situation, then transmitted back, “If we have as much fighting power as you say, I’m eighty percent sure we can keep all three from leaving. Killing two is even easier.”

The old man couldn’t guarantee killing all three. After all, there were many coincidental factors to take into account as well.

On the field of battle, a lot of unexpected things could and would happen, such as unforeseen battle strength or the enemy’s sudden retreat.

Taking them into account, Kasyapa believed that an eighty percent chance was more reasonable. It wasn’t the first time he’d dealt with these cultivators.

As it happened, both sides were embroiled in strategy.

The bald cultivator was rather apprehensive after seeing his companion captured. However, the two enforcers gave him no room for compromise.

His opinion was of no value whatsoever here. Though if he could have his way, he’d rather make a run for it.

In truth, the bald cultivator rather admired Divine Kasyapa. Compared to Master Lightford, the former was a much more honorable man.

He had joined Lightford almost entirely due to intimidation and threat. As such, he didn’t particularly want to fight.

This was a key difference between him and the sallow cultivator. The latter had always spearheaded the initiative against the Eternal Sacred Land, while he was much more of a follower out of necessity.

“Daoist Yu, when the fighting starts again, you should feint against young Jiang Chen. Beware of his feathered friend. We will take on An Kasyapa. When we have him at a standstill, you come help us. We’ll kill him as quickly as possible. Once that happens, Jiang Chen and his bird are nothing to be afraid of!”

The gold enforcer was a man that hungered for battle. How could he return to Master Lightford as things were after such a loss?

They needed to turn this battle around. If the two enforcers themselves couldn’t take down a single sacred land, their influence would surely suffer for it.

Master Lightford had relied on fear to command his subordinates from the start. If they couldn’t sufficiently awe their followers into future action, their thoughts would wander elsewhere.

“Why aren’t you talking, Daoist Yu?” the silver enforcer glared at the bald man.

“Venerated enforcers,” the bald cultivator sputtered, “I have no problem with the plan. It’s just… my comrade died in a rather strange way. I wonder whether our enemy has other underhanded methods up his sleeve?”

“Who cares about that? Listen to our orders and we’ll get it done. The faster An Kasyapa dies, the faster we’ll win.” The gold enforcer clearly didn’t want to talk about it any more.

“What if that bird comes to help?” asked the bald cultivator.

“Hmph. We have so many other subordinates here that we can simply fend it off for a bit. Are these demigods all trash? Why can’t they do some work when we need them?” snapped the silver enforcer with displeasure.

The bald cultivator sighed softly. The two enforcers were so bent on fighting that nothing he said would get through to them. “I will do my best.” He nodded.

Despite saying so, he already had other plans. If things began to go south, there was no way he would embroil himself in the duo’s foolish ideas.

He wasn’t about to pony up his life for the sake of Lightford’s ambition. After witnessing his companion’s death firsthand, he wasn’t about to follow in the other man’s footsteps.

“Alright, get ready,” the gold enforcer commanded. “Daoist Yu, if you do well here, we will offer great praise for you before Master Lightford. He will definitely promote you because of your contribution. Don’t you want to rule over a sacred land of your own?”

This was a tempting offer.

Still, the bald cultivator was moved for only an instant. However attractive that delusion was, he discarded it immediately.

This was an attempt to boost morale before battle. Only a fool would believe an empty promise like this.

The ten sacred lands were all extremely crucial. Master Lightford would only place his most trusted lieutenants over them. His turn would never come.

The bald cultivator didn’t think he was either strong or appropriate enough for the role.

He became warier of the enforcers because of this. If they could pretend to give him this kind of carte blanche, they certainly wouldn’t hesitate to use him as cannon fodder when it came time.

Yes, he definitely needed to have an escape plan.

Divine Kasyapa laughed from the other side suddenly. “You three, I only need a single word for war or peace. If you want to get out of here, do so immediately. If you want to fight, then come on.”

The gold enforcer sneered, “An Kasyapa, don’t pretend such calm in front of me. We have three gods. You and the bird make only two. Furthermore, we have many demigods on our side. Do you really think you can possibly win?”

Divine Kasyapa roared with laughter. “If you truly believed I can’t win, you would’ve come at me a long time ago. Why are you there muttering still? Is that cowardice I taste?”

The enforcer in gold grew furious. “An Kasyapa, you’ve always disrespected Master Lightford. Do you dare take us brothers on?”

The divine snickered. “Do you think I’m afraid of you?” He pointed his trident at the three gods. “Even if all three of you attacked me, what do I have to be concerned about?”

The two enforcers lunged toward Divine Kasyapa without further ado.

They were slightly inferior to Divine Kasyapa in terms of cultivation, and absolutely no match individually against him.

However, they were excellent at teamwork. Their synchronicity was a big help in battle, greatly increasing their actual fighting strength.

The three gods met in midair, form jumbling against form.

Their sweeping attacks whipped up air currents and dimmed the celestial light. Space was ripped and torn all around them with such volume, it was as if apocalypse had come.

The bald cultivator didn’t forget his responsibility. His broad body charged toward Jiang Chen.

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