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Sovereign of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 2076: No Suspense At All

Chapter 2076: No Suspense At All

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The brothers had thought they’d stand a good chance of escaping underground as long as they seized the initiative.

They didn’t expect the earth to be so impenetrable. The impact left them completely disoriented. It felt as if their brains had been knocked clean out of their skulls.

The delay made them lose all hope of escaping. All possible routes were now sealed off.

The double collisions had also greatly injured their physical bodies. They could at least see the golden bell the first time. This time around however, they didn’t even know what had happened.

Had the dirt been turned into gold with some secret method? Why was it so impenetrable that even their keenly sharp escape method had failed?

Once the mist covering the area dissipated and their eyesight cleared, they realized that they’d dove into a giant obstacle. It lay on the ground, resembling an oval shield from afar.

Bizarre patterns covered the surface. It seemed to burst with vitality.

Suddenly, the strange shield moved. Something emerged from the top, bottom, and both sides of the shield. It was a living creature!

The two enforcers gaped. It suddenly dawned on them that they’d been blocked by a living being! It looked like a turtle, but there was something different about it.

Its tail sprouted seemingly endlessly, looking explosively powerful like a steel whip. Its four limbs were thick and mighty as well. Its head looked not unlike that of a true dragon, but it didn’t have the requisite whiskers.

With a push of its limbs, it reared to its feet. The thick limbs and behemoth body made it look like an ancient giant emerging from the ground. Its shell was the spirit creature’s most recognizable feature.

Divine Kasyapa looked down at it with shock and disbelief. He’d seen descriptions about such a creature in ancient texts. This was the Black Tortoise!

His breathing quickened and his eyes flashed with unidentifiable emotions as they settled on Jiang Chen. There was something unusual about the young man that he couldn’t quite put his finger on.

The Vermilion Bird, the True Dragon, and now, the Black Tortoise. Jiang Chen had collected almost all of the four divine beasts!

Was that his intention?

As far as Kasyapa knew, Jiang Chen had only the Astral White Tiger left to locate.

He laughed. Finally, he understood why Jiang Chen was so confident and why the young man had said he could call on the battle strength of two gods. 

The Black Tortoise’s defensive abilities were heaven-defying.

On the defensive front alone, the tortoise had exceeded An Kasyapa. Not even Lightford himself would necessarily be able to break through its defenses.

The Black Tortoise was a divine beast particularly specialized in defense. It might fall short on the offensive side compared to the other divine beasts, but it ranked top in defense. Its tortoise-like shell alone was almost impenetrable.

The two enforcers were completely clueless. They had never seen or heard of a sacred beast like the Black Tortoise.

Still, shock was clear in their eyes. Neither could believe that they’d lost to a spirit creature. The beast’s defenses must be beyond their imagination!

More importantly, all their escape routes had been sealed off. Resistance was futile under the circumstances.

Divine Kasyapa smiled faintly. “You were so full of yourselves. You didn’t expect to fail so spectacularly now, did you?”

The two enforcers’ eyes shone with fury, glaring at Kasyapa. “Don’t celebrate yet, An. Even though you’ve defeated us with your trickery, it means nothing! Once our master ends his closed door cultivation, he’ll crush you without lifting a finger.”

“You’ve overestimated that old bastard,” Kasyapa said coolly. “However, his fate has nothing to do with you. You’ve become Eternal Sacred Land’s captives. You have no choice but to surrender.”

“Hmph! We’d rather die than surrender! If you want to capture us alive, be prepared for mutual destruction!” The brothers were determined to stay loyal to their master to the bitter end.

Jiang Chen smiled derisively. “Mutual destruction? Ha, I’d like to see you try.”

He’d gained a basic understanding of the two enforcers’ strength. Without another word, he activated the golden bell and trapped the brothers with terrifying restraining force.

The Vermilion Bird and Divine Kasyapa pulled no punches and deployed their most powerful move against the brothers. There was no need to further drag this out. It was time to deal with them swiftly.

The Vermilion Bird and the Black Tortoise both poured in all of their strength, as did Divine Kasyapa. When Jiang Chen and Long Xiaoxuan’s combined powers were added to the group, the Eternal defenders were at least two times stronger than the two enforcers.

The duo didn’t stand a chance.

The two enforcers stubbornly resisted despite their impending doom. However, Jiang Chen and the others weren’t foolish enough to give them a chance to mount a final strike.

With the Black Tortoise’s defenses, the two brothers might not be able to hurt it even if they self-detonated. No matter how they struggled, their resistance continued to weaken.

In less than half an hour, the relentless attacks had exhausted the brothers. Jiang Chen captured them with the golden bell.

Divine Kasyapa politely didn’t claim any credit. He knew most of the credit went to Jiang Chen and his sacred beast companions.

With the two enforcers captured, all four of the enemy divine cultivators were Jiang Chen’s captives.

Given that even the divine cultivators had failed, the other demigods didn’t even have a chance to escape. They were apprehended one by one.

Eternal’s cultivators had been caught up in panic when the sudden and complete turn of events caught them by surprise. They rejoiced to see the two enforcers taken down.

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