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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel)


This is the story of an orphan, Lu Shu. He is not any regular orphan, but a metahuman experiencing the changes in himself, his country and the world during the dawn of the magical era. Watch as Lu Shu embarks on a journey to hone his peculiar abilities together with his sister, the adorable and charismatic Lu Xiaoyu. Along the way, they’ll encounter supernatural events, obstacles and even the most powerful people in their country. How will Lu Shu make the best of his abilities and oust his never-ending list of rivals and opponents?

313 • 2019-03-27 17:09:23


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 41: The Intricacies of Aptitude Potential2019-03-27
Chapter 40: Aptitude for Abilities2019-03-27
Chapter 39: Daoyuan Class Begins!2019-03-27
Chapter 38: Transfer Students2019-03-27
Chapter 37: Forming Gangs2019-03-27
Chapter 36: Reborn2019-03-27
Chapter 35: Metahumans Don’t Need Sleep2019-03-27
Chapter 34: The Fifth Star2019-03-27
Chapter 33: Sh*tty Lottery2019-03-27
Chapter 32: A Huge Sum2019-03-27
Chapter 31: “See More”2019-03-27
Chapter 30: You guys are too generous!2019-03-27
Chapter 29: Daoyuan Class2019-03-27
Chapter 28: Li Qi is back2019-03-27
Chapter 27: Fancy Anti-cheating Methods2019-03-27
Chapter 26: Freedom, Democracy2019-03-27
Chapter 25: The Effects of the Refresher Fruit2019-03-27
Chapter 24: Roasted Sweet Potatoes2019-03-27
Chapter 23: Nationwide Physical Examination2019-03-27
Chapter 22: The Blood Drive2019-03-27
Chapter 21: Forming a World Peace Protection Team2019-03-27
Chapter 20: Lu Shu’s strength2019-03-27
Chapter 19: Day Training2019-03-27
Chapter 18: Cooking eggs2019-03-27
Chapter 17: Time to go to school2019-03-27
Chapter 16: Training2019-03-27
Chapter 15: The Strange World2019-03-27
Chapter 14: The Golden Foundation2019-03-27
Chapter 13: The Class Group2019-03-27
Chapter 12: Listen to me take a bite2019-03-27
Chapter 11: The huge fire2019-03-27
Chapter 10: Good man, let me go2019-03-27
Chapter 9: Fraud2019-03-27
Chapter 8: Baffling2019-03-27
Chapter 7: Mischief2019-03-27
Chapter 6: Message in a bottle2019-03-27
Chapter 5: Distress2019-03-27
Chapter 4: The accident and the tree2019-03-27
Chapter 3: “You’ve gotten yourself into some deep sh*t!”2019-03-27
Chapter 2: Good-for-nothing2019-03-27
Chapter 1: The Temple Fair2019-03-27


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