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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 419: Awful Luck

Chapter 419: Awful Luck

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The Golden Foundation had always been deemed as the guardians of justice, and its members the perfect beings.

But to err is human. What people did not know was Zhi Wei’s arrogance and Li Xianyi’s overemphasis on his reputation, which had one time unintentionally got his disciples into trouble. As a matter of fact, no one was flawless, but the Golden Foundation would not alter its mission in the face of humanity’s imperfections.

Did the Savior not dig his nose? At least Lu Shu believed so…

Lu Shu lowered his voice and asked, “Grandpa, did you see Xiaoyu?”

Li Xianyi shook his head. “This remain is really too big. I have not covered the entire space even by air. Moreover, we may have missed each other since she’s constantly on the move. But don’t worry. She’s always a lucky girl and she will definitely be fine.”

“Alright,” Lu Shu thought, no one else could defeat Lu Xiaoyu alone besides the old man himself.

Actually, he was not worried. He simply missed her. He had wanted to filter out Xiaoyu’s distress points from the many entries, but now, how could he find it amidst countless lines from the individual Practitioners…

“Have you seen Li Yixiao?” the old man suddenly asked.

Lu Shu was surprised. “Nope. Why are you looking for him?”

Li Xianyi’s brows were closely knitted together. “It’s reported that he’s causing everyone trouble at the moment with over a thousand gargoyles. Have you really not seen him yet?”

Obviously, he wanted to beat Li Yixiao up. Lu Shu did him a favor and insisted that he had never met Li Yixiao ever since.

Meanwhile, Lu Shu felt sorry for Li Yixiao, as the old man had found another reason to give him a bad thrashing. Although they might not be able to run into each other here, they would after they got out…

“No, really,” Lu Shu immediately shook his head. “We are not of the same kind. I’ve been supervising the excavation since last night.”

An unaffiliated Practitioner suddenly grumbled in Spanish from below, “Right. Even though there’s nothing left…”

Able to understand Spanish, Li Xianyi shot Lu Shu a confused look.

In Li Xianyi’s understanding, Lu Shu would never do anything unprofitable! Why then?

“What’s down there?” Li Xianyi asked.

Lu Shu hesitated for a second and re “Not much at all! There are only broken magical weapons.”

Yet, at this instant, the bottom of the pit suddenly subsided into a hollow of over two meters in diameter. All those present were stunned. What the heck?

The bolder ones were already lying on their stomach at the edge of the hole and looking inside, while others had retreated back to the surface. They cast Lu Shu a startled look, was he telling the truth when he claimed that there was more underneath?!

Li Xianyi also looked at Lu Shu in bewilderment, did he not just say there was nothing more except for weapons?!

Lu Shu, “…”

This was hard to explain!

He really had no bloody idea that there was something down there! He was simply gaining distress points, okay?!

Anyway, though, it was a good thing to get something out…

After a long while, the old man finally chose to believe Lu Shu’s explanation that it was a mere misunderstanding, although very reluctantly…

“How about I go down first?” Lu Shu asked Li Xianyi carefully, planning to pocket any treasures before others…

Li Xianyi instantly saw through it, “Too rash. Rest assured, the things inside are all yours since it’s you who found them.”

He would have taken it all if it was not Lu Shu. In fact, he had long since been treating the young man as his grandson and the stronger Lu Shu and Xiaoyu got, the happier he was.

It was a connection that transcended personal interest. Having lived for almost a century, Li Xianyi’s friends, parents and teachers had left him one by one. Thus, family had become an extremely precious and valuable asset to him.

As for the individual Practitioners, their initial shock had turned into joy, as any strange happenings in the remains could be related to unimaginable wealth. Soon, though, fear had crept in. Their chances of survival were considerably slim in the unknown situation down there.

What if Lu Shu decided to send them down first?!

The remains were full of dangers. If they were sent to scout ahead, not only would they be unable to secure their fruits of labor, they might even lose their lives inside.

At this moment, however, Lu Shu suddenly spoke, “Come up here, everyone. I’m afraid you are not suitable to venture any further.”

Despite his interest in distress points, Lu Shu would never bet on so many innocent lives for an uncertain cause. Li Xianyi said calmly, “You can either wait here or leave as you wish.”

Lu Shu felt sorry. Just let them leave like this? Actually they could stay and dig other areas!

As a matter of fact, the entire instance itself was odd. With an abundance of broken magical weapons and human skeletons buried here, how could it be an ordinary place? However, the discovery of the hollow was a pure coincidence.

Li Xianyi was the first to enter the hole, in which there was a stone staircase leading to unknown places in the depth. The old man frowned at the revelation. No wonder the remains were so strange that there was nothing besides low-level creatures like gargoyles and stretches of black stones, and the relic seemed nowhere to be found.

The truth lay underground!

In fact, in addition to tangible threats, there was another one that was more obscure, what if the relic could never be found?

In that instance, even Class A’s might perish in this desolate place. Everyone would starve to death, as no one was stocked with enough food able to sustain a lifetime.

Furthermore, even if there were such people, so what? They had entered the remains so as to become stronger in the future, and to enjoy the world of affluence outside.

What could Lu Shu do even if he consumed all the gargoyles here throughout his entire life? Thus, no one would be willing to die a natural death here, and the mere thought of failing to secure the relic was nightmarish.

Li Xianyi shot Lu Shu a glimpse, suspecting that he might have found the correct path to the relic by chance. What awful luck!

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