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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 514: The Collection of Gods on Full Alert

Chapter 514: The Collection of Gods on Full Alert

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Warehouse No.19 stored everything transported over from the temporary transfer warehouse. Rows of boxes were neatly arranged. Besides magical stones, Lu Shu planned to take everything else as well.

As for the four trucks of human goods, they had been transferred to some other place. The affair was managed only by Kuriyama’s most trusted men and had been treated as a top secret in the Collection of Gods.

It was understandable. Li Xianyi would certainly beat them flat if he ever found out about their human sacrificial rituals.

Moreover, the practice itself was downright unethical. If the information leaked out, the international reputation of the entire organization would suffer. Lu Shu suspected that they might have extended their evil plan to foreign Metahumans too.

Lu Shu closed the door. Darkness returned to the warehouse. Then, using the divine water as his source of light, Lu Shu opened every box that contained magical stones. All the stones disappeared the second his hand reached into the box. It was so fast!

With the Seal of Lands, this was an easy task.

Like a black hole, Lu Shu absorbed everything in the warehouse, with only empty boxes left behind. Pillaging the warehouse was his greatest takeaway from this Japan trip!

Only when everything was safely kept in his Seal of Lands, did an unprecedented sense of security and peace rise in Lu Shu’s heart.

According to the label on the boxes, there were 1,000 magical stones in each box, and there were 92 boxes. In other words, Lu Shu had gained a whopping 92,000 stones in one shot.

He did not mean to exaggerate but the current Lu Shu had the affluence comparable to that of an entire country!

Of course, he was referring to smaller countries.

Afterwards, Lu Shu carefully put the boxes back in place. He would not appreciate any suspicion when he opened the door later.

At this moment, Lu Shu heard sounds of the ground trembling from far away. Dust was falling down from the warehouse ceiling due to the shaking.

Was that an earthquake? Didn’t seem so. It felt more like a weighty creature marching on the ground, shaking the earth beneath its feet.

Having packed up the boxes, Lu Shu left the warehouse at once. The outside was in chaos. Tomosaka came to him and asked worriedly, “Lord Yamada, what’s going on?”

“I don’t know,” Lu Shu replied, “Since you were outside, did you hear anything about it?”

Tomosaka almost trembled in fear. “I’m not sure either. I heard there were two Class B knights coming towards us. They must be giants!”

Lu Shu had never heard about any Class B giant knights. He then turned to Tomosaka. “Follow me. There’s something I need to tell you.”

With that, he pulled Tomosaka into the warehouse. “Have you ever heard the sound ‘Ka’?”

“Huh? What kind of ‘Ka’ are you talking about, my Lord?” Before he could react, his neck had snapped with a “Ka”.

“From Tomosaka Toshi’s distress, +1000!”

So far, the only person who knew Lu Shu’s visit to Warehouse No.19 was dead. Thus, if anyone wanted to crack the case, they must check the access card log in the control room.

No matter what was happening, Lu Shu decided to leave at once. With the permit to leave granted by Kuriyama, going back to the city would be a piece of cake.

At this moment, the footsteps were drawing closer and closer, seemingly aiming right at the base. Ear-piercing sirens sounded outside the walls, upon which numerous people were running and shouting, “Alarm! Alarm! Enemy attack! The Mansion has been destroyed!”

Lu Shu was dumbfounded. What was going on? The Collection of Gods Mansion had been destroyed? Was it a full-out invasion against the Collection of Gods?

Despite the constant turbulence in the realm of cultivation, no one would casually start a Practitioners’ world war. Who on Earth had the guts to assault the Collection of God’s main base?

After the incident at the Koh Chang remains, the pyramid structure inside the Collection of Gods had lost its balance. The number of high-level Practitioners had plunged significantly.

Moreover, not all Collection of Gods members were concentrated in Nishinokyo at the moment. They were scattered across the entire country.

According to the information given by the Heavenly Network, the total population of Collection of Gods members in Nishinokyo was around 3,000, with their strongest fighters being Takashima Tairatsu and Kitamura Kijitori.

Suddenly, lights across the whole base went out one by one. This was soon followed by the deafening sound of an explosion from somewhere in Nishinokyo.

Darkness shrouded the entire base. Needless to say, electricity was vital to a city. What a smart move to destroy their electricity supply system first!

Shock and horror befell the Collection of Gods base. After half a minute, light returned to the building as the backup electricity system kicked in.

Lu Shu caught a man who had just run down the enclosure walls by his collar. He demanded, “Where are you going?”

“From Maeda Tomosaki’s distress, +199!”

“My Lord, I’m going to call for help. An enemy attack is coming!” The man’s feet almost left the floor under Lu Shu’s lift. He was in a hurry to report the situation, but now he could not even escape Lu Shu’s grip…

“Who are the enemies?” Lu Shu asked curiously.

“Not sure. They are very scary! Survivors from the Mansion have confirmed the destruction of the Mansion. And Lord Kitamura Kijitori is currently engaged in a battle with the enemies!” the man explained, anxiously, “The only information so far is that there are not too many of them. But they are very strong!”

At this time, a giant elevating platform was activated in the center of the base. Over one thousand members had come up from underground. Judging from the total number, they should be all of Takashima’s manpower. The Collection of Gods was on full alert!

Like a fighting machine, the entire Collection of Gods had geared up for the battle. But what kind of enemies could make them so alarmed? Could it be Nie Ting? That would be awesome!

But Lu Shu knew it was almost impossible. He had suspected the two knights to be ancient heroic spirits summoned through Chen Baili’s magical spells. They must be strong enough to be able to beat Li Yixiao up in the bathroom. But spirits like this could never be sustained for this long.

After a while, Lu Shu had finally ruled out the possibility of the involvement of the Heavenly Network, because the two knights were clad in European-styled armor.

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