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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 515: Coral Odin Johnson

Chapter 515: Coral Odin Johnson

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A group of people were asking each other questions. “Where are Lord Kuriyama and Lord Miyazaki? We haven’t seen them.”

“I didn’t see them either… They may still be in the office… They can’t be contacted, and no one answered the door either.” Someone explained, as if the relationship between Kuriyama and Miyazaki was no secret.

“Don’t discuss the Lord’s private matters. Get into your formations! Don’t be messy! Level One Alert!” Someone said with no fear in the face of danger. “Since Lord Kuriyama is not around, I will temporarily take over!”

Lu Shu walked away from the chaos. This chaos in the Collection of Gods was only temporary. They had high combat discipline and would most likely get into their formations very quickly. Lu Shu had to escape quickly.

Lu Shu came to the main gate. The guards at the gates coldly looked at him as he approached. They did not move one bit.

He showed his exit permit to the two guards. “Let me go. Lord Kuriyama has given me approval.”

“It’s Level One Alert now. No one is allowed to leave,” said the expressionless guard.

Lu Shu had a vague premonition. “Whose alert is this? My approval is from Lord Kuriyama himself.”

“This is Lord Takashima’s alert!”

What a pain in the ass. Kuriyama was impressive, but he could never reach Takashima’s level…

Since Tairatsu had given the order to prevent anyone from leaving, it looked like Lu Shu had no choice but to kill his way out… Lu Shu’s murderous intent surfaced. Since there was chaos back there, this was his best chance to sneak out.

The main gate suddenly opened at this moment. Lu Shu saw Takashima briskly walk in. “Lock the main gate. No one is allowed to leave without my permission! Close the steel gates!”


Brother, was it really appropriate for you to come back at such a timing? Now that you’re back, what do I do? How am I supposed to bring out my precious magical stones!

The steel gates came down with a crash. The entire main gate was completely blocked. The steel gates were for the Collection of Gods to resist aggression from the outside. Lu Shu never thought that they would make use of the gates so quickly. No one could leave without Takashima’s permission…

Takashima looked at Lu Shu. “What are you doing here?”

“Um, I came to see if I could help in any way,” said Lu Shu, as if nothing had happened. On the inside he was hurting. He could not escape even with over 90.000 magical stones in his hands. This was a cause of worry for him.

Takashima had no time to care about him. He leaped up to the castle wall and observed the distance between them.

Lu Shu did not dare to directly break through the wall. Takashima was now supervising this place. Lu Shu did not know what he would do if Takashima decided to disregard the outsiders and go for him instead…

He silently returned into the fortress. He approached a Class C, who was organising the manpower. As the troops prepared to mobilise before the battle, Lu Shu heard him say, “The Deities Attack Troop! We can no longer tolerate such a situation. We must survive or perish with the Collection of Gods!”

“I vow to survive or perish with the Collection of Gods!”

“I vow to survive or perish with the Collection of Gods!”

Lu Shu gasped. The Deities? Wasn’t that the organisation Coral was in? After Lu Shu had come to the Collection of Gods, all the information he had received was related to the Collection of Gods. As for the information from the Deities… Nie Ting did not know of the relationship between Lu Shu and Coral.

But Lu Shu could not understand why Coral would come all the way here. The Deities were so far away from the Collection of Gods. It couldn’t be for personal reasons, right? There was no way for Lu Shu to confirm this, but inside he already had a vague answer. There was typically no connection between the Deities and the Collection of Gods, since there was a large distance between them. But if she had suddenly come to attack, Lu Shu could not believe in any other reason other than to avenge him…

This was a very complex feeling. There were actually other people willing to risk their lives for him, other than Lu Xiaoyu.

Lu Shu was touched beyond words. But her arrival was just too timely…

Lu Shu was unable to connect with the outside world now. As he pondered over the situation, he shouted along with the hypnotized crowd. “I vow to survive or perish with the Collection of Gods!”

People eventually stopped shouting. This slogan was simply to boost morale, if they continued shouting, how would they deploy their defenses? In spite of this, Lu Shu continued shouting…

That Class C expert could no longer take it. “Stop shouting! Stop shouting!”

Lu Shu froze. He looked at the Class C. “Are you willing to survive or perish with the Collection of Gods?!”

“… I vow to survive or perish with the Collection of Gods.”

“From Kawano Tarou’s distress, +666!”

Lu Shu suddenly asked, “How many people are coming from the Deities?”

The Class C was dumbfounded. “It looks like only the new female leader and two exceptionally large steel knights are coming.”

Lu Shu almost coughed out blood. What is this? Only three people are coming?!

In reality, Lu Shu did not even count the two knights as people from the beginning. They were knight puppets previously from the Deities, so strictly speaking, only Coral was coming from the Deities!

To Coral, this was her personal grievance. Although the entire Deities crowned her as the Master of Gods because of her Odin bloodline, but the problem was that she did not want to involve anyone from the organisation in her own meaningless sacrifice. As long as it was a battle, there would certainly be fatalities.

Furthermore, the reason the Deities were so willing to respect Coral was not simply because she had awakened the Odin bloodline. As there were not many strong Class B’s in the Deities, they could not be sure that the only person who could awaken the Odin bloodline was Coral. They wondered whether there were others who could do so too?

Even if Coral originally had a Gungnir at the back of her neck, everyone else would simply wait and see.

But it was precisely during this period of hesitation, that the two knight puppets everyone had thought were only for decoration had suddenly pledged their loyalty to Coral. They had also become the marks on Coral’s left and right hands.

This also meant that the two knights were now Coral’s personal possessions. Others could not even make use of them.

The knights’ loyalty was the reason that made the entire Deities unite together. As everyone understood that since the real Master of Gods had appeared, they had to pledge their allegiance to her as members of the Deities.

If Lu Shu had obtained distress points from Coral, he would have realised that Coral’s name had changed to Coral Odin Johnson.

In a nutshell, this kind of organisation was much better than that of the Collection of Gods, as there was no dispute once their leader emerged. But what made them troubled was that their leader was currently heartbroken over the death of a Heavenly Network expert, to the extent that she had no appetite everyday.

Everyone felt that this could not go on. If Odin starved to death, what would happen to the Deities! Was she joking around?

Hence, someone went to tell Coral, “You have to eat. Only then can you advance to Class A and avenge his death, right?”

In the end, the person who had suggested this really wanted to slap himself in the face. The next day, Coral disappeared. Who could have known what she would do?

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