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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 607: Borrow Arrows with Thatched Boats

Chapter 607: Borrow Arrows with Thatched Boats

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After two hours, Lu Shu glimpsed at Mo Chengkong, his expressions slightly annoyed. “Captain Mo, that’s enough…”

“Are you still leaving?” Mo Chengkong asked.

“No! No! I promise I’m not leaving this time! Really!” Lu Shu replied impatiently.

“How should I trust you? It’s your 47th time saying that.”

From the side, Chen Zuan suggested, one of his eyes swollen, “Ask him to deposit 1000 bucks. I’m sure he won’t leave like that.”

One minute later, both of Chen Zuan’s eyes were purple and swollen. He pleaded, “Brother Mo, this is the most I can do. You will lose manpower if I continue to help you…”

In the past, Lu Shu had noticed that Chen Zuan was exceptionally naughty. He dared to piss off Gao Shenyin, Cheng Qiuqiao and Hao Zhichao. But now Lu Shu realized that Chen Zuan was not afraid of death.

Lu Shu took out 1000 yuan from his wallet, but took back 500 upon second thoughts. He passed it to Mo Chengkong and said, “Rest assured that I’m really not going anywhere this time…”

Mo Chengkong counted the notes and put it in his wallet. “I’ll return you the money once we get out of here. Don’t worry.”

Only until then did the atmosphere in Team 42 return to normal.

Suddenly Mo Chengkong asked in high spirits, “Since you are my team members now, you have to listen to me. What are your levels, gentlemen?”

“Mid-Class D.”

“Mid-Class D.”

The two of them spoke simultaneously.

They exchanged a look of understanding.

Mo Chengkong grinned. “I’m at the peak of Class D. Now, I’ll introduce to you our defense line, and each one has a part to play in guarding it at night.”

Then, the two of them listened carefully to Mo Chengkong’s summarized military strategies.

Soldiers from the sea were all clad in corroded bronze armor, and their only weapon was a trident. Most of them were Class D’s to E’s, with a few tough ones of Class C.

One might ask why they stuck to heavy metals like bronze in the sea. But it turned out that they liked it.

Moreover, they would vanished into a wisp of splendid powder after death, no corpses left behind.

Many people had engaged in close combat with the people of the sea, and all of them asserted that they looked almost identical to humans except for a slight tinge of blue in their skin. It was expected to see special organs like gills for underwater living, but they turned out to be non-existent too.

At this moment, Chen Baili flew back from the horizon. To Lu Shu’s surprise, the old man was hauling a very thick hemp robe, on which groups of students were holding tightly onto the robe in order not to fall.

“I was wondering how he could bring back so many people,” Lu Shu exclaimed, “And now he’s become a Chen Baili helicopter.”

Chen Zuan whispered, “Do you still want to leave, Brother Shu? I feel that this team is really quite weak. Should we stay here to help them?”

Annoyed, Lu Shu answered, “Rest assured. I’m not leaving.”

Then Lu Shu saw Chen Zuan rush off buoyantly. He glanced over to see a girl leaning against the stone wall with a book on her laps.

Du Xuemei!

Lu Shu suddenly understood why that little fatty was so eager to stay at all costs. It was because the girl of his dream was here!

How bloody romantic!

Du Xuemei was reading a book quietly. Maybe no one had thought of bringing a book into the remains, but Du Xuemei was uninterested in the surrounding activities either.

When the little fatty approached her, Du Xuemei looked up, her face filled with joy. Meanwhile, Lu Shu looked into the distance, distress all over his face. He should take things as they came, since Lu Xiaoyu was certainly safe amongst Class D and C losers from the sea.

Soon, Lu Shu saw Chen Zuan take out a few packs of food from his bag. Only then did Lu Shu notice that the students around looked rather skinny and pale.

Could it be there was a shortage of food supply on the island? Lu Shu had brought loads of food too, but only sufficient for two people to survive one month. It would be insignificant for the huge population now residing on the island.

Therefore, it would be wiser to figure out a way out of the remains rather than giving out his food.

As time trickled by, it was finally getting dark. Chen Zuan had returned to Lu Shu. He announced cheerfully, “Xuemei said that I’ve become tougher after my mission. She said I’m not as fat as before, I’m just chubby.”

“Look how happy you are. You gave out your food?” Lu Shu asked.

“They are rather miserable now. Everyone has only prepared 15-days amount of food and now, ten days have passed. Their food has all been confiscated for fair distribution.”

Lu Shu commented calmly, “It seemed that your granduncle has plans for a prolonged battle. He’s also uncertain where the relic is. I’m afraid it’s under the sea.”

“I agree.” Chen Zuan nodded. “But now, we don’t know their situations, nor the presence of other creatures underwater. So even my granduncle may not rashly venture there. After all, he has to use 30% of his power to protect himself against water in the sea.”

The waiting time was painfully long. Chen Baili had finally finished the search in the last direction before sunset.

When darkness befell the world, stars had sprawled out in the night sky. At this time, the mirror surface had completely turned into a peaceful, windless ocean.

The reflection of stars and galaxies in the sea had almost turned it into a starry sky as well.

The view was breathtaking, as the universe unfolded its vastness and magnificence.

“It’d be just wonderful if this place were safe. It would be a paradise,” Mo Chengkong said, gazing into the sky and sea atop the defense line.

Suddenly a faint wave undulated outwards on the sea surface close to their defense. Lu Shu immediately pulled Mo Chengkong back. In a split second, a trident shot out from the sea towards where Mo Chengkong was standing. He would have been dead if Lu Shu was slightly slower!

That was not the end yet. Just when everybody held their breath in alarm, Lu Shu leaped up and grabbed hold of the flying trident. Then, he stood on the stone wall himself! In the next instant, three tridents shot towards him, but Lu Shu caught them at once!

Chen Zuan was dumbfounded. He murmured to Lu Shu’s lone figure on the wall, “Bo.. borrowing arrows with thatched boats 1?!”


Ch 607 Footnote 1

An ancient Chinese story in which Zhuge Liang collected arrows by fooling his enemies into shooting thatched boats

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