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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 609: The True Expert

Chapter 609: The True Expert

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

As Lu Shu and Chen Zuan fought, they slowly started to distance themselves from the rest of the Battalion. This was not because they were intentionally putting distance between them and the rest. As the line of defense continued moving backwards, everyone had followed suit except for Lu Shu and Chen Zuan!

Lu Shu and Chen Zuan were like a solitary boat surrounded by the soldiers of the sea. They were isolated and cut off from help.

Lu Shu was very happy. There was only one Class C among the soldiers of the sea that they had encountered. The Class C had been killed by Lu Shu and Chen Zuan. The other soldiers were no match for them. Even if they were surrounded by the soldiers, it did not matter. If there were too many soldiers for them to handle, they still had Chen Baili around. He would eventually find out what was happening here.

But Mo Chengkong and the rest did not think so. They continued moving backwards. After a while, they realized that they were not in as much danger. They looked back and saw Lu Shu and Chen Zuan surrounded by the soldiers of the sea. Mo Chengkong and the rest were no longer the main targets!

“No, we cannot leave them alone!” Mo Chengkong shouted, “Brothers, we cannot abandon our comrades like that! The 42nd Battalion cannot lack even one man!”

Under these circumstances, if someone took the lead to run away, their team would be defeated and dispersed. People often had a herd mentality. In times like this, there had to be someone to call for action. Mo Chengkong filled in this role.

Mo Chengkong took the lead and rushed forth. The group of people followed him without much thought. Everyone was fired up. This was the camaraderie that they had desired. All for one and one for all!

At this moment, they suddenly realized that there was nothing to fear about the soldiers of the sea.

The first night they were here, the soldiers of the sea had attacked without restraint. Everyone was slightly stressed about this.

But the ones dealing with the greatest stress now were Lu Shu and Chen Zuan. After they had taken the lead, everyone else’s stress had decreased significantly.

The formation of the soldiers of the sea was momentarily broken. Mo Chengkong’s abilities truly lived up to that of a peak Class D. He became like the head of an arrow, leading his troops to join Lu Shu and Chen Zuan. He forced the soldiers of the sea out of his way!

The Daoyuan Class students there were all very strong. But strength and combat abilities were different. One only had combat abilities if one was willing to fight!

Lu Shu was happy knocking out the soldiers of the sea. As he knocked the soldiers of the sea unconscious, he took their trident and threw it into the Seal of Lands. Although Lu Shu was unhappy that his mystic water had been taken away by the chaos, he still had to take care of Chaos! This was food reserved for Chaos after it woke up!

Suddenly, Lu Shu heard Mo Chengkong’s shout. “The two of you, don’t be afraid! We are here to help you!”

Lu Shu looked at this group of students. At first, they were unable to shake off their fear towards the soldiers of the sea. But now, they were charging forth out of their own initiative?

The two groups joined within a short three minutes. Lu Shu now only had to face enemies from one side, instead of all four sides.

Lu Shu rushed towards the beach, while Mo Chengkong and the rest of the 42nd Battalion followed closely behind him.

While the other Battalions were still struggling to fight off the soldiers of the sea, the 42nd Battalion, who had been the main target of attack, had launched their counterattack!

Lu Shu was like a steadfast refuge during heavy rain and strong wind. Everyone silently stood behind Lu Shu, fighting the soldiers of the sea at close quarters. When this kind of formation was formed, the rate of injuries immediately dropped!

But everyone realized one problem with shock…

“Where did the tridents go?!” Someone asked with uncertainty.

“Hm? Didn’t they all have tridents when they came on shore? Where did they go?!”

“Something is not right!”

Even if the soldiers of the sea had combat power, once they regained their consciousness and wanted to attack, they would realize that their weapons had disappeared.

Everyone carefully looked at Lu Shu. They realized that when the soldiers of the sea were fighting with Lu Shu, they still had the trident in their hands. But when Lu Shu hit them, the trident disappeared in a blink of an eye…

“Is that the invisible storage equipment?” Someone asked as he attacked the soldiers of the sea that approached him. “Did he take their trident and store it in the invisible storage equipment?”

This seemed to be the only explanation that made sense!

At first, everyone had thought that it was hard to use the standard long sword to fight the soldiers of the sea. Thus, after killing the soldiers of the sea, they picked up their tridents and used it as their weapon.

This was a very smart decision. Those who had changed their weapons became more powerful and bold. Others also followed suit and wanted to pick up tridents, but they realized… ha ha, there were no more tridents.

It was almost as if these soldiers of the sea had come on shore for a visit!

Lu Shu felt that he heard something and suddenly shouted. “Hm? Their tridents disappeared! How mysterious, how mysterious…”

Chen Zuan, Mo Chengkong and the rest of the 42nd Battalion was speechless. Could your acting get any worse?!

“From Chen Zuan’s distress, +166…”


Chen Zuan realized that Lu Shu did not cover up the fact that he used the invisible storage equipment. From Chen Zuan’s point of view, there was no big deal in Lu Shu taking away the tridents. After all, Lu Shu was very good at throwing things. He would have a use for this. But Chen Zuan did not know that Lu Shu used the tridents to feed Chaos…

Suddenly, help arrived. When Mo Chengkong saw this, he was elated and left the team to meet the troops who were assisting them. He wanted to explain what had happened here. But when the troops arrived, they took a glance before turning and going to help other areas instead.

Mo Chengkong grabbed their leader’s legs and said, “Brother, please don’t leave! Aren’t you here to help us? Why are you leaving?”

The leader looked at Mo Chengkong expressionlessly. “You are?”

“I am Mo Chengkong, the Captain of the 42nd Battalion,” Mo Chengkong said as he raised his head.

“I am Cheng Qiuqiao from the 2nd Battalion,” said Cheng Qiuqiao.

Mo Chengkong was dumbfounded. He knew that the Captains of the first 30 battalions were Class A aptitude geniuses. This meant that Cheng Qiuqiao was at least a peak Class C expert. He could use flying swords and such!

Under these circumstances, Mo Chengkong could not possibly let them go. “Brother, please help us. Don’t leave!”

Cheng Qiuqiao was baffled. “Brother Lu Shu is here. You don’t need help! Let go of me, there are still areas that are in danger!”

“Brother Lu Shu?!” Mo Chengkong let go of Cheng Qiuqiao in a daze.

Cheng Qiuqiao left, leaving Mo Chengkong alone to look at Lu Shu. “He is the true expert…”

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