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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 619: New Situation

Chapter 619: New Situation

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

After the battle, the 42nd Battalion had a few nicknames. The Flood of Bronze or the Debris Flow of Bronze.

Mo Chengkong did not mind the nicknames. It did not matter whether they were seen as a flood or a debris flow. What was important, however, was that his team now stood out from the other battalions labeled only by numbers. The name recognized across the island instilled them with a sense of honor.

When others were hoping to pull them up from the floor and officially express their gratitude, the members of the 42nd Battalion did not seem to appreciate it. For instance, Mo Chengkong stared into Wang Xu’s eyes peacefully and said, as the latter tried to lift him up, “Let me be. I’m fine, just a few body aches here and there. Let me lie down like this, can’t you…”

Wang Xu was speechless.

They were good buddies after seven years of friendship. Hence, Wang Xu sat beside Mo Chengkong to keep him company.

Meanwhile, Chen Zuan, while holding Du Xuemei’s hand tightly, rejected all offer of helping him stand up. In the meantime, he had rejected all those that wanted to help Du Xuemei too. Xuemei, on the other hand, lay quietly beside him as the time passed by.

When the rest had recovered enough energy to sit up, Mo Chengkong asked, “Zuan, by all rights your recovery should be faster than ours. Why are you still lying there?”

Having heard that, Du Xuemei immediately drew her hand back. Chen Zuan sat up and glared at Mo Chengkong. “You did it on purpose, didn’t you.”

Lu Shu laughed. “Get up, everybody. Dinner time.”

It was then that they realized the portion of food for that day was unexpectedly large. Someone asked curiously, “Why did they give us so much food today?”

The Daoyuan Class student who was distributing food replied with a smile, “You all have more food because you’ve done the most work. It was specially ordered by Heavenly King Chen, so enjoy your meal!”

Special treatment always made people happier, because it showed respect. They received it happily as they knew they deserved it.

At this moment Chen Zuan noticed Lu Shu had been silent. He asked, “A penny for your thoughts, Brother Shu?”

Lu Shu glanced at him and said, “We can’t keep on like this. I think there’s something weird about the warriors of the sea, but I don’t know why. At the end of the day, we have to obtain the relic so as to put an end to the remains.”

He could not mention the information he gleaned from the record of distress points. But instinctively Lu Shu felt that something was not right with the way they vanished into dust after death and how the people of the sea surnamed “Ke” regarded their soldiers’ lives so lightly.

Every round of attack culminated in tens of thousands of lives lost on the side of the army of the sea. But there was no sign of them stopping.

Could there really be so many fighters of the sea underwater?

Lu Shu’s determination to venture into the water grew firmer. Blessed with so many suitable strengths, it was as though he was the best candidate for the task.

“Do you think the people of the sea will give us the relic if we perform some sort of rituals like the rain dance in ancient times?” Chen Zuan’s imagination was running wild.

Irritated, Lu Shu replied, “Don’t be so ridiculously superstitious. In those days, they had to offer three pig heads before the rain dance. Will you offer your head to the Dragon King 1 ?”

Eh? Lu Shu was suddenly reminded that there was a dragon residing in his Cheng Ying sword. Could he verify with him whether the rain ritual would work? Would the dragon get mad for this kind of stupid question?!

Mo Chengkong suddenly asked, “Zuan, are you and Du Xuemei officially together now?”

Chen Zuan replied shyly, “I think so.”

Mo Chengkong said, “Last time I liked a girl too, but I didn’t dare to tell her. In the end, I took the initiative but it was unsuccessful. She’s a commoner, not a Daoyuan Class student.”

“See? You should learn from me,” Chen Zuan said smugly, “You can’t be passive. Tell me how you took the initiative.”

“I invited her to a movie,” replied Mo Chengkong, “but she insisted on meeting my parents.”

Chen Zuan was stunned. “Meeting your parents? That’s too early! What’s her original sentence?”

Mo Chengkong said, distress all over his face, “She said, ‘Watch your mother.'”

Chen Zuan was speechless.

Lu Shu commented, “… Ha, a girl of character.”

In the meantime, everyone was seizing the opportunity to take a good moment’s rest, because it was uncertain when the next round of attack would begin. In their imagination, the people of the sea had always cast their eyes on the coastline.

After this battle, many people had put on bronze armor. Yet, just as how Lu Shu had expected, few were lucky enough to have the complete suit.

That would work well for Hai Gongzi’s OCD, Lu Shu thought… Glancing around, he saw many tired, yet stronger faces. He had to admit that Nie Ting’s aim of sending those students into the remains had been achieved.

They were true fighters now, though more practice was needed.

It had only been a year since the start of Daoyuan Class, but a batch of talents had been nurtured in such a short duration of time.

Training soldiers often came with a price. Until then, the death toll had risen to nearly one thousand, as the army of the sea was not an easy opponent either. Many young and colorful lives had already been lost.

During this break time, people started reminiscing about their late friends and classmates. However, besides the grief, all they could do was fight on.

May the deceased rest in peace, and the living, carry on with their duties.

Now, the top priority was to end the battle as soon as possible.

Chen Baili descended from the sky and landed beside Lu Shu. “What’s your view on the relic?”

“Nothing, for now.”

“Hmm. Tell me when you think of something.” Chen Baili left after he finished the sentence. To everyone’s astonishment, Chen Baili had actually come to Lu Shu for advice!

But Chen Zuan had become accustomed to it…

At this moment, another wave of attack had commenced. But this time, all Daoyuan Class students across the entire Safety Island could not their believe eyes.

“My goodness. Is it because of that Debris Flow of Bronze…”

“What the heck?! New forces?!”

Close to athird of the invading soldiers of the sea were half-naked, without bronze armor nor tridents…

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