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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 677: Protect Coral

Chapter 677: Protect Coral

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Bilma Desert, Africa.

The atmosphere was hot and dry. If one looked into the distance, it would be as if someone had stuffed a piece of cellophane in the air. The air was distorted.

A cross-country vehicle drove into the desert at a high speed. It kicked up a dust storm in its tracks. This place was off the beaten track. Even African locals rarely appeared here. The person sitting on the passenger seat wore sunglasses and held a magical standard weapon in his hands. It was as if he was carefully observing the movements around him during a patrol.

Suddenly, they realized that someone was walking in the Bilma Desert. His head and face was covered in dust, as if he had crossed the Bilma Desert on foot. He wore a military uniform that was very similar to theirs. But it was the middle of May. The heat was unbearable. Who would be able to walk through the Bilma Desert? The two of them were Class E Metahumans, but they did not dare to even imagine how the Bilma Desert was like.

They guessed that this young man wearing a military uniform had walked along the border of the desert.

The young man stood on the border of the desert. He looked at the greenery and vegetation in the distance. “I finally walked out. Nie Ting, you are too much. Making me walk all the way here to coordinate with the new team…”

The cross-country vehicle stopped over fifty meters away from Lu Shu. The two people alighted and came to interrogate Lu Shu. They saw that Lu Shu was wearing a uniform that was very similar to theirs. “Are you a spy? Or are you a secret enemy agent?”

The young man was dumbfounded. “Is there a difference?”

“… there is a very big difference.” The two people were dumbfounded as well, but they continued to ask, “Don’t change the subject. Who are you?”

The young man was silent for two seconds. “A successor of Socialism? Wait, can I ask you something? Where am I? Which part of Bilma Desert are we at?”

The young man evidently did not know what he had to do with spies and secret enemy agents. They were the ones who had come to interrogate him. He had no intention of provoking them. He was just passing by…

The two people were evidently at a loss. It seemed as if this young man did not care much about them. Although they had drawn their weapons, the young man still seemed very relaxed. They did not know what to feel… “We are in the north. What are you…”

“I didn’t walk in the wrong direction. Could you give me a ride?” Lu Shu wiped his face and asked. “Just send me to the sea.”

The two people looked at each other in blank dismay. Did he not see them as an enemy? “Who are you? Why do we have to send you to the sea?”

As they spoke, they started to retreat. These two people were not dumb. The young man in front of him had nothing to fear because he had a strong backing. He would become even more aggressive as time passed. He definitely had backup.

They probably would not be able to defeat him. They had to return to their base and activate the assistance team. There were times when retreating was part of a strategy and was not shameful.

Lu Shu regretted everything. He should have used his water-type abilities to go underwater from the beginning. Back then, when he asked whether there would be anyone to send him to Europe, a message came. Only a Heavenly King had the authority to assemble resources.

Lu Shu could not stand this humiliation. Who were they trying to humiliate? In his anger, he started to trek on land. He had wanted to drive, but he could not. His poverty had limited his abilities…

Later on, he thought that this cannot be right. He should have gone underwater. Although the distance would be twice as long, he was faster underwater. He would not be covered with dust from head to toe either. He had walked in the Bilma Desert for three days and three nights. He still did not have to worry about the climate, water, and food yet.

He had been tricked!

When the two people were about to board the vehicle, Lu Shu instantly came in front of their vehicle. He pointed his trident at the driver’s head. “Don’t be like this. Peace. You understand peace, right? I just killed a few people. I don’t want to kill for now. Look, you treated me unfairly just now. I am hurt. Shouldn’t you make up for it?”

The two people were rendered speechless. Every time he spoke, he talked about killing people. Were you crazy?

But when they saw the speed at which he approached their vehicle, they felt that it was best not to refute him…

Lu Shu had wanted to use the Cheng Ying sword to threaten them. But the Cheng Ying sword was transparent. There would not be much of an effect if he used the Cheng Ying sword. He sauntered to the back seat and took off the EO military uniform that he was wearing. A pile of sand dropped on the floor as he changed.

After he changed into his T-shirt, he felt much more relaxed. He looked up at the sun in the sky before he suddenly took out his trident once again. He said, “Drive to the north. Don’t make any detours.”

The two people had wanted to bring Lu Shu to their base, but Lu Shu realized what they were doing. “Where do you think you’re going.”

“Just go north and we’ll be done.” Lu Shu now knew that as long as he continued north, he would be able to reach the Mediterranean Sea. Once he crossed the Mediterranean Sea, he would be able to enter Europe.

“You can ask them for permission. We have to return once our time is up. We can’t be out for too long,” the driver said carefully.

“Wait. Let me ask them,” said Lu Shu. The atmosphere was now very amiable.

Lu Shu leisurely sent a message. “Where is the exact meeting place?”


Lu Shu looked it up on the map. Sardinia. It was in the Mediterranean Sea, north of Tunisia.

“Send me information on the members.” Lu Shu sent another message.

“The information is highly classified. Only Heavenly Kings can access this information.”

“Zhong Yutang, you never said anything like that before.” Lu Shu was dumbfounded. He felt that Nie Ting was definitely behind this. If not, Zhong Yutang would not do such a thing.

Did Nie Ting think that he would become a Heavenly King after killing the three Class B experts?

“I am not Zhong Yutang.” A reply came.

Hm? They had changed the person in charge. Lu Shu did not know who it was.

Lu Shu suddenly thought of something. He sent another message. “Ah~”


“From You Mingyu’s distress, +666!”

“Ha ha, so it was you.” Lu Shu laughed coldly. This time, only Nie Ting, Shi Xuejin, Zhong Yutang, You Mingyu, and Li Yixiao knew the details. The only person who would be free enough to send him information other than Zhong Yutang was You Mingyu.

The two people in front trembled when they heard Lu Shu laugh coldly. But they could not understand his Chinese.

You Mingyu had some self-awareness as well. “How did you know that it was me?”

Lu Shu sent another message. “Hurry up. What kinds of people are coming this time? I’m very curious.”

“Heavenly King Nie said that you would recognize them. There is no need to send you any information.” You Mingyu sent a reply.

Lu Shu suddenly understood. So it was someone he was familiar with? If not, Nie Ting would not say such a thing.

“What are the details of this mission to Europe? Tell me the details.” Lu Shu sent a question.

“Protect Coral and form the alliance.”

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