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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 723: You Have Been Surrounded

Chapter 723: You Have Been Surrounded

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The scorpions covered the entire village like a tide. The postman’s motorcycle had not died out, but its owner had been engulfed by the scorpions.

After these scorpions had evolved, it was as if they were no longer as scared of the light. They instinctively went underground to hide. In the past, the scorpions would not dare to go out in the light and attack the postman during the day.

The scorpions went underground once again. When night fell, the black tide surged forth. Their numbers had increased.

The king scorpion was very fast. It broke away from the rest of the scorpions and stood on a small hill. It seemed to be smelling something. Scorpions had a very sensitive sense of smell, even before they had evolved. In the past, people who wanted to get rid of scorpions only had to bring chemicals that irritate the nose, such as asphalt, paint, petrol or pesticides. This would cause the scorpions to run away.

The king scorpion wanted to determine the route that the black wave would take. But at that moment, a gray mouse with a tuft of black hair on its head suddenly landed in front of the king scorpion. It curiously looked at the massive scorpion.

The king scorpion looked at the gray mouse, which was about to stretch out its claw and poke it…

The king scorpion’s tail charged towards the gray mouse like an arrow. It wanted the mouse to pay for its curiosity. But… the mouse grabbed its tail…

The king scorpion was furious. It stretched out its pincers to attack. But the mouse retracted its claw and retreated five meters away. It silently looked at the scorpion and was deep in thought. The king scorpion did not expect that a gray mouse would be able to move so quickly. The two of them momentarily paused…

The next moment, the gray mouse tried to attack the king scorpion. A clattering sound suddenly came from behind the king scorpion. The black wave had caught up. Their ferocity was frightening.

The gray mouse turned around and ran. The king scorpion seemed pleased. With a hiss, the black wave followed the king scorpion to chase after the gray mouse.

In the morning, Lu Shu made breakfast after his sword practice. Little Fury and Lu Xiaoyu were waiting at the dining table.

Dong dong dong! Someone suddenly knocked on the door. Lu Xiaoyu opened the door, but did not recognize the person standing outside. Lu Shu popped his head out of the kitchen and saw a middle-aged man standing outside. “Who are you looking for?”

A man, who seemed to be the middle-aged man’s assistant, stood behind him. His leather shoes were very shiny. He seemed like a successful man. He smiled at Lu Shu. “Young man, are your parents home?”

Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu looked at each other. Lu Shu said, “Get straight to the point.”

“It’s like this. I want to buy this house for a high price. Are you willing to transfer the ownership of this house?” The middle-aged man smiled.

“No. Try asking other houses.” Lu Shu was dumbfounded. Why did someone want to buy an old and tattered courtyard like theirs?

Something was not right. Lu Shu guessed why the man wanted to buy the house. It was probably because the termites had corroded and collapsed buildings earlier. Thus, some tycoons did not want to live in high-rise buildings anymore.

There were not many villas in Luo City. Furthermore, there were very few vacant houses. Last night, someone said that the prices of villas had inflated. Some tycoons could not even afford them now.

So if they could not afford a villa, they turned to single storey apartments?

Considering their wealth, it would not be difficult for them to buy a single storey apartment and renovate it. But Lu Shu had developed feelings for this place. He would not be willing to move out even if he was offered a villa.

“Oh, wait!” Lu Shu suddenly said, “How about the house beside ours?”

The middle-aged man was dumbfounded. “I knocked on the door, but no one answered. But I saw that the courtyard was still very clean, so it should be occupied. Do you know how to contact the owner?”

There was no one living next door. That was the house that Li Xianyi had given Lu Shu. The courtyard was clean because Lu Xiaoyu cleaned up the place everyday.

There was no problem even if the house was vacant, thus Lu Shu did not sell the house. After all, that old man had given him the house.

Before Lu Shu could open his mouth, Lu Xiaoyu said expressionlessly. “We can’t sell it. What if he comes back to live here?”

Lu Shu thought about it. So that was why Lu Xiaoyu took the effort to clean the courtyard everyday. He turned and said to the middle-aged man, “Sorry. We won’t sell it.”

Crash! Lu Shu shut the door and continued to cook.

Many rich people were not willing to live in high rise buildings. Some even desperately announced that they were hiring bodyguards. They were afraid that the mutated creatures would harm them. Rich people would not sit at the edge of the roof. They did not want to put themselves in a dangerous environment.

Offices in Luo City had collapsed. Many houses in other cities were also infested with termites. This was a global problem. People were posting four times more than usual on the Golden Foundation forum. They discussed what they would do if a disaster really occurred. Cases of theft and crime increased by ten times in many places. Things were slightly better at home. All the items in the supermarket were sold out, especially grains.

When Metahumans appeared, everyone reacted in the same way. But Metahumans were still human. There was still room for communication. But the termites were different.

At that moment, someone knocked on the door again. Lu Shu opened the door and saw a small mouse. The small mouse gestured at Little Fury. Little Fury took its backpack and ran out.

“Where are you going? Breakfast is almost done,” shouted Lu Shu.

But Little Fury did not even turn its head. To Little Fury, this was a great opportunity to gain credit. Did you see Lu Shu praise it yesterday? Although his expression while praising Little Fury was slightly fierce, but it was still a praise.

The black wave of scorpions surged towards Luo City. The king scorpion had smelled the scent of flesh from far away. But when they were about to enter the city, countless mice suddenly appeared from a sewer by the road.

A nest of scorpions usually held 2000 to 500 scorpions. The size of the scorpion nests in the village was quite large. One nest held 4000 scorpions.

After one night of transformation and breeding, the wave of scorpions was made out of 12000 scorpions. 2000 of these scorpions were the poisonous scorpions that had survived the killing last night. 9000 of them were newly born. When the king scorpion saw how much their population had grown, it felt invincible.

With their numbers, they had no problem dealing with a village. They did not fear the humans in front of them!

But as they were about to get rid of the humans, they met the mice army. Their numbers were impressive, but… the mice army… was even more impressive…

Little Fury rode the largest gray mouse and slowly came in front of the king scorpion. The mice army had surrounded the wave of scorpions. Little Fury slowly took out its small notebook and wrote, “You have been surrounded.”

Although the scorpions definitely could not read, they could not speak either. But Little Fury felt that this was very cruel.

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