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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 724: The Mice Army Surrounds and Kills

Chapter 724: The Mice Army Surrounds and Kills

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Lu Shu scrolled through the Golden Foundation forum at home. He came across an interesting piece of news. A few tourists from Australia had come and did not want to go back no matter what. Over 20 people were supposed to take this morning’s flight back, but they all stayed behind at the airport, crying and shouting that they wanted to stay here.

At first, everyone thought that they had secret intentions. Someone went to talk to them. The Australian tourists confessed, “It is already dangerous enough back home. Now, creatures are transforming. We definitely cannot return to that place. Five of the ten most poisonous animals in the world can be found in Australia… Furthermore, pythons and spiders often enter homes. Even kangaroos attack people. No matter what, we cannot go back. We will wait and see.”

Lu Xiaoyu glanced at Lu Shu. “Lu Shu, shall we go to Australia?”

“What for? There are no remains there. We can’t earn money either,” replied Lu Shu. He was not paying her any attention. “Where did Little Fury go?”

“Probably outside the city.” Lu Xiaoyu said calmly, “The gray mouse said that it had discovered a group of scorpions.”

Lu Shu envied Lu Xiaoyu’s ability. She could understand animal gestures. He said, “Do you know where it is? I want to try out my Sparrow Shade. Yesterday, it leveled up. It now has 68 strands. Killing insects will be a breeze.”

Lu Xiaoyu expressionlessly looked at Lu Shu. “Lu Shu, the Sparrow Shade originally had 36 strands, right?”

“That’s right.” Lu Shu nodded his head. “Why?”

“Since 32 more strands appeared after leveling up, 36 plus 32 should be 68,” said Lu Xiaoyu expressionlessly.

Lu Shu gasped in shock. He carefully looked at the celestial map. “Ha ha ha, how mysterious. There were 64 strands yesterday. Now there are 72.”

“Continue talking. Your mathematics teacher must be rolling in his grave right now.”

“From Lu Shu’s distress, +166!”

Lu Shu did not want to go anywhere now. On one hand, the Luo Shen Cultivation College was about to start admission procedures. He did not want to be humiliated by Nie Ting again.

On the other hand, the mutated creatures were a huge problem. There was no reason for him not to stay behind and help the Heavenly Network deal with the mutated creatures that attacked humans. Although ordinary humans were also growing stronger, they could not survive in future crises.

He even had to wait for new information, as Lu Shu felt that these creatures had only reached the first stage of evolution.

Outside the city, the scorpions were being surrounded by the mice army. Little Fury sat on a gray mouse and devised a strategy. Little Fury was the protector of the Luo City underground. How could it allow so many scorpions to enter the city?

But the scorpions were different from the termites. The termites attacked buildings, while these scorpions attacked humans.

The king scorpion slowly retreated into the group of scorpions. All the scorpions opened their pincers. When Little Fury saw this, it laughed coldly. It raised a claw and charged forward!

The mice army surged forth. When they were restrained, they were as obedient as pets. But when their ferocious side was exposed, their sharp teeth and strong limbs proved that they had been the first to evolve!

Zhong Yutang and You Mingyu looked at this scene through a telescope and were shocked. They knew that Little Fury was controlling an army, but back then, all Little Fury did was steal snacks from supermarkets. Thus, they did not take Little Fury to heart.

Other areas were struggling with rats, while Luo City was unaffected. This made Zhong Yutang and You Mingyu slightly annoyed, because this meant that Little Fury had control over all the mice in the Luo City underground!

Of course, it was good that they did not have to deal with mice. They also knew that Little Fury was not a ruthless species. But thinking about it made them annoyed. If Lu Shu did not restrain Little Fury, the sheer number of mice would be able to kill the entire Luo City in one night and go underground.

“If Lu Shu were to turn traitor, would the consequences be severe?” Zhong Yutang asked. He passed the telescope to You Mingyu.

“Unless you want to bury half of the city alive along with him, it’s best not to think about these kinds of things,” said You Mingyu helplessly.

“Have you thought about it? From my observations, there are over 300 Class F’s among the mice. If their numbers continue to increase, more than half the city will be at stake. We have been doing research on the mutated creatures all day to find out the concentration of magical energy required for their evolution. But… there have been such creatures under our noses all along. Furthermore, there are so many of them.” Zhong Yutang was slightly annoyed. He was the manager of the Heavenly Network in Yuzhou. He had neglected his duty.

“There is definitely some weird reason behind their earlier evolution.” You Mingyu said, “Lu Shu may be behind this.”

“Then… will Lu Shu become a traitor one day?” Zhong Yutang did not know whether he was asking himself or asking You Mingyu. It was a question that he had to think about.

You Mingyu looked at Zhong Yutang. “Don’t you already have the answer?”

Zhong Yutang suddenly sighed. “It’s in Lu Shu’s hands.”

It was as if the mice did not know what pain and death was. When Little Fury commanded them to surround and kill the scorpions, they were not afraid even when the scorpions’ stingers were in the air.

Little Fury sat on his “horse” and pondered. He could lead an army. Should he learn the art of war?!

Now, it could only command the mice to surround and kill. It would not be able to come up with a better formation or tactic for a while. Yes, there was a need to learn the art of war.

The number of scorpions started to decrease. The mice bit off their pincers and stingers. But the mice were not doing very well either. Their numbers had dropped from 50 thousand to 40 thousand, and continued to drop.

But Little Fury was not worried at all. He could just go back and ask Lu Shu for reimbursement. It might even be able to obtain a few refresher fruits.

Lu Shu would probably praise it, right? As a member of the family, it was able to establish a career as well! It was much better than Big Cat and Naughty Pig. They had no other pursuits other than eating and sleeping!

Zhong Yutang and You Mingyu saw that the war had been settled and headed back. Zhong Yutang said, “It is good that we have Little Fury to protect Luo City. We can deploy more manpower to other areas. Send out a notification to patrol breeding farms with poisonous animals, especially privately-owned ones.”

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