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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 725: Hide a Dagger in His Laughter

Chapter 725: Hide a Dagger in His Laughter

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As for the mice army that Little Fury was controlling, even if it was harmless, it would be reported to Nie Ting. It would be up to Nie Ting to decide what to do with it.

Little Fury dispatched its underlings to return to the sewers and continue their patrol. It swelled with arrogance as it carried its small backpack and returned home. Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu were watching television. It took out its small notebook. “We exterminated 12 thousand scorpions. 8000 of our mice are injured and 13 Class F’s have died. End of report.”

Lu Shu glanced. “Okay.”

He continued to watch television.

“From Little Fury’s distress, +199!”

It did not lose heart. It showed the notebook to Lu Xiaoyu. Lu Xiaoyu replied with an “okay” and continued to watch television.

“From Little Fury’s distress, +399!”

Dejected, Little Fury took its small notebook and walked out. Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu suddenly laughed. Little Fury thought that the two of them had played a trick on it, thus it hurriedly went back. But it found out that they were still watching television. It had nothing to do with it.

It continued to walk out dejectedly. Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu laughed again. Little Fury thought that if they were still laughing at the television, it would not care about them for a week.

But it turned around again and saw Lu Shu smiling at it. Lu Xiaoyu was holding a cake. There was a picture of Little Fury on the cake made out of fresh cream. Even the purple tuft of hair on its head had been recreated.

Little Fury was dumbfounded. It wrote on its small notebook. “Is that for me?”

“Happy first anniversary of joining our family.” Lu Shu smiled and said, “Last year, the trip to the Beimang remains ended and you followed me home.”

In the blink of an eye, a year had passed.

Lu Shu officially stepped into the realm of cultivation in February last year, during the New Year. In June, he followed a team into the Beimang remains. Time had passed so quickly.

Now, Lu Shu was 18, Lu Xiaoyu was 11, and Little Fury had been in this family for a year.

Little Fury beamed with joy. It wrote on its notebook. “How kind!”

Suddenly, Lu Shu received a call. He picked up the phone and listened. His expression grew more and more serious. Little Fury suddenly had an unpleasant premonition…

Lu Shu hung up the phone and looked at Little Fury. He paused for five seconds before he spoke. “I heard that you appeared in people’s dreams and made them say that you saved them? And you even made them build a memorial hall for you?”

“From Little Fury’s distress, +299!”

Little Fury turned and wanted to run away. Screw it! It had been exposed!

“Fine, fine, don’t run. I’ll forgive you this time.” Lu Shu said, “Don’t abuse your ability to control dreams anymore. Be careful!”

Little Fury happily ate its cake. It looked around the house. Although some of the floor tiles were broken and the walls were turning yellow, it was still home.

It decided that it would not stir up trouble anymore. It could not ruin their family’s reputation.

That night, Lu Shu scrolled through his phone before his training. He saw a post from a high school student on his timeline. “Recently, I encountered something strange. Last night, a squirrel appeared in my dreams. It said that it had saved the entire Luo City and wanted me to build a memorial hall for it. I thought that it was just a dream. Just now, it appeared in my dream again and said that I didn’t need to build the hall anymore. This… can the Heavenly Network do something about it…”

As the natural order was being overturned, the Luo Shen Cultivation College had started admission procedures.

Lu Shu brought Lu Xiaoyu and hurried to the Cultivation College. He realized that everyone there was familiar. The students from Luo City were the earliest. Students from other cities would take some time to come.

The school fees were comprehensive. The Heavenly Network had used their funds to provide support. Furthermore, all Daoyuan Class students would receive an allowance and magical stones every month.

Lu Shu looked at the contents of the prospectus. “So today, we have to finish the procedures. We still have to fill in which area we want to specialize in. We’ll have to wait for a notice when we get back.”

According to the prospectus, there were eight broad specializations: combat, investigation, command, species research, cultivation organization relations and security, awakening, and technique research.

Luo Shen Cultivation College was the first cultivation college that the Heavenly Network had established. There would most likely be more specializations in the future.

More than half of the specializations had nothing to do with battles, but the Heavenly Network did not recruit many non-combat members. After submitting their choices, only the best candidates would be recruited based on their strengths and score. As for the others, if they applied for a specialization but did not meet the requirements, they would be allocated to other specializations.

But this was different from university. Each school taught different content from other schools, other than English and mathematics. Of course, there were some schools where students did not have to take mathematics.

But the Luo Shen Cultivation College was different. Foundation courses such as linguistics, cultivation organization relations, philosophy, psychology and so on were subjects that all students had to take. There were classes, just like in high school.

The specializations were subjects that the students would train in. During lesson time, students would go to their respective classrooms and training grounds.

Lu Shu softly asked, “What specialization are you planning to take?”

“Whatever you are taking,” said Lu Xiaoyu. To her, it did not matter what she studied.

“How about species research?” Lu Shu asked. “I am more interested in this area. The rest are normal.”

“Okay!” Lu Xiaoyu agreed. She had skipped grades not to enter a good school, but to be with Lu Shu.

Lu Shu brought Lu Xiaoyu to submit their list of choices. Everyone was able to receive a certain number of magical stones from the logistics department upon submission. Xi Fei had also entered the Cultivation College. Many veterans from the Heavenly Network had also come to further their studies. Those who had a Class like Lu Shu and Xi Fei were able to receive their allowance of magical stones. Lu Shu felt that this was humane. What was humane? Giving money was humane.

After Lu Shu submitted his list, he waited to receive his magical stones, but the logistics team did not react. Lu Shu was curious. “What about my magical stones?”

The member of the logistics team carefully looked at him. “Lu Shu, my records say that you are an audit student. We can’t give you magical stones.”

Lu Shu was dumbfounded. There were audit students in Cultivation Colleges? He must be the only audit student in the entire country!

Ka! Lu Shu had raised his trident. “Look into my eyes and say that again.”

How could the logistics team not recognize the local boss, Lu Shu? He was about to burst into tears. “It has Heavenly King Nie’s signature and seal here. You don’t count as an official student.”

Lu Shu gnashed his teeth. “Nie Ting! He personally passed me my admission letter! He really hid a dagger in his laughter! We’re not done here!”

Lu Xiaoyu calmly asked, “I have never understood how a dagger can be hidden in a laugh.”

Lu Shu was silent. “Ha ha ha ha ha dagger ha ha ha ha ha. Like this.”

“From Lu Xiaoyu’s distress, +666!”

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