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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 726: College Application

Chapter 726: College Application

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The non-violent conflict between Lu Shu and Nie Ting had lasted for a long time. Nie Ting wanted him to become a Heavenly King, but Lu Shu did not want to. Now, this had nothing to do with the problem of being a Heavenly King. Whether Lu Shu became a Heavenly King was no longer the main focus of this conflict. What was important was who won in the end.

Lu Shu brought Lu Xiaoyu to apply for the species research specialization. Afterwards, they went home. On the way home, Lu Shu was indignant. “Why am I an audit student? Hm? I have shed blood for the Heavenly Network!”

Lu Xiaoyu glanced as him. “I can’t even become a Heavenly King. Don’t be unreasonable.”

“No, you’re still too young, so you don’t understand. You have to bear responsibility as a Heavenly King. Once you step out, the entire information network works for you. If I were your age, I would also think that being a Heavenly King is cool. I would want to become a Heavenly King too,” Lu Shu muttered.

“From Lu Xiaoyu’s distress, +99!”

“Why did you choose species research?” Lu Xiaoyu asked with a dark expression on her face. “And all three choices were for species research?”

“There are too many things in this world that we still don’t understand. Don’t you think that it is very meaningful to research on those strange creatures? It would be boring if all you did was research on how you have evolved. I heard that you do not have to fight as a researcher,” explained Lu Shu.

“Actually, you just don’t want to fight, right?” Lu Xiaoyu said, “That’s why you would choose such a specialization. Other people all chose combat and investigation. Some people chose command as well. Who would choose such a civilian job during the magically rich era? Lu Shu, don’t you feel ashamed?”

“You’re wrong. I fight when I have to fight. I even got rid of that Satan. So what?” Lu Shu defended himself. To be honest, Lu Shu had fought too many fights. He had grown weary of war. He wanted to properly enjoy his college life.

Species research did not sound like it had anything to do with battles. Was it not just sitting in a laboratory and dissecting small animals? It did not seem like a stressful job.

Students had seven days to submit their college applications. Students from Yuzhou, Xiazhou and Shanzhou came to submit their applications one after another. After everyone had submitted, the college would officially announce the allocation to specializations. Those who had to be relocated would be relocated, and those who were supposed to start school would start school.

To be honest, this was definitely more strict than the National College Entrance Examination(NCEE) 1 . If you were allocated to a specialization that you did not like, you could still retake the course. But there was no such thing in the Cultivation College. Everyone was forced to study the specialization that they had been allocated to.

Lu Shu suddenly remembered that he did not take the examination. What if Nie Ting allocated him to combat or investigation? Others could be allocated according to their marks, but Lu Shu had no marks!

Cheng Qiuqiao even called Lu Shu to ask what specialization he was planning to take. He was from Yuzhou as well. He definitely wanted to take the same specialization as Lu Shu. But when Lu Shu said that he was planning to specialize in species research, Cheng Qiuqiao was silent for a very long time…

Everyone was perturbed as they waited the seven long days. In these seven days, the Daoyuan Class made up for their regrets.

At first, when everyone saw ordinary students submitting their college applications without them, they felt dejected. It was as if they were missing a part of their lives.

But now, it was different. Everyone was discussing the specializations they had applied for. They also expressed their opinions about the specializations.

To everyone, they would definitely learn about combat tactics and how to kill people in combat. Students would learn about assassinations and infiltrations. As for cultivation organizations relations and security, they would learn about foreign relations within the realm of cultivation. As for species research, everyone thought that it was almost the same as archeology. It was definitely not a popular choice…

In the magically-rich area, a group of egotistical teenagers had gained abilities like that of main characters in cartoons and animations. Who would not want to fight battles and instead research on species…

People had been repressed and had aspired for such abilities during the magically scarce era. When people watched Wuxia 1 movies, they would always imagine themselves holding swords and walking on walls. Reality never allowed this to happen. But when these dreams turned into reality, most people would yearn for such abilities.

This had nothing to do with whether it would be easy to find a job. After all, there would definitely be jobs for them… it was just that it was very hard to like a specialization like species research. Thus, very few people applied for this specialization.

It was slightly different from archeology. At least people who studied archeology would be seen as scholars. But in the current discussion, everyone saw species research as a civilian job and looked down upon it. It was as if people who applied for this specialization were afraid of battles.

This was like in many companies, where the salespeople looked down upon the logistics team…

As Lu Xiaoyu scrolled through the Golden Foundation forum, she sat in the courtyard and sulked. “It’s all your fault for choosing a specialization like that!”

After Little Fury found out what specialization they had applied for, it was very happy. When Xiaoyu saw this, she grew even more angry.

Xiaoyu had always liked fighting. Especially after the military training and the Lop Nur remains, she had been acknowledged for her strong combat abilities and awareness. She was one of the few female leaders. Seeing the comments now, she could not bear this humiliation.

Someone even took out an old paper from Science and jeered at it. The paper said that a group had used magnetic resonance imaging to scan a dog’s brain. They found out that the left brain processed language.

But this year, one of the researchers realized that people lay down, while dogs crawled. Thus, the left and right brain had been reversed….

People commented and sighed that this would not do. They reminded students who specialized in species research to not make this kind of mistake.

“Don’t care about how others see you.” Lu Shu said, “We have to learn how to…”

“The chicken soup has gone bad. Don’t drink it.” Lu Xiaoyu did not try to get along with Lu Shu. “We’ve eaten tomato noodles with egg for one week. There’s no use talking about other things.”

Little Fury looked at the fiery conflict between the two of them. It put on its small backpack and tried to slip out. Lu Shu stared at it. “Go back and do your homework.”

“From Little Fury” distress, +166!”

“Go out and play. So you won’t go out anymore if he doesn’t allow you to?” Lu Xiaoyu asked.

Lu Shu was confused.

Little Fury took out its small notebook and wrote on it. “Come, let’s harm each other!”

“You dare to change your tone, but you don’t dare to go out and play? Since when did you dare to speak to me with that kind of tone!” Lu Shu’s expression darkened.

But when the application results were released, no one thought that some people would secretly apply for technique research. This specialization quickly become popular.

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