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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 727: Results Announcement

Chapter 727: Results Announcement

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To everyone else, techniques were the factor that restricted the rate of progress of training. If there were no outstanding contributions, there would be no techniques either.

In the Heavenly Network now, only geniuses like Cao Qingci could break through and advance to Class B. Although she was still a beginner Class B, she had made up for the Heavenly Network’s lack of high combat power.

As for peak Class C’s like Zhong Yutang and You Mingyu, who were consolidating their Class C status, could make up the foundation of the middle classes. Thus, the Heavenly Network was no longer in a rush. They focused more on the overall improvement of quality, rather than blindly speeding up the process.

Their tactics would eventually change. When they were short of manpower, they would relax the conditions for outstanding contributions and allow those who dared to exert themselves to have a head start. These people would be the first to eat crabs. They deserved the benefits that they obtained. On the other hand, the people behind would find it more difficult.

Thus, many people secretly applied for the technique research specialization. They wanted to see whether the restriction on techniques would be lifted if they took up this specialization.

After all, they were doing research on techniques. If they did not know what techniques were, how could they conduct research on them?

The list of admitted candidates had been published. Everyone could call the college and check their status. Lu Shu was worried that Nie Ting would not allow him to specialize in species research. But his application was successfully approved.

Lu Shu could not wrap his head around this. “That can’t be right. Would Nie Ting be so kind as to give me a logistics role?”

Lu Shu had thought that it was fine even if he did not receive the magical stones. He was a boss in the Heavenly Network. He still had thousands of magical stones on hand. There was no need to be so serious about it. But if he was humiliated again, Lu Shu would teach Nie Ting how it felt to be humiliated…

He brought Lu Xiaoyu to settle the admission procedures. This was very simple as well. Following that was a class meeting.

The Luo Shen Cultivation College was very big. Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu walked around to find the species research classroom. They slowly walked along the corridors. The corridors were lined with pictures. Some had sacrificed themselves, while others had made great achievements and were still alive. Lu Shu suddenly saw Liu Xiu’s photo.

His smile in the photo was very bright, as if he had just eaten a bowl of black bean sauce noodles.

“Long time no see, brother.” Lu Shu calmly smiled.

“Is he Liu Xiu, the one who saved your life?” Lu Xiaoyu asked.

Liu Xiu’s name and life story was written underneath the picture. All the pictures along the corridor were the same. If you carefully looked at all the pictures, all the Luo Shen Cultivation College students would feel the weight that the Heavenly Network had placed on them.

This was a rugged path lined with blood and belief. It was full of thorns and bones of the dead. Back then, Lu Shu had brought Lu Xiaoyu to Liu Xiu’s funeral. He wanted to see whether Liu Xiu’s soul was still around. If it was, he wanted to use his ability to control the seven instincts. Perhaps there was still a thin thread of hope.

But this was a very risky choice. After all, if he could not revive Liu Xiu even with his control of the seven instincts, Liu Xiu’s soul would not be able to undergo reincarnation.

Lu Xiaoyu looked at Liu Xiu’s picture. Suddenly, she said, “If something like that happens again, I will protect you too.”

“What are you talking about? Don’t watch so many television dramas. It’s not good for your brain.” Lu Shu said, “Let’s go.”

Within seconds, Lu Shu suddenly saw a picture and was dumbfounded. It was a dark and hazy silhouette, but the words underneath made Lu Shu gasp in shock.

The Ninth Heavenly King: During the fight at the Collection of Gods, he defeated Takashima Tairatsu along with Liu Xiu and survived the life-threatening situation.

Lu Shu looked at this picture, dumbfounded. To be honest, he did not expect to see this here. The Ninth Heavenly King was him, right? Although he would never be willing to become the Ninth Heavenly King, the place was reserved for him.

The Ninth Heavenly King would become the most mysterious presence in the Heavenly Network.

A few students who had reported to school also walked along the corridor. Suddenly, someone gasped in shock. “So we do have a Ninth Heavenly King!”

“Earlier, when I saw that Heavenly King Nalan had been promoted, I thought that I had read the information wrongly. Why is there a Tenth Heavenly King when we don’t even have a Ninth?”

“Earlier on the Golden Foundation forum, people were still discussing who had killed Takashima Tairatsu. Back then, many said that near the fortress, there was the sound of Dao from when Takashima Tairatsu had advanced to Class A. I didn’t expect that our Heavenly King had killed him. But I don’t know how this Ninth Heavenly King looks like,” someone gasped in shock.

“He’s probably an old man who started training during the magically scarce period. If not, how would he be able to defeat Takashima Tairatsu?”

“How nice it would be if we had that kind of power…”

“Ha ha ha, stop dreaming. How can such an expert be as young as us?”

Lu Xiaoyu softly said, “Let’s go and find our classroom.”

Lu Shu paused. “There’s no hurry. I want to listen to their discussion…”

“From Lu Xiaoyu’s distress, +199!”

“How embarrassing! Let’s go.” Lu Xiaoyu pulled Lu Shu away. She felt that this shameless person would be able to stand by this photo and eavesdrop for three full days!

The Luo Shen Cultivation College was like a maze. When they passed by the training ground, they realized that it was as big as a soccer court. The facilities looked as if they had come from a science fiction movie… one look and they did not know how to use them…

“It’s here,” said Lu Xiaoyu. “Classroom A129.”

When Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu entered, they realized that the people in the classroom were all people they were familiar with! Furthermore, there were very few people!

“Cao Qingci, Cheng Qiuqiao, Chen Zuan!” Lu Shu was shocked. He did not expect these people to gather in the same classroom. Lu Shu felt that something was not right. “Chen Zuan, weren’t you in the Cultivation College in the Capital? Why are you here?”

Chen Zuan had a look of despair. “I don’t know. My Second Master brought me here. He even changed the specializations that I applied for…”

“But Cao Qingci, you are a Class B. Why are you here?” Lu Shu was bewildered.

“I won’t learn anything from combat and investigation,” Cao Qingci coldly explained.

Suddenly, a middle-aged man wearing glasses slowly walked into the classroom. He was wearing a red jersey. Lu Shu was dumbfounded. He could sense waves of energy from him. He seemed to be a mid Class C.

The middle-aged man smiled. “Allow me to introduce myself. I am your form teacher. I will conduct research on species with all of you during your four years of study.”

When Lu Shu thought about the people in this class, he had an unpleasant premonition. He suddenly asked, “What species will we focus our research on? Are we doing research on samples? Where are the samples? Who will provide the samples?”

Luo Nan laughed. “You will bring your own samples. We will research what you all bring to class.”

Lu Shu was furious. Was there any other specialization that was as free and easy as this?! Huh?

“Is this the case in other schools too?” Lu Shu asked.

“It’s like this in Luo Shen Cultivation College,” said Luo Nan with a smile.

Ha, Nie Ting.

So I still have to hunt down and kill transformed creatures, right!

So that is why everyone in this class is so strong!

From the beginning, Nie Ting never had the intention to let Lu Shu live in peace!

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