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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 762: The Swordplay Society

Chapter 762: The Swordplay Society

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The next day, Lu Shu arrived at Luo Shen Cultivation College fully energized. After he had taken his revenge, he looked like a whole new person… as if he had received divine enlightenment…

It was no surprise that Nie Ting would know it was his doing because it was no secret that the Seal of Lands was with him. Furthermore, the details of the Seal had been recorded following Liu Xiu’s burial. Nonetheless, Lu Shu highly suspected that Nie Ting had always known the possibility of expanding the border of the Seal of Lands. But he had purposely remained quiet about the issue.

In fact, Lu Shu was right. Holy artifacts like the Seal of Lands had indeed once appeared on the record passed down from Nie Ting and Shi Xuejin’s family. However, only its function was documented, not its owner, be it past or present.

Thus, Nie Ting had decisively sent two people of the sensory type to Luo City once he learned that the relic of the Beimang remains was the Seal of Lands. This was because he had found descriptions of the Seal in the records.

“Where’s our teacher?” Lu Shu asked cheerfully as he entered the lab.

“Well…” Cheng Qiuqiao replied carefully, “Brother Shu, do you remember that two weeks ago, you said that you would talk to Zhong Yutang about the matter of our teacher…?”

“Oh, really?!” Lu Shu was dumbfounded. He turned to look at Chen Zuan, Lu Xiaoyu and Cao Qingci. The first nodded his head quietly, the second was expressionless, while the third squeezed out a cold laugh.

At this moment, it had been verified that there was something suspicious about Lu Shu. Despite his annoying personality, he had been a very reliable man. But this time, it was as if he had been suffering from amnesia for the past two weeks and his brain was fully occupied with something unknown to the rest.

Lu Shu frowned. “I believe that all of us should be mentally prepared. I’m serious. It is highly likely that our Species Research team at our Luo Shen Cultivation College is about to go through hell. Although I’m uncertain whether it would really happen, I suggest all of you to be prepared…”

Chen Zuan drew a startled breath. It was hard to remain unmoved, considering Lu Shu’s emotional condition for the past two weeks, together with the words he had just blurted out… What did he say last time? The Species Research at Luo Shen Cultivation College was this difficult because of Nie Ting’s curse.

In fact, Chen Zuan was aware of the tension between Lu Shu and Nie Ting. They had been trying to be a pain in each other’s a*s for quite some time…

And now, if Lu Shu was telling the truth… Who else could give a Cultivation College hell besides Heavenly King Nie?

Furthermore, who else would target Lu Shu for no reason, given his current power and his notorious vengefulness?

Thus, in conclusion, Lu Shu had angered Heavenly King Nie again!

For the first time in his life Chen Zuan wished he had been less sharp, so that he would not have felt so hopeless…

“Brother Shu, why must you find trouble with Heavenly King Nie? I’m sure you’ve got better things to do…” Chen Zuan exclaimed.

At this moment, Lu Shu’s phone rang. It was You Mingyu. Lu Shu’s expression grew stern after he picked up the call.

In fact, he and Li Yixiao could receive 10% of profits each from the Luo City black market annually. This was a huge sum of money that Lu Shu had been looked forward to. However, his bank account had been frozen by Nie Ting!

Back in those days, he transferred to Lu Xiaoyu’s account 3.5 million RMB which he had proudly announced to be her pocket money.

But now, the balance in his own pocket was running out. Although he knew that Xiaoyu would certainly return some money to him if he asked for it, the thing was, his dignity did not allow him to do so!

Now that You Mingyu suddenly informed him of the delayed payment of his share of profits, Lu Shu’s face darkened at once. He had expected Nie Ting to cause him trouble in other ways as he blocked the Spirit Qi supply in the Liuhai Lane, but he had totally forgotten about this matter…

What was money to Lu Shu? It was his life!

Then, Lu Shu walked out of the lab at once with a serious look on his face. He was heading towards Zhong Yutang’s office.

It was a summer morning. Intense sunlight penetrated layers of clouds, casting enormous pillars of light on the land. The Luo Shen Cultivation College was teeming with youthful students.

On the Golden Foundation forum, many expressed their concern over whether the atmosphere in Cultivation Colleges would be overly serious as it was with the image of the Heavenly Network. In fact, however, it was not so.

Boy-girl relationships were not banned, and neither was fun and playfulness. Moreover, many teachers were commoners, and some of them were even fond of watching their students with “special abilities” outside lecture halls during breaks. There were serious teachers too who would not lower their heads in front of cultivation students, for the relationship between teachers and students remained the same regardless of their abilities to practice cultivation.

Similarly, the students there would not look down on their commoner teachers. Mutual respect was strictly upheld.

From the initiation of the Daoyuan Class to the establishment of the seven Cultivation Colleges, the Heavenly Network had finally trained its students into brave and perceptive members of the organization. Furthermore, the grand transition only took them two years to complete.

When Lu Shu walked past, he noticed a crowd gathering beside the road. In between two trees hung a banner, under which were a few tables.

The banner read, “Join the Swordplay Society today with lots of attractive welfare!”

The phrase “Swordplay Society” immediately reminded Lu Shu of the days he spent in the Collection of Gods as a spy, the carefree school life and girls’ pretty thighs during sports activities…

He was aware that Sakurai Yaeko was the current leader of the Collection of Gods. Nevertheless, the organization had faded from public attention as it was now in the process of recovery.

Lu Shu sighed, wondering how that silly girl named Yaeko was doing. Were they still friends? Anyway, he did not offend her personally despite incapacitating the Collection of Gods. He only hoped that the Collection of Gods would not commit the same mistakes again under Yaeko’s leadership.

Nowadays, the Collection of Gods could never challenge the Heavenly Network again.

Lu Shu took a glimpse at the banner. He believed that his swordplay skills were only second to Li Xianyi, and such societies had been organized more for fun than for the true experts.

It was not specified in the school rules whether clubs and societies were allowed in Cultivation Colleges. Thus, many students were willing to give it a try, just like those in normal universities.

Lu Shu walked on after a short glance. He had no time for such trivialities.

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