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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 836: An Unexpected Success

Chapter 836: An Unexpected Success

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

It was totally unexpected that six out of the seven Class B’s had already been wiped out.

At first, they were only guarding against Lu Shu’s Sparrow Shade and his water-type powers. They contended that they had mastered Lu Shu’s ways of attacks, but soon they realized that their knowledge was only the tip of the iceberg…

Casting everything else aside, it was their first time to encounter an opponent who threw stinky tofu during a fight…

At this moment, the last Class B knew that they were wrong about their enemy. He would have been killed too if not for his vigilance just now! Yet, his internal organs had all been torn.

In horror, he realized that the boy behind him was even faster than him!

A bad feeling rose in his heart as he heard trickling water nearby.

Trying his best to determine the location and direction of the river, the man ran away from the water as far as possible. Otherwise, his chances of survival would plunge from slim to zero.

Nevertheless, they could not understand how the boy could be so much more powerful than them even though he was a Class B just like them!

When the fourth Class B died, he saw with his own eyes how the boy broke a long sword bare-handedly. In fact, the sword was of supreme quality, not the kind given to secret practitioners!

Hence, they felt as if they were fighting against a Class A.

A sense of menace swept across their minds as they realized that the boy was probably only second to the Class A’s!

At this moment, he heard a loud thunder in the sky. In ecstasy, he gazed up at the figure in the clouds. Although he could not tell the identity of that little black dot from so far away, one thing was certain – it was a Class A coming to rescue him!

He would live as long as he could last three more minutes!

However… it was too late.

The Class B Metahuman could only stare as two flying swords punctured his body. Instantly he was deprived of joy and anger.

Meanwhile, Lu Shu stood on the slope, gazing into the distance at the approaching Class A. Could it be the Bishop or the Saint? However, when the person drew near, Lu Shu realized that it was Francesco!

When did Francesco ascend to Class A?!

Lu Shu shouted at the top of his lungs into his Seal of Lands, “WAKE UP, CHAOS! WE HAVE A GUEST! CHAOS! FREAK YOU!”

In the next second, he spun towards the direction of the river. Where was it again? Yes, the east!

He had the confidence to execute his hunting plan in front of other Class B’s.

But it would be a completely different matter with a Class A here.

As soon as Lu Shu leaped into the river, Francesco had already slashed towards him from ashore. However, tranquility returned to the river after a trace of blood and Lu Shu was nowhere to be found!

Francesco entered the water with a murderous look on his face. His entire body was surrounded by a silver glow, which rendered his underwater movement almost as fast as his speed on the ground.

Lu Shu knew that water could not hinder the movement of Class A’s. Back in the Lop Nur remains, he witnessed how Chen Baili unleashed his full powers in the sea.

Nevertheless, Lu Shu’s goal was not to slow him down. Instead, he wanted to speed up his own movement!

Francesco seemed to be in anger. Lu Shu could sense the closing gap between them. He would be caught up to sooner or later if he did not take action!

Lu Shu sighed. No choice, he had to expose himself.

Suddenly, over ten purple lightning aurablades shot out of his body as Lu Shu isolated himself from the water.

In the next instant, the aurablades pulled an electric net, splitting the river into two. That had caught Francesco off guard!

Francesco was stunned. This scene was way too memorable for him… The fight in Africa…

At that moment, Francesco was thrilled that a mystery had been solved…

Frenziedly Lu Shu controlled the water flow and sped along the river like a torpedo. He unleashed a few lightning aurablades once in a while to slow down Francesco.

But his lighting aurablades were not unlimited in number. Although he had over 2,000 sword prototypes, there were only 800 with lightning effects…

During the crazy chase, Lu Shu suddenly realized that he was back in the sea!

Francesco did not chase him in the sky because it would be hard to locate the boy in the deep ocean from above.

But as they plunged deeper into the Pacific Ocean, Lu Shu’s attention was caught by the three cargo ships ahead.

He emerged from the sea surface for a better look. To his surprise, the ships were marked by the logo of the Darkness Kingdom!

He had long since had a gut feeling that the Darkness Kingdom was no benign organization. Now that they were sailing towards Port Artyom at this moment, what good cause could they do?

How? Should he sink the ships?

Lu Shu eyed the draft position and the size of the cargo ships… They certainly contained good stuff inside! Right, Lu Shu would regret the loss if he sank them without taking the goods… But he could not shove the entire ship into his Seal of Lands because there must be living things on board!

Wait… why were living things not allowed in the invisible storage equipment? That applied to other people’s equipment, but not necessarily so for Lu Shu’s!

When Chaos was still an “object”, Lu Shu had stored it inside with no issues. After Chaos regained its life form, it still remained in Lu Shu’s Seal of Lands…

In fact, Chaos was a living thing right now!

But Lu Shu was uncertain whether it was only because of the unique nature of Chaos…


He laid his hand on a cargo ship as he sped past one…

“From Francesco Russo’s distress, +666!”

Francesco almost stopped in shock as he witnessed with his own eyes how Lu Shu managed to carry away a cargo ship in a split second…

This was crazy!

The scene was ridiculous. How could a cargo ship, as enormous as that, simply disappear like that?

Then, Lu Shu dashed towards the second and third ship… assuring himself that he would not miscount this time.

When the three ships had been properly stored in his Seal of Lands, Lu Shu unleashed all of the remaining lightning aurablades. At the same time, he dived right into the depths of the ocean at the top of his speed until he was out of Francesco’s sight!

Meanwhile, the Darkness Kingdom meeting had yet to reach a conclusion. Suddenly, the man in the corner received a call. In the next second, his expressions changed and he was no longer as composed and confident as he used to be…

At Tiger Back, You Mingyu received a new intelligence report. Upon reading it, his jaws dropped in disbelief. “The three cargo ships from the Darkness Kingdom have gone missing. Francesco has returned to their campsite and admitted personally that it was Lu Shu who shoved the three ships into his invisible storage equipment. On board the ships, there were new supplies and 30,000 standard weapons…”

Chen Zuan murmured in shock, “I guess Brother Shu wants to starve all the foreign organizations to death. How did he manage to locate all the resources?!”

But that was not the most important question. What was the most puzzling was how Lu Shu knew that there were cargo ships loaded with supplies coming into the port.

In fact, Lu Shu no idea at all. He was simply lucky…

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